The Spyderco Kahr Delica Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

The Spyderco Kahr Delica is, basically, a Delica with a bit less blade, for a bit more money. If you live in an area where that’s necessary, this will be a beautiful thing. But otherwise? Hard to be the original.


jacob manalang says:

dragonfly seems better to me.

i had a kahr cm9 with a long ass trigger pull. probably as long as this blade. the glock 43 replaced it and works way better for me.

the manix 2 and pm2 i had waved sort of look like this. im not that cool though

Mike J says:

kahr specializes in concealed carry handguns. This is meant to be marketed as a self-defense tool. the modified point and saber grind are meant to optimize the blade for stabbing, as well as be short enough to legally carry in certain cities.

Jack Paris says:

Add one “blessed” with an inverse finger- to- palm- width ratio, I can really appreciate an stubby blade in a normal handle. Sure the Dragonfly is a great alternative to this as far the blades are concerned, but its relatively short handle makes it a two- handed opener for me. To bad these kind of collaborations compound the Spider Tax instead of subsidizing it.

Bruce McIntyre says:

I’m glad you finally reviewed my favorite Delica. A bit of trivia is that when Spyderco decided to produce the Janich modded Delica for Kahr Arms, they went with slightly thicker blade stock and a saber grind to compensate for the diminished balance from snubbing the blade. That kind of little give-a-damn detail is typical of the Spyderco design.

Graham Howe says:

The doug ritter of delicas

HeartFeltPuma23 says:

Your puns are a cure for depression Nick

Dean Albertson says:

I agree that full flat ground is a better slicer.

Damen0530 says:

I like that they didn’t reduce the handle size…

Justin Puckett says:

Looks like they took one from the watch companies, limit production, give a nice color, decrease functionality and charge more.

TheCosaNostra13 says:

At the least the clip ain’t black

Common Man Conservation says:

I’m not getting the stabbing self-defense logic here personally… Too short a blade and you can forget good slashing too. Knives are already bad for defense to begin with without training. At 2.5″ you should only bother carrying for utility, and in many places with strict laws if you say you’re carrying for defense you’ll get arrested no matter the length anyways. Better alternative might be the Brous Blades Silent Solider from the import line, Cold Steel Tufflite, Kershaw Decoy, or as others have said something like a Dragonfly or Lil’ Native. Then throw in it’s overpriced nature? Not bueno.

Adam Smythe says:

How have I never seen this before! I guess they were going for a harder use Delica

jcoolG19 says:

$90? Really?

ratride1 says:

Gives me a idea on what to do if I break the tip of my knife off.

Tim Gannon says:

Origical…I am liking it..a new word for Websters to add to their dictionary. My linguistic hero Nick comes though again!

Willis Watts says:

I have both the regular delica 4 and the kahr arms, one thing I despise about the kahr is that there’s no traction on the back of the thumb ramp like on the other Delicas. Definitely needs jimpping on there

Jeremy Sharpe says:

Soooo it’s a broken delica?

Octavio Perez says:

Sorry, this looks to me like Spyderco found a bin of new old stock saber ground Delica blade discards with unacceptable tips and said … hey a little bead blasting, a tip re-grind and billboard logo etch and we can charge 50% more for this sfo than a regular Delica. I find it hard to believe that was a design decision to improve the Delica. It looks horrible like a home tip repair job. Nice color on the FRN, but that’s it!

AlphaLeader88 says:

You didn’t mention the lack of jimping

Stoney Lonsome says:

Looks like it was made for stabbin and slashin… the saber grind strengthens the tip a bit, the shorter blade makes it a legal concealed carry, and Kahr Arms is all about “tactical” self defense gear- not for me. EDC or gentleman’s carry please- I do have a few tactical pieces but, they are purely for collecting purposes. Like I have the Spyderco military but, I have it in fluted Ti so… not exactly “tactical” anymore as much as just a cool collectible piece. LOL- It’s absurdly large- I have x-large hands and there’s three inches of handle sticking out the back when I’m holding it.

Nayr747 says:

Terrible looking and overpriced. Typical Spyderco.


But how does it compare to the ‘dollar-ca’ ?

Paul Hughes says:

I kinda like the blade, it looks very utilitarian. Unless they do a sprint run and offer it with s35v it will never make into my pocket.

Jameson Cross says:

Glad to see the review. Living in the Boston area I looked at this knife. Love the blue color but didn’t want to pay $90 for it. It’s a self defense knife.

Joe DeSalvo says:

Just bought a Delica 4 in British Racing Green with the ZDP-189 steel blade 🙂

Brian Damour says:

You could do a handle swap and get that blue handle Delica you so greatly desire 😛

Rodrigo Teresa says:

Having big hands I appreciate small blades being offered with large handles.

b ach says:

Kahr makes some of the best small single stacks on the market imo.

john cena says:

dont get how people have so many knife

Bumble Troll says:

Ah, the Noonians.
I’d love to see you do a gun review Nick. Or more voices.

Also, bradford guardian 3 review? Benchmade autos, cla, afo?

CountSmackula says:

IMO, the scale color is the *only* good thing about this knife. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Brad Griffin says:

00:05 What is this strange thing I see on my screen?

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