The Spyderco Smock Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to do a review of a knife that is very weird and very good: the Spyderco Smock.

Here’s my review of the custom Smock:


Hyper nova says:

I like mine

paul greenwood says:

It would be much nicer with a more ‘standard’ blade style rather than the pseudo-meat-cleaver shape. Other than that I think it’s really nice.

Killabee-23 says:

I dont know why but I’m getting so annoyed by the wrist flicking.

German Survivalist says:

Really interesting knife but I`ll wait for a sprint run in a more exciting steel. S30V is great stuff, but I am kinda overfed on it, I`d like some Cru-Wear or LC200N please Spyderco 😀

burlyd says:

Not sure why more reviewers don’t point out a knife can be thrown open (advanced knife bro and nick are the only ones I can think of) as that makes it illegal in most states

iBeOnThat Kryptonite says:

Literally what I’ve been waiting on since the disassembly!!!!!!!!!

James T Smirk says:

I know I’m in the minority here but, this is the first spiderco knife I’ve fallen in love with.

Kevola says:

Hollow grind?

Kyle says:

Additional bonus: no top cut out for the traditional compression tab means no risk of blade edge sticking into the cut out and cutting you?

Bobby Bridges says:

Great job as usual Nick, although I wanted the custom from Kevin. I opted out partly because of the Spyderco Smock in the works. I did preorder this and I’m still waiting almost a year now. Sorry you haven’t recieved your custom yet. I’ve emailed back and forth with Kevin and he seams sincere and like a good man. He is offering some customization on the Spyderco guess I won’t sign up for that if I ever get mine? Thank you for a honest fair review despite.

Chris Brooks says:

That version of the compression lock is infinitely better than the usual one..

david marshall says:

“Designed by a maker who much like any postmodern author has books that feel like they’re never gonna end.” 🙂

barkingspider2007 says:

Nick, thank you for the review. I’ll take the large easy to sharpen blade over the standard Spyderco blade any day. I agree with you on the Lanyard issue.. Spyderco is very likely sending you the cream of the crop. The Para 2 in M4 you sent my way was the finest example of a PM2 I have ever seen. Hmmm…. You nailed it with this review. : ) Thank you again!

hovan2yourknives says:

Bad ergos and terrible clip positioning = not for me.

TheMawsJawz TM says:

We need a “Simple fact” Nick Shabazz shirt now

Bo cain says:

dont support deadbeats….gem or not.

Johnny Demonic says:

Well, it’s the least hideous Spyderco I’ve ever seen.

Wolf DNA says:

Seems a lot like the spiderco-version of a 940

LimeLimpidGreen says:

“I am not a Spyderco.” – Nick Shabazz

I’d get that on a shirt

555 Gear says:

Nice unbiased review Nick. The leverage from the button should always give 100% contact so it should be better, good observation. Also, I just checked, I’ve been on Kirby Lambert’s books since 2014. Still waiting. Geeze louise. Cheers, Andrew

Gentry Fry says:

There are Lanyard People? Man, I’ve got a lot to learn about life.

Josh W says:

The cutout for the button lock should have been modded to make it work better as a finger choil. I like the way it looks when closed but but not so much when open. Otherwise a home run. Spyderco’s carbon fiber & G10 laminate is far and away my favorite. I don’t like it as much as solid carbon fiber but it looks much better than the thin, slick, sticker-like carbon fiber laminates most other companies use and also retains some of the grippiness of G10 without being overly aggressive.

David Airey says:

Mine’s a keeper.

MJC 777 says:

I love mine. It is very lefty friendly. But the two weak areas for me are the finger choil needs to be like the Massdrop Dao. That would be more rounded and more functional. I also think the clip placement is too low. It needs a deep carry clip. You are right the lanyard lobby is winning.

Jeff says:

If you’re on the fence about this knife, just buy it. It is hands down my favorite knife.

TheHumanFlag says:

I was told by an employee at Spyderco Golden Colorado USA earth that the second detent is there for legal reasons. He removed his and it falls free from pressing the button. It does make it feel a bit more like my mantra but it still feels great

CW Spencer says:

Between knives and AR 15 assembling I’ve launched my fair share of detent springs into orbit around Venus.

D4md Cykey says:

I agree that flipper tab configuration is REALLY fantastic, I hope that gets incorporated in more knives. It’s one of those designs that is so simple and obvious you wonder why it has not been in use for years.

_”Blink twice if the lanyard people have you at gunpoint.”_ That one cracked me up.

Florida Man says:

I really like the blade. Looks like a great utility knife.

bootney wagner says:


Mitchell Delmar says:

Innovation is appreciated and Spyderco doesn’t shy away from taking design risks. This isn’t a Nirvana but it’s manufactured in the same spirit.

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