The Spyderco McBee Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a little tiny knife, with a whole lot of charm, the Spyderco and Jonathan McNees ‘McBee’, based on the ‘Killer B’.


H K says:


555 Gear says:

Too cute

MobsterNine says:

Cute little bugger!

Mark Allen says:

I’ll take my Brouwer over this knife – same two issues: $$$, clip, but it’s very nice and useful while still being legal.

Travis Cottrell says:

Been watching your videos for a while now, and it seems that you might be overly preoccupied as to whether your knife intimidates people around you.

Bruce McIntyre says:

It’s a much better choice than the Benchmade mPR or whatever it’s called. And the McBee is much less than half the price.

perrytrucker says:

This knife will be someone’s last xacto they will ever buy

Scott G says:

Maybe the pivots are for traction during use. Still, it had little use and is priced multiple times above anything reasonable.

Jacob Keary says:

“If you’re like Hellboy or something”

Luis Tapia says:

It’s the North American arms of Spyderco

owen slubo says:


Joseph A says:

Spyderco is a very adventurous company. You really never know what is next for them.

ParanoidPixel says:

I saw this and jokingly thought “bet its $150″… Well, I was wrong. It retails for $129.97

why do I even bother.

DrBlazer50 says:

I wish it was a little cheaper, but I love this knife. I love tiny knives. For some reason I get a lot more fun out of them. They make me laugh and they make everyone I show smile and laugh. Every person that I’ve shown this knife, and almost all of my tiny knives, wants to play with it. I pre ordered this knife knowing that I would love it. I was right. Again, I wish that it was cheaper because I would’ve bought more than 1.

Vinny Wacchio says:

Just saw the price. Got to be out of your mind to pay that for this knife. Seems that Spyderco has covered all the bases for practical use knives and are not making them for collectors now. I have over 65 knives I have collected for 40 years, some first run Spydercos as well as others. However I have come to realize that as far as function goes, you can buy the same function in a much cheaper knife.

Pocket_Tank.45 says:

I have a numbered Mcbee and I love it. Added a lanyard to it and it’s pretty functional.

Slick Slicers says:

The intimidation factor is why I carry a Kershaw Pub, as well as a larger knife, most of the time. I use the bigger one when I need it, the smaller one when I don’t want to upset folks.

lukeum jones says:

possibly a little spyderco back scratching hmm?

99 Arisaka_ says:

Needless to say, price is a relative thing and I am pleased with its price.
There is a substantial price difference between Benchmade Mini Pocket Rocket.
As for the value-for the -money-, Bestech is a clear winner in the same size category.

BH says:

$130? No thanks.

chinoyboi14 says:

baby yojimbo

Tim Cummings says:

This has got to be a joke, a wast of money and time from Spyderco.

Toadstkr says:

A lot of words for this little knife definitely a lot of buzz around the Mcbee

ratride1 says:

Failure! Looks like someone’s idea of how we can make a knife out the leftover handle and blade stock. If the handle was made out of stainless steel and the blade out of D2 for example. Sell it for 20 bucks. They’d have a hit.

Tim Lara says:

It’s like a Yojimbo for toddlers.

Jack Tansin says:

Hows the fall-shuttiness?

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

Here’s a crazy idea, buy a crkt pilar.

Sirgromulus says:

At first glance I thought it was a broken blade.

Bryan Stone says:

Mini Tuff Lite wannabe?

Randall Wessar says:

Over price for a keychain knife

mickthepope says:

Good review. Adding a lanyard, with a bead could provide more to hold onto, as mentioned in a previous comment. That lanyard hole looks pretty small though. 550 cord? 450 cord? Leather? hmmmm. I like this knife but I can’t help imagining a slightly bigger version. I would be all over it.

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