The Spyderco Hanan Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Spyderco Hanan, an interesting collaboration with Brad Southard featuring a compression lock and a flipper tab.


Joel Miller says:

House of wisdom talked with brad at blade n he told spiderco they cant make it with such a weak detent but they made it anyway

marrenmiller says:

Never going to let the “little bitch hands” comment go, are you?

lrac rellim says:

Sounds like a lot to pay for possible finger scars?

Nathan Andrade says:

I would absolutely consider buying that knife, if there wasn’t that spyder hole… I hate such holes, therefore I won’t buy any spyderco…

Tony Canniffe says:

Thanks LBHs

Chris Post says:

I’m left handed and on my Para 3, the compression lock is excellent. I would even go as far as to say that the compression lock is more efficient for lefties, because as opposed to using an index finger to disengage, I use my thumb instead.

Shortcut Reviews says:

I’m surprised the severely angled plunge grind was not called out as bad, like you did on the Positron.

Mitchell Delmar says:

They can’t all be winners. CQI, as you say, would be in order.

aaron mulcahy says:

Great review! “Little bitch hands!” That’s awesome. Once i saw the House of Wisdom Brad Southard interview, i said i would not get this knife.

polarweiß says:

This will be a pain to sharpen lol

ZAWatchman says:

Like a Benchmade Mini Crooked River evolved to a flipper, only uglier, more expensive and less practical.

Corpse Grinder says:

I had such high hopes for this knife. *sigh*

Alexander Binz says:

Sometimes it feels like the video is playing at 2x speed but it’s just how nick talks

abrams atwo says:

to small to be comfortable . bummer !

Alfred Frome says:

Hi. Just bought a Benchmade Mini Griptilian after watching your freakin reviews I compared it to a Spyderco Delica (both not legal carry in the UK) Oh my God! Anyways it’s a nice little guy, in fact it’s a beautiful thing and has no QC issues that you have mentioned in the past. My choice was not influenced by your channel in anyway. Thank you and have a very nice rest of the day.

Rodrigo Teresa says:

Before I see it or read the comments-
The Ugly is gonna be the sharpenabilty and detent.

Sam Rosado says:

Nick, I recently saw something on eBay you might like. It’s a set of blue anodized titanium screws for the rat 1/2. They really change the look of the knife and make it special. I think it looks really good with the standard black scales.

keifer225948 says:

Nice review!! Thanks Nick…

cvardeman says:

First? Hey nick! Great video

Chris Tully says:

It brings me great joy that ‘lil bitch hands’ is making it into review videos. You’re a gem Nick!

Dean Albertson says:

$233 is too expensive. Also, I wish it was somewhat thinner.

the central avenue gunslinger says:

I sold my positron because of the terrible plunge grind way to complicated to sharpen

Tony Canniffe says:

Surprising that the weak detent issue hasn’t been addressed with all the prototypes, testing and so on. Recurves on small folders seem to cause more issues than they’re worth.

scdevon says:

Thanks a lot, Dr. Evil. Your channel just cost me $223.97. 😉

Jameson Cross says:

The $30 Kershaw knife has a filler plate but the $230 Spyderco doesn’t? Come on Spyderco.

Bryce Chrisakis says:

Nutnfancy ziptie mod is only for EDC used when in a WROL scenario not ROL but also need to consider pressing the knife into a secondary self defense tool in your self defense system! However this KRV is awesome even though it’s not a TNP-KRV in the TNP knifehsow.

Le Lemon says:

Its great to rewatch all of nicks reviews of knives with a specific steel type and see how his views change over time. I remember when he still said s30v was an absolutely great steel, while now hes saying “its good to go”. Cant wait for the day where m390 is “either barely adequate or barely inadequate”

Infidelmedic Olmmedic says:

I like the look of it and i love the “little bitch hands”

toxic flipper says:

“little bitch hands” hahaha lol thanks for the good laugh

Luca Barrese says:

I knew it! You are the Batman!

michael meissner says:

Hahaha, “I’m Batman”. Forgot to change after work. Love your attention to detail.

Steven Rassmussen says:

Nick, I have a question. This whole “flipper-compression lock pinch” issue has come up twice now in various reviews. It seems very reminiscent of a gripe where a maker puts jimping behind the flipper tab (although this problem doesn’t seem as bad as that gripe.) My question is, do you see a way for makers to avoid that? Will Smock’s specific design remedy that issue?

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