The Spyderco Techno 2 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very interesting little sequel, the Spyderco and Marcin Slysz Techno 2.


al says:

Want to die?
Take a shot every time nick says um

Lets Bouncetrudeau2018 says:

As an owner of many Spydercos, I feel they’re losing their design touch lately

knifecom says:

you put disappointed into my head…

Randall Wessar says:

The Techno 2 is a practical users knife, but it is a boring looking knife.

Frank Nowakowski says:

Looking forward to handling one of these at SHOT show in a few weeks.

You were wearing the Batman mask! LOL.

Geno Burgess says:

I’d buy a pillar instead of this 220 buck knife, come on man 220 bucks.

boredandagitated says:

Would have been less in line with the design language for the other Slyz knives but a ramp like on the Brouwer around the spydiehole would help. Or just thinner scales. Look how deep that lockbar cutout has to be to make it spring, it’s huge! Such fat scales are ridiculous

Maui Harward says:

I’m sure I must be missing something here, because I don’t see a knife worth 220 there. I’ll just keep my dragonfly (zdp189) at 84 bucks all day long.

Rick Kerans says:

Interesting but at that price I think I would keep looking. It is a well done knife but I don’t see anything that makes it a standout.
Have a great New Years Eve and day and look forward to future reviews.

Jack Sloane says:

“It’s a chubby little bunny.” – Nick Shabazz. This is how I’ll be describing it to people when I buy one.

Mario vdL says:

Re: backspacer – it would make it even more unbalanced I think.

Crushenator500 says:

Wow I love that radially engraved Sebenza

Victor Tong says:

perfectly said. I cant agree more. Had the techno 1 and didnt like it because of the weight and thickness of something so small. For that size and weight i rather carry something larger. Love ya nick

loyal poehler says:

very confused as to why you decided not to keep thus one ? if its because of the green pillars in the back ( which i think is much better than most back spacers because its zombie green ) something that you have imbued onto it vs saying emerald green.and all the other smaller knifes are either much more expensive or cannot be purchased ! using this logic if the slysz bowie had any ” zombie green” it should be dismissed right now and a zt 0456 should replace it as it is ” hitting way above its pay grade ” and i also agree ( trying to complete the set ) the slysz bowie is now a 650-750$ knife , and in reality its barely a 250 $ knife , i have plenty of cheaper zt knives 0920 benchmade adamas , even the off brand with the glowing tube in Ti , that have better action ,steel ,( not the adamas ) and design then the bowie . but to dismiss such a.capable knife on so many small things that could be changed out ? i just dont get it . philosophy of knife ownership maybe ? since your collection is so small and you would have to get rid of one to make room for the techno2 maybe makes more.sense . i dont suffer from that as i intend to grow my as I can , i can still to this day tell you why i bought every single knife i have ( over 600) and not cheap truck stop knifes except for one certain z hunter i own ( i fixed almost every issue and it cuts.well for a.few minutes) it freaks me out that most people cannot tell you why.they buy certain things.if you get a chance read buyology,why we buy , very good book and to know most people think in such a.manner really freaks me out , sorry about the rant and i love your work but this one out of so many reviews except maybe the 0456 made no sense except based purely on emotion and not data plus some emotions as.knives but also works of art . hope you have a wonderful day and enjoyed the dancing knife ! ps i own the pilar in 3 version and like them all but they fell very different than the techno 2

Jeremy D says:

1) They’re called barrel spacers, not stand-offs. It’s just a cosmetic preference. You like a G10 back spacer, others like a nice, brightly-anodized set of barrel spacers. I think the Benchmade 940-1 and -2 started the trend.
2) Balance point is right where your middle finger would grip it; seems perfect to me.
3) Weight: 3.5 oz. of this, compared to 4.1 oz. on the Pilar. But who cares, really? Most of us aren’t backpackers.
4) Props for giving the Pilar proper credit. The Pilar is a screaming deal, even with its cheaper materials. Do me a favor though: look at the inside of the back spacer in your Pilar. Has it got a cut in it from the blade edge hitting it when closed hard? That’s one thing mine has that I canNOT forgive, even at $25. The bright side is that at this price, I won’t balk at taking it apart and Dremeling a groove into the back spacer. While I’m at it, I’ll smooth out the relief cuts in the lock bar, which make it a bit snaggy when pulling it out of the pants pocket when carried tip-up.
5) Agreed about the lanyard hole. That was a BAD decision. ALMOST everybody uses the pocket clip, and almost everybody prefers deep carry. The little fancy fobs people are doing now…don’t even get me started on how gay that is. As a good compromise, what if they drilled the lanyard hole right through the clip, ala Native? Except make it a deep carry clip.
6) This would actually be a good knife for proper pocket carry. Maybe even coin pocket carry.
7) Good point about the opening interference. You called it ugly, and rightfully so. There’s no excuse for this in a $220 knife. At that price, everything should be PERFECT.

