The Spyderco Lil’ Nilakka Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a very small, very slicy little piece from Spyderco’s new ‘Flash Batch’ series: The Lil’ Nilakka by Pekka Tuominen


Ribstein says:

Love the lines of this lil’ guy.

Kenny Kumar says:

9:06 can’t wait for a review on the Delicki!!!

Andy Steele says:

The ugly: re-sharpening a zero grind. If you don’t want a microbevel you would have to remove steel all the way to the spine.

XnMojo says:

curious why you would wait until this knife was no longer available to release the review?

Brice P says:

Want a slicer? Just get a single blade GEC. Much thinner in pocket and no ugly Spidey!

Maui Harward says:

As small knives go, nothing beats the dragonfly zdp 189. Just one Man’s opinion.

Ribstein says:

How would this work with a pinching grip on the spydie hole?

EDC Hub says:

Ah I remember these.. memories
But didn’t get one I remember that it was easy to break the tip

massimo celentano says:

seriously? you missed the fit&fiNNish joke? 😉

The Irishman says:

Darn… the Shabazz backlog did no favors here, as in good luck finding one now that they seem to be sold out and discontinued everywhere.

magic says:

Cool knife; I have a chinese knife with the same handle shape/size and it kinda hurts even with lots of smoothing. Big hands = no thanks to tiny box handles.

F1yer says:

Looks like a classy prison shank

Nothing Is Real says:

1:49 oh no

Lari Vasara says:

As a Finnish person myself I reallyyy woud wanna own that knife,but its quite exensive for me.

Nekrotics says:

Who the hell would want to buy a knife with that kind of blade to handle ratio. I am both confused and mad.

Syafique Sharif says:

what happened to the Dozier video?

Mohamed Shwesh says:


schizopatia antisexualis says:

9:06 “delicky”

Functionally Affordable Reviews says:

Great review, Nick. But what happened to your Ka Bar Dozier review? I have been waiting for that review for ages. I got the notification that it had posted, but when I click on it the video is gone.


didnt they make a pukko folder?

Clinton Lewis says:

Yeah strange dimensions

Bruce Hewat says:

Reminds me of a wood carvers knife.

Eric Holford says:

Despite the inevitable, here in the U.K. this is considered a murderous weapon of mass destruction coz it has a lock etc., I like the look of this wee cutie!

Nick Shabazz says:

Damnit, I’m an idiot, it’s Ivory Micarta, not white G10. But everything I said applies.

mph seti says:

Can you even still find these new in late 2018? Also…I dislike it when Spyderco forgets they usually make ambidextrous knives. Seriously, how hard would it have been to make the finger hole cutout on both sides and change it to a back lock?

Gerald Warren says:

What is the point of you. Blah balh blah.

Peter M. says:

Opinel, Nick, Opinel makes some huge folders alongside some minuscule folders and the cutting power is unparalleled.

Agron says:

Spyderco very recently discontinued a similar style to this knife; the One-eyed Jack. I would really like to see it on your review bench

Gary Kuyat says:

I have one that I wear exclusively with my tuxedo. Seriously.

blazerbarrel2 says:

My hand would slide into that blade and cut me badly. They need some sort of grip something swell.

Robert Douglas says:

Just a comment, I feel like I,m getting a free education every time I watch one of your videos, may I ask, what is it you do, Thanks,

Rusty Shackleford says:

I wish it didn’t have a clip at all…

JS Krawz says:

Winter Snowflake Pasta sounds interesting… I’ll have to check that out…

Robert Douglas says:

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mark moore says:

Should have had peckerwood scales

jeff smith says:

Plug and flake pipe tobacco cutter, perfect. They need my magnetic pocket thing invention, maybe?.

Clinton Lewis says:

Did you mean November 2018? Good Review though.

danieljdisanto says:

Holy Backlog Batman

Nerdism_EDC says:

Nick can time travel. I knew it.. ——> 1:25

He who does not reply to replies says:

HATE when nick does that, and he did IT twice in this vid!

Steve Jones says:

I have a Lil’ Malaka and love it.

Carl Stanland says:

Could you take a Lil’ Rit dye and let the scales soak for a Lil’ while and make them a Lil’ different color?

Jorge Velilla says:

That ratio of handle and blade is killing this knife for me.

stoneshank says:

Man, that is a beauty! I’m Swedish so the knife makes a lot more sense to me, designwise. The Scandinavian knives has a history of very hefty grips, I’ll get back to it later. The blade is super thin which is not Scandinavian but rather something they decided to do, keep it thin to keep it in proportion to the Nilakka. The name itself is taken from a lake in Finland, maybe hints to a purpose as a fish fil`e knife on top of a outdoor one?

I think the Nilakka was meant to be a outdoors knife for those that fish a lot while the smaller lil’naka was possibly meant as a keychain version of it (albeit expensive ounce). But one of the benefits of it keeping in line with its bigger brother would be that it still fills the hand for a secured grip. I really think it could work great for carefully whittling details. Being one that this that all day, I’d love to put this theory to the test tbh. I’ve tested the df2 just to get a feel for the dimensions and I think the blade is short enough for it. Note: the df2 is otherwise horribly suited for it, the shape isn’t made for inward cuts, the handle too thin and the blade shape don’t allow for controlled cuts the way you’d want.
So Nick, I know it’s a old video from your backlog and you probably have sent this to a new owner. But if you still have it, go down to a lake in the morning hours and ponder life while you sit there whittling.

James Armstrong says:

Cutting and slicing are 2 different things

maxwellsmart89 says:

nick, what other knives are this small of a blade? I would love something this thin to laugh at cardboard, but I can’t afford a 200$ knife.

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