The Spyderco Native 5 Fluted CF/S90V Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very attractive Love Letter to the Spyderco Native 5, the Fluted Carbon Fiber/S90V Native 5.


Harley says:

I’m a fan of Spyderco’s brighter colored knife scale offerings. I’ve got a bad habit of sitting my knife down when I’m using it & the brother colored help me locate it faster.

Jameson Cross says:

The blade length us perfect for the communist states. We don’t get a lot of great 2.5 inch knives.


Do you get to keep all the knives companies send you? Great video

Wacky Tabacy says:

OK. 230 Bucks, mmm makes more sence compared to Europe.

Jason C says:

I have bought one sharping kit and two knives based on your reviews. Please stop making great reviews, I can’t afford it. 🙂

Wacky Tabacy says:

I agree with Paul x. You should have a million by now, you deserve it. thx Nick, almost bought this.

Phazoid says:

I have the Native 5 in fluted titanium and S35V steel. Absolutely love it but it is a chunk of metal in my pocket. Sadly Spyderco discontinued the titanium version last year. This carbon fiber version looks fantastic and I may consider buying one.

mitchy826 says:

got this in right before you put up the review and i love it.

Local Family Real Estate Eric Cohen says:

I feel if you didn’t get it from Spyderco you would not have beat around the bush as much as you did. You where politely skirting around. There are Sooo many sharp edges with know thought to where or how to hold this knife and causing a painful indentions one could not possibly have use for this. Come on Nick you held back way to much lol this knife doesn’t make the cut. Lol

Aaron Kahn-Bork says:

Wish they made a native without the back lock, I’d be all over that.

Le Lemon says:

“spyderco makes ugly knives”

A D says:

Wait a minute… I am still relatively new to the channel, and I know that “USA, Earth” is something you say, but… its on the knife? Chicken or the egg?

Brad Griffin says:

Mmmm. I swapped my Delica in ZDP189 for a fixed blade that I really liked. Monetary wise I lost out by 30 bucks but I love the knife I traded it for. I ordered a Salt 2 last week because I want another Spyderco. Now you’ve got me thinking about an entry level one of these.

JOSEPH says:

Hey Nick, i have a suggestion, Can you PLEASE Cut stuff in your Reviews? know like actual things, apples, cardboard, bacon.. anything. Cut something with the knives. Please! Just cut something. paper… anything

Brian Spath says:

Nice! I’ve been waiting for you to review either the G10 or carbon fiber version of the Native 5!

I picked up a standard FRN Native 5 awhile back and it just wasn’t for me. I just didn’t see what it offered over the FRN Chaparral. The Chaparral has a similar usable blade length with a smaller handle, better steel, a better (in my opinion) clip, a better (again in my opinion) FRN pattern, a steel back spacer, and to top it off, the Chaparral is cheaper.

I really think the G10 or carbon fiber version would be more my speed with the steel backspacer and heftier handle. I plan on snagging one to use as a hard use knife along with my M4 Para 3 as soon as Spyderco or a distributor releases one in a steel that interests me (Cruwear, 52100, Rex45, 204P, or maybe even Elmax).

Also… Spyderco switched to S30V in place of S35VN on the standard FRN Native 5.

ed rader says:

when you say they “sent” it to you does that mean you get to keep it?

Wacky Tabacy says:

The cheapest is S35VN in PE black, 127 Euro’s.

Randall Kelley says:

I added a Ti low carry clip, and its great. Light, sharp, small, low rider!

Klaatu58 says:

Chamfer — good word. Was looking for a word to explain how well the edge is beveled on the carbon fiber handle version of the Ontario R2D2. The resultant G2 underlayment exposure aids grip to compensate for the slippery CF.

Matt Notovitz says:

Thanks for this review Nick. I was seriously considering picking one up for my birthday but I may pick up the Maxamet version for a bit cheaper to see if I even like the Native line. I could get the Maxamet and a beater knife for the price of the Carbon Native.

It's a trap says:

Great fashion piece

Daniel O'Hara says:

This and the pakkawood delica are definitely on my list of gentleman’s carry knives that I need to acquire. I love my s35vn/frn native but I really want something a little classier that isnt as imposing as my 0450.

Woody Balto says:

Finally… I have everything else. Now I can buy that spyderco with the inconvenient annoying lockback and Disappearing Flutes

cloudcleaver23 says:

Hopefully we’re seeing the end of Spyderco’s knockoff carbon fiber, just sticking a thin layer of it on top of G10.

Wacky Tabacy says:

So what does THIS version cost in the States?

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