The Spyderco Resilience Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Spyderco Resilience is another entry in Spyderco’s lineup of budget pocketknives. It’s, put simply, fine. It’s not a great knife, not a great value, and doesn’t stack up so well against the competition, but it’s fine. So, if it’s what you can get, that’s fine. But if you’ve got choices, you’re probably better off using them.



I owned a Resilience, but sold it. Kept the byrd CaraCara2.

cofaul1174 says:

Am I the only one who basically sees a giant Tenacious ?

Nico Albrektsen says:

I love this knife for one thing… Food prep. I single handedly saved a 10 person camping trip with this knife, because every knife someone brought was butter knife dull. I keep a stupid sharp mirror edge on there, and sliced meats and veggies for 4 days straight on a wooden cutting board. At the end of this trip, the edge was (barely) duller than when it started, still easily shaved. I believe that spyderco Nails Their heat treat for 8cr compared to CRKT and Kershaw. I’m in a college dorm room, so slicing fruits and other snacks on a daily basis is normal. I have other super steel knifes but this thing still gets the most use.

Neal Valero says:

I have heard legends that NJ was once part of America… can’t carry that size knife here. In fact if you look up the law, you can’t carry any knife unless it is for work purposes only. But you can carry copies of that law to hand to an attacker…..that’s legal.

Viziris says:

Meh, love your reviews, but it becomes kind of silly when you start comparing the resilience to the delica….

Mark Tudor says:

If made in D2 by somebody else (china) I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

M. S. says:

On a side note, I bought that 6in ti-lite after watching you cut yourself with it. Just for the jackassery of showing it off to guys at work (they thought it was hilarious of course). But of all my knives, that is the only one to bite me not once, but twice while playing with it. It’s been demoted to wicked letter opener.

craig wooden says:

I love mine.

Mr. Crumbly says:

Two by two, hands of blue….

Frederick Steinmann says:

IMHO the resilience, tenacious etc lineup is a bit of a overhype-thing.
I can buy a real steel for less and 14c28n steel.
I get that im paying for spyderco but it’s NOT made in the USA.
Soo… yeah.

bzr160 says:

Great cheese knife.

Andy Richardson says:

Given that you can get S35VN in a $35 knife calling 8cr13mov mediocre is generous. Even VG-10 is a big step up.

macmurfy2jka says:

Nick, this knife fills a very specific niche. Big, beefy folder, that actually cuts thing, on a budget. Find me one other knife that does that better and I will applaud you. As a 4+ inch knife there are almost no practical cutting folders out there, especially at a low-ish price point. The resilience makes for an excellent pocket camp tool. Not so delicate that is won’t handle reasonable camp chore, and it will cut food really well. Because of this, this ends up being the single knife that I carry most.
Would I want a better steel? Of course. Did I add a sharpening choil? Sure did. Would I change anything else about the knife? Hell no!
Think of this knife as a folding Temperance 2; a folding outdoors field knife. It makes allot more sense framed that way.

M.S.M. says:

I immediately like your videos upon notification, and always come back to watch when possible.
Never been wrong yet on liking a Nick Shabazz review! Thanks,

mph seti says:

Seems like a folding chef’s knife….that’s actually affordable, unlike the spydie chef.

budaflash says:

both this knife and the tenacious are good back up leave in your glove compartment knives. Seems like the prices went up on this. I think I bought my Resilience for $40.

Knife Shark says:

This knife has been around awhile I have been collecting only for 6 years this was the first knife I ever got and I sold it because it was just not for me

cap10random says:

if it’s legal to carry where you are, this nice is excellent for cutting food up for you or your kids. it’s a folding kitchen knife. also, spyderco’s 8cr13mov is better than kershaw’s in my experience. this is a great knife and lots of fun to carry, but you should probably also carry something smaller for typical utility cutting and so you don’t scare sheeple. i’ve often carries mine with a dragonfly salt.

BornIn1500 says:

Some people have a bad hair day. Nick has a bad hand day.

shallmaneser says:

maybe a byrd cara cara… as an alternative???….

The4cp says:

Have it and really enjoy it. Not the best knife in the world but a great beater.

