The Spyderco Mantra 3 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a knife that’s fine, but with a few achilles heels: The Spyderco Mantra 3.


Brian F says:

A lot of weird decisions and side stepping from the original design that I don’t understand.
Anyway , s30v is still an excellent steel for everyday use , that’s just the steel snobs talking. I can’t wait until companies start using it on their budget knives like they did with D2..

knightofavalon86 says:

Unnecessary recurve is unnecessary

Clay Earnest says:

Sorry but compared to the amalgam this is so blah


It has 1 important design flaw IMHO: the compression lock tab position. They could have placed it half an inch away from the current location, distancing it from the pivot (just the finger tab). It would solve 2 problems: the flipper tab wouldn’t hit the finger when closing and the blade wouldn’t need the recurve.

Clinton Lewis says:

I agree not a fan of the red curve guess it was nessacary as you described, I wouldn’t pay 150$ for that particular knife.

Metal Effort says:

IT WAS ME! I’m the steel snob. I got into the knife hobby from the science hobby, the interesting new steels is half the reason I’m here. Do you need it? No. But you need more than one or two knives? Also, no. Let me like what I like.

davidaxman says:

Spyderco Flababble rofl!

keifer225948 says:

Nice review.. thanks for sharing

brian hilligoss says:

I agree, don’t get the hate on s30v. I prefer it over s35vn. I’m glad it’s became the std steel over 154cm.

Prestonscott536 says:

Slipstones with a rounded edge will take care of the recurve

Joe Merritt says:

Sal and eric themselves must personally dislike strong detents. Spyderco is for sure my favorite knife makers, so I’m not bashing for the sake of it, but at this point it seems intentional. Time after time they release these knives with weak detents in a market that has a very clear preference for stronger detents, especially in flipper knives, a part of the market they’re only recently trying to enter. I’d really love to see them just go out and fix this across the board. It just seems like nothing is stopping them but their own resistance to it. It’s a small detail, but an important one I think they need to listen to the consumer about.

Rain Dog says:

Cessna 208 review??
I thought we were playing this game.

Daniel Morcom says:

Kizer vangard mini sheepdog

Syafique Sharif says:

not a fan of the blade shape

MySecretChannel says:

Greetings, Nicholas.

From the States

PaulMunkoTV says:

I actually do really like the look of this! Great review as always!

Casey Burgwald says:

Nick now that you’ve had some time and have seen it’s younger brother, have your thoughts on the Mantra 1 changed at all?

Rossco 599 says:

If you push button it, it’s hard to mess up. After you carry it for a couple weeks it grows on ya.

MPM Drawings says:

Hey, don’t forget to have an absolutely wonderful rest of *your* day too

donnie wade says:

Love my Mantra 3. My hope is they do sprint runs in different steels with it.


This knife is everything I expected the Para 3 to be (and it isn’t). Flipper. S30V. Bearings. Carbon fiber. Deep carry. Compression lock. Thin and light. BIG THUMBS UP! My favorite spyderco ever.

mph seti says:

Lack of a finger choil where it totally should have one makes it a no-buy for me. Besides, Spyderco already made the Chaparral. A great EDC option from them, IMO.

Paulo Correia says:

Not my favorite Spydie I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

Dobrin Sabew says:

The recurve kills it for me. I was really looking forward to this knife, but that blade is a dealbreaker.

Nico Andujar says:

That is one pretty knife

Carl Stanland says:

Now I want a Spyderco Ferblabble.

John Hinds says:

It weighs 2.89 inches?


I love mine, but did 2 mods to make it better. (1) Enlarge the detent hole on the blade with a diamont drill bit, just enough to make the detent ball sit a little deeper on the blade (only about 10% not sitting inside), causing it to flip much better 100% of the time using a light switch motion on the flipper tab. (2) Round edges on the compression lock to make it a little easier on the fingers, when holding it on the corner.

jcwindsound says:

Rather than make silly knives like this, wouldn’t it be better to just make a halfted, deeper-carry PM 2?

Ultimate Pixel says:

I can’t agree that a compression lock is lefty-friendly. Even a liner lock is easier to close with the left hand, while the compression lock is nigh impossible to close one-handed. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have particularly big or weird hands.

raptor81000 says:

I want a PM2 or PARA 3 with that clip! We all do! Just do it Eric!!

Clinton Lewis says:

Oops meant to say recurve

m chipman says:

In my opinion the mantra 3 is nothing but steps back from the original. Really disappointed in this one, Spyderco.

Toadstkr says:

This knife really feels like a step backwards to me in steel handle material construction everything and then to have the ugly blade and poor detent on top of that it’s just not for me. I feel all of Spydercos knew releases accept the techno 2 are just kind of yawners. Like they went kinda too far with the whole compression lock thing and the cf/g10 thing is just getting old.

Jae Stelzer says:

I wish they kept the M4 and titanium. Those, along with the aggressive grind, were what made the original Mantra stand out from knives like the Sage 5 and Para 3. Maybe the Mantra 3 could’ve had the new ball bearings, some internal handle milling, and a finer blade finish. Instead, this seems less like Constant Quality Improvement and more like making this cheaper.

William Rodriguez says:

Nice. Can you review the Off Grid OG-950- Cleaver?

Gadget yoyo says:

So if I am looking for syderco flipper, I should wait for the Spyderco Kevin Smock? Like stright edge, choi, nd the flipper tab is out of the way?

righteousbae says:

IMO the carbon fiber/g10 scales the taichung plant does just feel too hollow and plastic. the texture really isnt that great, would really prefer straight up ti or slab cf like what zt does. or if they’re gonna do g10 then just make the whole thing g10

Simon L says:

I watched your entire review video with my head tilted so that the grid on your mat is straight.

Malifor2210 says:

My complaint about buying a mantra or at least having a spyderco flipper since I love my delica 4 so much and just got into the knife hobby is that, it’s like another delica… After buying my ruike p801 I love flippers since they’re really fun to fidget and satisfying to deploy. But sadly because of the resemblance of the delica I opted to get another brand that’s different for my really small collection and ended up getting a ZT 0450cf but thanks to your review, for a more affordable mantra line, the mantra 3 for 150 sounds reasonable for me down the line!

Jordan Toth says:

I’m waiting to see your review of the Brouwer! I don’t have any reason to get a knife like that in that price range, but something about it speaks to me. Your video will have a lot of weight in whether or not I buy it!

Yankee Rider says:

Great review. While I haven’t handled this particular one yet, it seems like another spyderco that just doesn’t fit my hand, they are always so thin that when I have to do anything like cutting cardboard or wood regularly they give big hot spots vs like a wider minigrip or griptilian. I love spyderco blade shapes but can’t do the thinness.


I hate and love my mantra because the pivot stripped itself out and spiderco wont send me a new one…. so now my action is horrible and the bearings are useless. Of course i cant send it to spiderco for repair because I opened the knife to friggin clean it and add oil!!!

1Nasty Nova says:

You and that damn delica lol

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