The Spyderco PPT Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a beautifully made knife that I deeply don’t get: The Spyderco PPT


Powerful K9 says:

Great Googly Moogly, Nick, keep the Patreon on a leash.

lukeum jones says:

ok that’s it on the freakin stuttering

fuersliph says:

Lil bitch hands dont like hedgehogs? Bro, seriously.

It's a trap says:

pp up

Chris Tully says:

Nick you’re just pretending you can’t spydie-flick it so we don’t think you have lil bitch hands…I see right through you Mr. Shabazz

hootiewho2 says:

The pocket clip feels like it will break from day one

Yannick Bislin says:

i have a ppt, love the look, hate the handle. also i hate the feeling of the clip scooting around in my hand when i hold on to the knife

Erin Rhonemus says:

I’m not exactly sure why but I really like the look of that knife… hmm… oh well another knife for the wishlist…

Laurie Campbell says:

Arghh, what a weight, if it is supposed to be some kind of tactical knife, go for length as most sane alive practicionars say, dumpy dont do, for me. 710 is same weight, I think, no comparison.

Laurie Campbell says:

Good work knife got plenty of cheap for that, not enough style Spydy, love my PM2 and my Delica, my most carried knife is the Byrd version of the Wonderful Endura, got a special one of them in Damascus, for the show. This knife doesn’t float my boat, Nick. Keep on trucking on Spydy, always something for somebody, with a bit of thought put in the process.

K-dog701 says:

The liners and back spacer are actually steel, that’s why it’s so heavy. I understand why you don’t like it, but I’ve got one and I can’t explain why but I love it.

Laurie Campbell says:

Same weight as the chinese Resilient, wonderful knife, Spydy did a great thing for poor people like me and brought the bit of good engineering cheap enough to afford good knives to us punters. Special stuff is obssesion,CRK 21s, etc. Sometimes a knife, is just not a knife?

MobiuSphere says:

This reminds me far too much of the CRKT Wrinkle for me to find it remotely attractive.

Andy Richardson says:

Had one and sold it. Great knife, just didn’t fit my preferences. The scales look odd but are fantastically well milled. End of the clip was not great for me. Too pointy and caught on everything. Lock bar is needlessly tall, knife needlessly heavy. But fit and finish were stellar. Amazingly good production knife.

TheWiggabee says:

That handle would be at home floating in my toilet.

Mitchell Delmar says:

Design is too weird for the room, imo. Worth a look, but a definite pass.

ratride1 says:

I agree a nice blade but the handle needs to go. I like the shape of the pocket clip.

Paul X says:

The handle finish/texture looks interesting not sure I would like it, but I would like to feel it.

Quadrupliplex says:

Noice!! i actually like the look of that Syperco.
it reminds me of the Kim Ning designed Kizer knives.

Micah Knepper says:

It’s like a caveman made a knife out of petrified poopie. It’s quite literally crap. Not sure what they were thinking with this one.

Nicholas Wilson says:

Always disappoints me when Spyderco recede back to right handed only when so many of their knives are ambidextrous. On the other hand the PPT looks like a turd and seems aimed at mall ninjas, so no big loss.

The4cp says:

Love the blade shape. Where I live it’s bullet proof vest and running shoes.

Beau Poopoo says:

The ppt always reminded me of the 746

Jake From State Farm says:

That blade shape is sweet. I wish they did a more EDC style handle though

The4cp says:

To me it feels more utilitarian. I’m not sure either

Andrew Greiner says:

seems more utilitarian than martial to me…

Matthew Forrest says:

The liner lock being very proud adds to the security of the lock. Your fingers wrap around and really put positive pressure on the lock. Most frame locks claim to do this but don’t really add much in the way of security. This is a self defense knife. Fred Perrin is a fucking stick fighter! Not meant to be comfortable per say, just secure. It is meant to be held in the Philippine grip like the yojimbo.

Carl Stanland says:

Reverse grip potato chip bag opening

Lazerflux says:

Thanks for the review Nick, loved it, absolutely.

Misael Garcia says:

Just a heads up, its not made of titanium.

Kenny Kumar says:

Dinosaur turd

Jared Comer says:

Hey Nick, how do you not get finger prints all over the blade when you’re opening/closing/handling it? Have you figured out how to cancel out your finger oils?

Aaron Lee says:

Spyderco pushing their pro-lanyard agenda. When will it end?!?

1norgman says:

It is stainless steel…Not titanium…..

M. Johnwell says:

I think the clip/back-spacer/frame are all steel, not titanium.

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