Mike O'Neill says:

I’m a big knife guy, usually I’ll disagree with your assessments of big knives……..except now. The Tenacious is probably the better of the 4 (price, size, ergo’s), but for what you’d be using a knife of this size for, the crappy steel is the proverbial nail in the coffin on this one. Great view as always!

Ryan Toan says:

One of my favorite Spydercos. It is extremely capable and easy to sharpen even without the sharpening choil. I do not like sharpening my knives that have D2 because it is more of a process. Also you can beat the crap out of it and not feel bad.

Ces Bma says:

Police 4 plz.

Harley says:

I would take this over anything offered in Cold Steel’s line.

Nathan Thurman says:

Big, chunky, knives have their place, and this one looks promising, but you’re right, it could be better. I’m sticking with Cold Steel.

educatorul says:


BornIn1500 says:

I agree with the comments about it being an affordable folding camp kitchen knife.

Matt Ashe says:

Good review, Micheal Jackson.

dfailsthemost says:

One thing this knife was great for was learning how to sharpen. That’s a lot of blade for practice, and you can lose some steel and still have a useful knife for camping food prep.

ryan delehanty says:

i got it for self defense my neighbors mentally ill and put quite a few holes in the hallway

Justin M. says:

If I ever need a machete with a spider hole, I know what to buy. LOL

Gary Mercer says:

Great review

fanofactionflicks says:

yay! ti lite 6

thomas069 m says:

“Its not all rainbows and unicorns” Im so gonna use that myself

Craig Ferguson says:

I’m relieved to see you still have the 0452cf! That was one of the first knives I saw you review, so I hope it’s around for good!

bp69 says:

Spyderco delicas are 74 dollars on blade hq

josh hopkins says:

Damn ,if they made one in S 30V and CF it would be in its own league

Simon Feeney says:

My Purple Endura in the kitchen drawer may have found a mate . .

BlueRedGooGoo says:

I enjoy the spine on my Tenacious for ferro rod sparking. Just a use case to justify that sharp edge.

Xanopos says:

Heavy? I always founnd it pretty light for its size and blade length.

Andrew Lewis says:

“….That doesn’t even make sense” was just perfect. Good review of mediocrity. I enjoyed this tremendously, and found the quick moment about blade shape vs length (how much of the length is unusable except on something unsupported) a very good insight indeed.

captainsewerrat says:

I really want to buy one to try and regrind it into a persian folder. Plenty of blade for it.

Flinch Fu says:

I don’t like the giant void exposing the linerlock… it makes my fingers feel like they’re floating there. It’s an ergonomic thing. Someone else might not mind it.

Robert Ellis says:

Hello Nick from New Jersey. Bob here a ex USNavy vet with a question sir. I’m looking to upgrade my carry knife from a elderly Gerber, silver knife, Japan, two blade to either a Rat2, D2 or a Keyshawn divadvan (spelling), sucks. Is there a online store that will sell either already checked over before shipping?
I don’t have the tools or resource to fix them out of the box new. Sucks being almost 80. Any help will be appreciated.

TheKillerKlok says:

“Heavy and bulky”… “Comicly large”…

Cold steel exists don’t waste your adjectives on small game.

MrSerialX says:

As a daily PM2 carrier, that knife would be 100% more appealing with a compression lock.

Mortalrigger says:

Hi Nick, you left out my one big beef with this entire series, and unfortunately it falls under the Ugly category. It’s the way that the thumb interfaces with the lock and in turn its interaction with the edge. If one is not careful the edge will want to enter the thumb… Some years back I bought one and promptly opened my thumb up. After looking around a bit I noticed that a large majority of the instances of people getting themselves stitches after being cut by their Spyderco knives, involved this series of blades. Almost every other knife in the Spyderco line up are free of this problem, luckily.

stereotonic says:

old video is old! how far back does your back catalog go, Nick?

Ryomichi says:

Hey Nick, you have been addressing the issue with part of the blade that is not usable due to finger guard 8:10 . That applies to most folding knife with the way you hold it. Just by changing the grip to pinch grip would solve the issue. But then, who EDC cutting board?

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