The Spyderco Manix 2 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Spyderco Manix 2 is a great knife, with great ergos, a great blade, and on the whole, it’s one of the best cutting tools out there. It’s a bit big, and it’s perhaps not the best choice for EDC if you don’t plan to do a lot of cutting, but it’s a serious cutting tool, and a solid gem.


Knife Knut72 says:

Can you please do a comparison between this and the paramilitary 2?

CSLFiero says:

Boy that’s a lot of handle for a little blade

EDC with Aaron says:

Love my manix 2… Its the go to if I know I’m going to need my knife for some hard work that day. An aftermarket deep carry clip SUBSTANTIALLY improves the in pocket feel and how it carries (seriously like 1000x better) awesome video as always… And just how long of a backlog do you have man??

Bullpup92 says:

Personally I never feel a need to choose to carry this over my PM2, the lock is more difficult to disengage, it weights significantly more, takes up more space and gives as much cutting-edge as a Persistence (not a lot).

Wishkah_outdoors says:

Pocket hog otherwise great knife

Joshua Burkhead says:

I thought spyderco was changing their warranty policy on disassembly??

Al 76 says:

You are not alone I think the wire clip the best clip spyderco has to offer

Bon Jour says:

Damn I try to choose between this one, the para 2 and the shaman for so long now, and yet after seeing your reviews of the three I still can’t choose

Walter W says:

You can borrow my XL if you want. I just want to hear you call it “freakin’ huge”

Gear and Outdoor GER. says:

I got the Manix last year but yeah the jumping was just too much for me, so I traded it for a Kizer… I miss the Manix 😀

eldugio75 says:

I have the S110V version and the scales are skeletonized (same with the sprint runs) which makes is a little more nice to carry. I also put on some anodized aluminum scales to dress it up more. You weren’t kidding about the Lanyard tube being a pain though.

Joe Merritt says:

My solid carbon fiber, and cruwear manix is my favorite edc. Great knife.

Саша Крикун says:

I think it’s important to mention that the red loctite is no longer used and the warranty is not voided by disassembly.

Tactical Center says:

Did you forget to mention how horribly big it is in the pocket? It has to be removed from your pocket in order to get your hand in the pocket. Not so bad if your pocket is just for your manix2.

I use this knife in s110v to cut tons of carpet when my whole town flooded. It’s an amazing work knife.

Errror404 says:

I have a sprint in CTS-BD30P from a few years ago. Agree on the ergos and size. My “plastic texture pads” are clear/translucent as opposed to your black ones. Great knife though, my weekend carry.

Shane Fields says:

Just got my BHQ exclusive in M4 and natural g10. Amaaaazing

Blaze says:

Nick what would u reccomend as edc for me. I like involving my knifes with my work but its a bit hard on the knives, I usaully am going through nasty/thick plastics and do this repeatedly for 8 hours every shift. Btw the workplace gives me a cardboard cutter but its so flimsy it either lasts like a week or dulls even quicker, 3 shifts max!

Jason Hess says:

Nickster. Nick-a-rollo. Baron Von Nick. The Nickmeister. Ok, hear me now, and believe me later. I was ready to disagee with you. But then you saved it with your final conclusion by calling this masterpiece of use-ability, a gem!

Jimmy Grey says:

I wonder what the Manix 3 will be like.

Greg D says:

I was in the market and had my eye on the benchmade 940 ( it is eventually what I bought) but this is the only knife in the same price range that almost changed my mind. I generally don’t like the way spydercos look but something about this knife looked so good and i like the axis lock-esq ball bearing lock. The only thing that lead me to pick the 940 instead was the manix 2 seemed a little too wide in the pocket for me, tip seemed too weak, and i love me that benchmade warrantee.

CSLFiero says:

The handle needed to be that big to make room for all that lanyard hole!

Chris Howard says:

It’s a perfect work knife along with the xl and 110v version it’ll take a beating and gets a razors edge back in no time they are great knives

Beside the Dying Fire says:

I actually find the axis lock to be much smoother than the ball bearing. I picked up a manix awhile back and the ball bearing lock I found to be a little stiff and uncomfortable to pull back because there wasn’t a lot of give like there is with an axis.

Also, great review as usual.

- - says:

The s110v and current Blade HQ M4 sprint both have skeletonized liners which shave about an ounce.

JS Krawz says:

This is kind of a repeat comment but… I love my Manix2 lightweight… Probably my favorite knife… However… I don’t carry it much because it freaks people out when I whip it out to cut plastic, boxes, etc… So I almost always carry either my Native 5 lightweight in S35VN or my Leatherman PS4… Great review as always…

Paul Hughes says:

I have the dark blue light weight version with the wire clip, and I love it. The ergonomics are fantastic, but I can’t even begin to take mine apart because it’s pinned. And you are right about how wide it is. I can’t carry it in any pants that have narrow pockets because I can’t get my hand in my pocket without scratching it. Still it’s a great knife.

Chrixter says:

if they are affraid the sharpening choil hangs up on what you are slicicing : make a single serration instead of a choil and voila !

Jordan Ownbey says:

I have two pm2s (s110 and s30)…do i need one of these? In maxamet??

- - says:

Great review,  agreed across the board.  I have giant yeti hands and the most amazing thing about this knife is how the ergos seem to work exceptionally for all. I kind of wish Spyderco would have gone with the bolt action lock on the Sage 3; it’s really easy and smooth to disengage.

Cujobob says:

This is my favorite knife, probably. You really don’t need to disassemble it. People knock knives for being difficult to disassemble, but don’t watches and other gear that gets just as grimy internally. I don’t get it.

Alexander Binz says:

nick shabazz

Frank Martin says:

Nick.. Merry Christmas to you!!! I absolutely enjoy your reviews and respect your opinions. I tend to carry Spyderco products for my EDC.. but I tend to carry the Manix 2 LW for myself. But I might reconsider and get a Manix 2 in the future.. just to add to my collection

Speedy McGee says:

I’m looking for a knife built like the crkt Pilar, but actually made to be useful. The Pilar is too bulky for the miniscule blade you get. Any suggestions? Ideally under 100 dollars.

Mike M says:

I’m having Déjà vu all over again…you didn’t review this previously??? Love my Manix 2 CPM-M4!

PowerMountie says:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the its weight. I’ve been meaning to mill mine out for a while.

Roy Fernbach says:

I really want to get the Manix 2 XL… since I am left handed it makes all the difference to me.
I would love it if they did it with the lightweight black FRN & the better steel (not a fan of CTS BD1 at all).

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