TacticalStrudel says:

I love it when nick slams an expensive knife I otherwise probably would have bought.

Royal3Cheez says:

I’m hoping techno 2 means maybe Bowie 2 is around the corner

loyal poehler says:

should read or is it because its zombie green ? vs a blue back spacer ) not that i like it because of the z hunter green .

Volodimir Petrov says:

Now we know what knifes Batman prefers. It’s nice to be in this dozen of people who also enjoyed this moment…

Ryan Hewitt says:

100% agree on the standoffs, that green is the worst part of the knife imho. I loved the blue on the original. I know it’s just a color but it really bothers me. If I get one the first thing I’m doing is hunting down a custom backspacer that resembles the original as much as possible.

Morné Venter says:

How does the techno2 dimensions compare to the sheep’s foot busker?

TrueBoolean says:

How would you compare the Skaha II to the Techno 2?

Brian F says:

Blink , Blink … Does that knife really need a lanyard hole ? I don’t understand what’s going on down there at Spyderco , they put their best clip on this knife and then push it down the scale , in favor of a small lanyard hole , that maybe 1% of the people that buy this knife are going to use , makes no sense .

C.J van Eck says:

Nice little knife….

Melvin Phinisee says:

Spydie hole & Lockbar release area is smaller

Jason Bradley says:

tl;dr, a CRKT Squid at well over 10x the price.

Dan Eckenrode says:

I like the look of it and I don’t think the price is horrible, however if I wanted something small and high end I would buy a small inkosi with an insingo blade. Which is what I did. Who am I kidding I’ll buy one anyway.

Jeremy D says:

The Pilar is so nice it has me looking at other Voxnaes designs with Fox and GiantMouse. At least there, I feel like $220 would be well-spent. Ditto for Liong Mah, bred from my love for the CRKT Journeyer. (they’re currently going for $18 at BHQ, BTW)

I think the strong detent was a nod toward those in NYC, where they seem to confuse ‘gravity’ with ‘inertia.’ A strong detent will keep it from ever opening under inertia.

I LOVED my Spydiechef. Fell out of my pocket on a playground over Christmas while playing with my daughter; that was a real kick in the nuts. At least when you sold yours, you got something for it…

Alex’s Knifebox says:

I really agree on the lack of joy when opening it … that was my biggest let down when getting one. Great review as always Nick. thanks … was that a batman mask you were wearing>>??? LOL i could of swore i saw that when you showed the mirror finish on the blade…

Fellipe Russ says:


Robert Linocln says:

Thank you Nick, I have been wondering exactly these things with this guy!

educatorul says:

batman, is that you?

Wpieter 24 says:

The techno 2 is actually THICKER than the first one. Why they made that decision I have no idea.

kerryrwac says:

A lot of reviewers HATE back spacers and always say a knife would be better with stand offs . They’re wrong of course , but people have bought into it . The same people who think the lanyard holes more important than the pocket clip . Green stand offs are a fad . The BM 940-2 has them and one of the ZT 0450 models has them . Some Fashionista with a green Z Hunter made green popular .

Jim Boutilier says:

Not sure why they make the clip switchable right or left given a lefty can’t really open it one handed anyway (same for all his designs). And $220 for XHP steel and a tiny blade… geeze. Any of the usual sharp edges in the spydie hole and blade spine from Taiwan? Do love the look though.

The4cp says:

This isn’t a knock on Spyderco this is a serious question I’m sure you can answer. How by the amount of material used can the Chef and the Techno be the same price? Shouldn’t the much larger knife be more expensive?

BlunderingKnifeReviews says:

Interesting how tastes vary. I found myself agreeing across the board until you got to the standoffs. I’ll take standoffs with some color pop over a backspacer all day long, but I like open back construction. I also like a strong detent whenever I can get it. However, I still think the knife is overpriced.

Kyle M says:

Yes, but what about the kapara?

Everywhere2 says:

“I’m wondering if the lanyard hole mafia has taken over.” – N. Shabazz

MrAliaspostmortem says:

Pure comedy, must be the only one who is repeatedly calling blades with small or no bellies more practical.

nathanael edwards says:

Pretty sure there’s no 2.5 inch legal stipulations anywhere.

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