The Spyderco Military Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a big ol’ pocketknife, the Spyderco Military. Although it’s light for its size, and way slicier than you might expect, and is probably a great choice for some, ultimately, it’s just a bit huge and a bit tip-down-only for my taste.


Aaron Kahn-Bork says:

I’d include its name in the ugly, because what DOES military mean? I’m not sure how this is designed for military use, there’s the large hardware and blade length but I don’t think that’s enough to justify calling it that.

MrJohn714 says:

PM2 is the best of all worlds, guess thats why I have two of’em!

meint breider says:

Explain to me why is Spyderco so good.I do not like it.

Tim Lara says:

I’ve always wanted to like the Military, but it didn’t stick around in my collection as the only time I’d ever need that much blade would be in the kitchen, and in that case, I’d much rather just use a proper chef’s knife.

As far as the tip down carry, I think the preferred way to carry it by most people who are fans of this knife is to carry it in the rear pocket. Of course, as a “desk jockey”, that’s still not ideal for me as I don’t really want to sit on a big slab of G10 all day either. Not to mention, 4″+ blades aren’t really going to endear you to the human resources department at most office jobs….clearly, not a knife designed for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great knife for someone else.

macmurfy2jka says:

New microphone?

josh pentalin says:

Hey Nick and community, (Nick) I have watched several of your videos and reviews and am really enjoying your content. (To all) I am looking for your best recommended knife under 50$. I want a good blade steel and action. I am open to flippers and thumbstud opening. I don’t really like assisted opening knives or serrated/partially serrated. I also want a fairly large blade, I was thinking 3 in at the minimum and 4 in at the max. I have been looking at a bunch of videos and researching the different steel types and different knives. I am thinking of the Ontario Rat model 1 with D2 steel, Tuyaknife (link:, LAPG TBFK s35vn, and the Ruike p801 sf. I was hoping to get your opinion on these knives and any other knives you think I should consider. Thanks so much!

Alexandru Badea says:

It’s my favorite folding knife,hands down my favorite folding knife.

Kyle M says:

Back pocket carry the military. Works great that way

Graeme Thompson says:

In San Diego for a couple months and already running off to join the navy…

Paul Hughes says:

Great review, I agree 100%. Except I like large knives.

OcOmega Shadow says:

Nice Spyderco knife!!!

Ibrahim Assa says:

Long time coming

Keith Andrews says:

A knife made to cut … not made to carry … hmmm…..

Harry Tuttle says:

I love the looks of the natural G10.

Dis Ninja says:

I wanted one so bad I was willing to buy one off eBay for 270ish but I’ve outgrown it and went straight to benchmade and bought a contego lol, but now I’m looking for bark river knives… dear god nick help me I’m going far far too deep.

Jan Novotny says:

Tanks for the review:-), but I’ll keep my endura.

marrenmiller says:

I wish it had tip up carry as an option, but it doesn’t ruin it for me. Altogether, I love the military. The size is good for me and that blade is spectacular.

RockabillyPinstriper says:

Tip down only?!?! DISGUSTING!!!

Refined Edge says:

No excuse for tip down only. They could still provide sleeves for the screw to screw into since liners don’t reach and the titanium version doesn’t have a tip up option either.

BVon Brun says:

Nick you do a lot of reviews for city boys. I urge you to expand your horizons and review from the perspective of country. City folks will never use their knives the way we do. Farmers/ranchers they need utility. Our version of EDC is no where near as soft use. I understand there is a difference of needs between the doctor driving the Lexus and the rancher driving the F450 dually. And you should review more for country folk. We go through knives faster, we are more likely to spend the money on a quality blade.

I would love to see some blades that would last longer than a month for what my community would put it through.

Not all of us are buying Louis Vuittons. Some of us are at the hardware store getting new wirecutters for the barbed wire spool we are about to go set.

bamajohn251 says:

:47 honey I shrunk the spyderco, again.

SuperSteel Steve says:

While I dont carry it often, I’m a smaller knife guy… I carry my knives in my back pocket so the tip up carry actually helps lol

Great review again

duallydcable says:

Lol I JUST searched for a military review after going back to the PM2 review, early this morning and nick had nothing. Now this, nice :).

Robert Losekamp says:

Natural/jade is so hideous.

peter says:

Solid choice indeed. It may not be an ideal EDC for most people, but anything outdoors and even yard work, this knife is stellar. Sub 5oz. for a knife this size, it is special.

John Ruff says:

Just got my first military two days ago and love it!

Tom N says:

Military in full TI. Is perfect for my needs take care nick.

Pacific Standard Time says:

I was all, “maybe I’ll pick up one of these” until I saw your hand move into the frame and realized that this thing is FRICKIN’ HUGE!

neroknives says:

It’s hard to find another knife this size and this capable that carry’s so well.

Madman6505 says:

I need to get an Endura but I don’t like that pecka wood. lol

Matthew Forrest says:

Cf ti S90v version at knifeworks for 200$! Best one ever made imo. Great reveiw wasn’t expecting it to be positive. Sal and many followers of spyderco believe this knife is almost perfect even with the tip down carry. It was purpose built. Very well thought out design even the tip down carry.

macmurfy2jka says:

This I probably the least generally useful large blade you have ever reviewed, yet it is one of the most positively reviewed. What gives?

This knife has on job, that is opening people up. The incredibly long pointy blade with a strong distal taper, along with the down swept and aggressive hand locking ergonomic of the handle with a super shallow clip makes it clear that this thing is meant to stab and slash fleshy targets with priority given stabbing and quick pocket/waistband/belt/webbing retrieval. Murder death kill as you would say.

This is not a pocket utility blade, its a pocket weapon.

This knife has little use outside of tactical theaters when compared to other Spyderco knives like the resilience, carabian salt, police, and endura. Why were so many of you larger and obviously more utility oriented blades given such stern reviews for being too needlessly large and murdery, when this murder tool gets a pass? I love my military, but YOU should not. I don’t get it.

Mangustification says:

I’m a tall guy with large hands, and I love to carry this knife in spite of the clip placement being very much stuck in the 90’s. Spyderco started making these in a time when having a pocket clip at all instead of a belt sheath seemed luxurious and high-tech. I hope we’ll see an improved version one day with a swappable clip, and maybe even a compression lock, though I’d be okay with them keeping the liner lock it currently has since it’s executed so well. They wouldn’t necessarily have to extend the liners to make the clip swappable, either. Just some simple threaded inserts inside the G10 scales would be just fine, sort of like what they did to make the clip on the Native 5 Lightweight swappable to all 4 positions even though the handle has no liners. This knife is definitely NOT for everybody because of how large it is, but for people with large hands like me, it’s perfect. The ergonomics are just beautiful.

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