The Spyderco P.I.T.S Non-Locking Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a very odd, very interesting non-locking knife: The Spyderco ‘Pie in the Sky’ (P.I.T.S).


blitzbbffl says:

Not sure when Nick recorded this video, but I just ordered a PITS from Knife Center for $149. Because it’s been discontinued – this will be a safe queen knife for me.

Bryan Stone says:

Looking forward to your hopefully upcoming review of my favorite non-locking knife, the Three Rivers LTC Nomad.

Andrew Farndale says:

A great knife and the originals from Mike are better this is a lovely useful knife. I got mine without anodising and did my own, kept the other one in original Ti. It slices like a dream and has a clear slicing path, a lightweight powerhouse. Go grab one before they run out and get slicing

Matt Finish says:

Nick ,could you review another slip joint knife? the Benchmade Proper please?

David Vanderstelt says:

At around $60 USD this is compelling, but at $240 it’s only for the most fanatical Spyderco collector.

paul greenwood says:

If it makes you feel better, here in the UK that knife is £349.00 which is (at today’s exchange rate) $460.26…..(source –…

ogenmatic says:

Maybe the lanyard hole will accommodate Cedric & Ada’s sisal rope!
All the other holes in the scales would make this a fine cigar clipper.
Good review as always!

Dr. Tautology says:

Your new mat is dirty.

ogenmatic says:

Congratulations on 30k followers.
Well deserved.

TrilobiteTerror says:

The Eurocentric knives must not be able to have finished edges because it would make them more comfortable (thus obviously making them a more comfortable murder weapon). /s

Jake From State Farm says:

Nick, how about N680? Is it any better/different than N690? I have a Griptillian h2o with N680… Thanks

Jeff Liss says:

Two thumbs down.

John Waddington says:

Yep, it’s too much money, for what it is, I have the ukpk in S110V, it’s the perfect knife for those of us who live in the UK…. The PITS is pretty, but just too flawed, whereas the ukpk doesn’t have a single flaw,, nuff said,,,

macmurfy2jka says:

And to think that a bit of clever tuning could have made that a flip able slip joint. So much waisted potential.

Gotta Eat All The Breads says:

You can buy 3 Delica for the price of one of these in the UK.

William Burke says:

“…stupid laws made by frightened people.” 🙂 Magnificent call, Nick! Perhaps we shouldn’t have milquetoasts and nervous nellies making laws for us.

Angus Van Halen says:

$240 for crappy N690? Pass. The last few spydies I’ve handled had some fit n finish issues, some awful grinds

Ionut Costache-Bobescu says:

But can you flip it BROOOO!??!


First slip-joint knife in history to actually warrant having a pointed tip lol!

Tarquinius Superbus says:

The mecanism looks a little bilt like the lock on the Ti-Lock just the other way round.

Chris Gennin says:

Another great review 🙂 Definitely interesting knife, hopefully they fix those issues (agree with all of your points).  Has potential to be much better knife!

Ares says:

I think some form of textured mat (like your previous perforated mat thing) is better than a plain black mat since the texture reduces compression artifacts making the video look nicer overall.

jojojaykay says:

Interesting knife, Thanks for the review Dad, Definitely unique.

Chris Brooks says:

$240?? No. No. No. There’s a lot of other knives available for that price or even less.

Thomas Landers says:

It’s a really good looking knife.. I’d like to see it made into a frame lock and do away with the choil protruding from the handle.. I paid $195 for a Steel Will Gekko 1500 with N690.. I feel a little better I think…

M.S.M. says:

Perfect assessment as usual…

myvenusinuranus says:

I notice all the Taiwan and Italy Spydercos aren’t deburred and dehorned. I’ll just stick to the Golden Colorado ones

I just bought a Sage 1 for a good deal but it kinda sucks

Sasmodog says:

No thanks, must have lock. Nice to see variety tho.

ATech Reviews says:

The PITS is expensive and has a hole that is kinda hard to access – just like my ex.

TheKillerKlok says:

This is a neat design, Even though I am a stickler for locks I actually rather like modern slip joints, I mean I wouldn’t carry one for work but as a collector I am a fan.

The most interesting design I’ve from spyderco in a while, I quite appreciate any innovation in the knife world.

sadly not worth 240$ for me personally.

Finger Choils/guards are great they stop the knife from cutting your hand, You can still pinch your fingers with them pretty good though. But don’t let me act like I actually need a work knife… I have… Too many as it is, Still it’s nice to be able to carry your newest toy around with you.

cesare mantovani says:

I like spyderco and this p.i.t. too but recently i’ve return a gayle bradley 2 for a bad ball bering detent. The Taiwan factory manifacturing aren’t good? For 200 euro i pretend a better detent.

dangerfeild4Life says:

New mat looks good. lol at ‘vestigial pocket pecker’

Aleksije Vujovic says:

Do you listen to The Toasters?

Herpetology 101 says:

around 5 min you said you prefer non locking knifes I think you mean locking knife lol

Ile Söökreeni says:

For 325€ it’s a no for me. 240 Dollars maybe… but 325€ just simply no.

Sir Galath says:

What are you using for your new backdrop Nick?

Chrispiano Leao says:

If this was reengineered with a flipper tab and compression lock your looking at the para 4 or a compression lock Slysz Bowie.

Mitchell Delmar says:

Alas… they can’t all be gems. Way to pick ‘em apart, Nick.

Fuhrious says:

just fyi it’s ‘for all intensive purposes’, it’s alright though, mistakes like that are a diamond dozen in this doggy dog world.

rtm416 says:

I prefer your dimply black mat Nick

D E says:

What’s your take on the Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon? I ask because it’s back up for order with a oct 25 ship date.

David says:

hahahaha vestigial pocket pecker

Richard Lopez says:

my tenacious hole is sharp af but i kinda like it

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