The Spyderco Knives Subvert Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very interesting pocket machete from Spyderco Knives and Black Snow Customs/Nati Amor: The Subvert, based on the ‘Sabotage’ custom knife.


Reid Cruickshank says:

Not an EDC, with the thing there

Barr67 says:

i love orange knives! i want this in orange g-10, but with a 3.5in. blade and slightly thinner scalesstock. keep up the geat vids!

ps| carbon fiber would be sexy AF.

pux1G says:

jersey guy u are a freakin expert. way to ruin a good lookin impulse buy. great review

Christian Molick says:

Rest easy: Orange is ABSOLUTELY NOT the new black.

Bat Rastard says:

“…in which Mr. Shabazz receives a ridiculous novelty knife from a Chinese manufacturer and does his best to compliment it because he doesn’t want to offend its U.S. marketer.” This thing- color, quality and all, looks like Spyderco is trying to Ganzo itself.

Bryce Parker says:

And yes I agree. Bearings with no flipper tab is a design sin. PB washers would have been an obviously better choice here

Remco van Vliet says:

I love everything about that except the pricing… 150-200 but be acceptable, although I feel for a work knife like that 100 would be more reasonable. 300 is out of the friggin question for me.

keifer225948 says:

Nice revie

Isaque Lopes Campello says:

Hey Nick. Here are some watches I think you should review:
Citzen BN0150-28E
Citzen AT0200-05E

One is a diver and the other a chronograph, both eco-drive, so I think you might like them

Sticky Slipper says:

“A little bit scary when swinging closed” check out Nati Amor’s instagram video excitedly unboxing his prototype from Spyderco and flipping it shut for the first time. Totally slices the back of his thumb but doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

z37b says:

looks like a good pouch knife a sort of modern buck 110

Grayson Varchetto says:

Not super related to this video, but I got an e-mail from Knife center today saying I’m never getting my V-Toku Dragonfly. I ordered it almost as soon as it became available for pre order way back in 2017 too. Feels bad man.

davidaxman says:

A design by Nati Amor on Valentine’s day? Oh Nick!

Ryan Hewitt says:

If I got this knife I would have to get the McBee to carry with it

fanofactionflicks says:

i like the handle colour not a fan of the blade shape.

Tim Cummings says:

I’m drawn to this knife and will be acquiring it as soon as I can get to my dealer.

Enterprise Ass says:

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this knife pop up on the channel for a couple weeks now.

TheHairymango says:

That a Blacksnow Customs designed Spyderco Subvert in your pocker or…

DT75 says:

“…for the metric folks out there in THE REST OF the world”, you mean..

Thanks still. 😉

J O says:

I really like the design & flow….. Good stuff Nick.

NewAgeofAwesome says:

That is one ugly blade shape

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