The Spyderco Lil’ Native Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a Lil’ Look, at a Lil’ Knife, with a Not-so-Lil’ Blade, and a Lil’ Target Market: The Spyderco Lil’ Native.


Wyatt Morin says:

Hey Nick, when are we getting a “Nick Shabazz hand review”? Exact dimensions of the hands operating the reviewed gear might add some extra perspective

JS Krawz says:

Here is what I don’t get… The Lil’ Native in S30V is over $100… I get that the G10 and the compression lock is probably more expensive to produce but still… you can get a Native 5 lightweight with S35VN for less than $90… and I’m pretty sure that it’s legal everywhere…

Hayden Gutierrez says:

Can you review a Kershaw launch 4

Matthew Forrest says:

Would you like to try a fallkniven fh9? I think you might like it

sjoerd stok says:

Eric Glesser explained at the Amsterdam Meet that there is a rising demand for smaller knives. Was this model much needed? probably not. But at the same time, apparently they are appealing to people. The hype around the Lil Native is quite big so they are doing something right. I just applaud them for making another edc option and going in great lengths to make new models for the market (Looking at you CRK). And also the fact that they are probably bringing out more lock versions of the lil native really is a Spyderco thing to do. We must also not forget that there are quite a lot of people who dislike FRN. The G10 appeal more to some people. I just wish that they would have choosen more G10 colours since this is quite a nice friendly playfull knife

Ondal1 says:

You just have to think about the UK pen knife to see Spyderco at its best. While it’s quite silly for most of the world, it is a brilliant slipjoint along with being compliant with a specific set of stupid politicians.

Le Lemon says:

Unpopular opinion: i hate victorinox knives. They feel cheap and plasticy, bad steel, usually way to thick for the tools you get, no pocket clip and the tools you do get are usually a pain to use because of the huge chuncky handle.
Anyone who feels the same or am i completely insane?

Nasty Nate OutDoors says:

Full size g10 s35vn Native has the same blade finish. I love it.

Bryan Stone says:

Would be interesting to compare this knee to the new,Techno 2

John Tedichwon says:

Error 404 ruler input not found. I only comprehend heathen meters not freedom meters insert Spyderco Fuglylica spare change for comparisons.

Tristan Moore says:

vs Para 3?

kerryrwac says:

Now if it had the Smock button release ? Or better yet , a G10 compression lock Native 5 with the Smock button release.

Peter Galione says:

Lil’ Native is actually Sal’s stage name when he competes in rap battles.

bigpoppa578 says:

I bought you weren’t going to “get it” Nick, but then you pulled up right and the end and made the right call. Nice!

Stahlwerk88 says:

It’s absolutely adorable. I want one, purely for that reason.

Xanopos says:

I hope Spyderco will do a two-hand locking knife for the German market.

ItzWolffz says:

The little native with the compression lock might be a test run to see if it would work for the bigger native down the road.

svir4U says:

one of the best things about spyderco is that they DONT put the stuped “sharpening choil” that loves to grab and tear things up instead of cutting them

Jesse Allen says:

Great review. I love my Lil Native. It’s one of my favourite EDC Knives. I’m really looking forward to the sprint runs.

MobiuSphere says:

WOOO Thanks for the call out! I picked one up on the strength of that initial unboxing alone, and for my particular set of circumstances, it is perfect. I agree, without my restrictions, it might not be the best choice for everyone, but I am personally loving it.

Chtoff 333 says:

Too short and not curved enough for a good scalping knife.

John Toughlove says:

The “”Ugly ” is the price!

Moshe Rogoff says:

Hmm.  Given size and geometry, looks to me like this knife goes up against or cannibalizes from other Spydies:  Chicago, Pipsqueak (Squeak?) both come to mind.  Especially if they bring one out with a slip joint design.  Won’t be the first time Spyderco has self cannibalized!

g1b1000 says:

Ahh, “The Three Little Jimps”, that classic children’s fable we all know and love

Michael Cotini says:

Chaparral FRN review coming soon??

Cromulon says:

You know this guy is not a knife user when he calls the PM2 a “beefy” knife, just look at the tip on it. It will snap on you the first time you drop it. If feel like he just regurgitates stuff he hears online.

Slimjim V-5 says:

Comparison to para 3plzzz

Bruce McIntyre says:

I like my Mini Native a lot. I’m glad they left out the lanyard hole.

MrRPM110 says:

the g10 on my manix 2 has been pretty good to my pockets. perfect texture balance

Justin Hoffman says:

Is this comparable in size to the cat?

Knighthunt says:

Nick, you should do a video on the Kershaw fraxion, it’s a beautiful knife, I love mine and it’s got one of the best actions on a cheap small flipper it’s very snappy

stark Parker says:

Do thumbholes bring you sadness like fullers?

CSLFiero says:

I told myself if Nick says “this little guy” in the first 10 seconds of the video, I would either unsubscribe or punch myself in the dick.

Why did you do this to me Nick.

Josh W says:

The inclusion of a slip joint version is a good indicator that this was intended as a heavy duty knife for markets with restrictive knife laws.

BurnDuration says:

To be fair, comparing it to the delica and dragonfly isn’t quite fair, as there has been multiple iterations of these two over the years. Ergos generally improve over time through field usage and feedback.

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