The Spyderco Wooden Dragonfly Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to talk about the Wood, the Grained, the Burled, and the Pulpy of this very interesting little knife.


sissypansy baby says:

come on, bamboos a grass

kerryrwac says:

There’s a grain of common sense here that none wood deny and it’s nice to see you leaf out after the Fall winds rain puns from the branches .

Evias The Nine says:

Dragonfly 4!!!?

Jack Zhang says:

It’s TSA Legal…

paul greenwood says:

Howling with laughter here…..:) 🙂 🙂

SynthGal says:

okay I was annoyed, and then impressed. you got a freakin’ rhythm with these.

Fire bug says:

send it to spyderco for resharpening…

ogenmatic says:

Looks like it may-pull to the left a little when it closes. I’m kinda broke right now so it’ll be bought with a credit card which means I will-owe money.

Ben kelsey says:

Great video Nick! When I logged on after dinner, I woodn’t have expected to seed something like this. It’s nice to know yew can split away from the norm and knot always do the same stuff. But anyway, I shouldn’t bramble on too much. Have a great one!

Peter G says:

Oh, god, the ‘Eucalyptus’ got me… xD

SouPNaZi says:

Still better than anything that has z hunter written on it!

Night Raptor says:

did the Z-Hunter gods tell you to make a wooden dragonfly video with tree puns?

i approve.

biostemm says:

Ebony else get a splinter from this video?

tnfire 0920 says:

what are those numbers in the left corner

2hvy4grvty says:

eu cu clyp tys… that’s gold

Le Lemon says:

If you stabbed a dog with this it wood bark.

Slams 77 says:

Wow! Seventeen dollars. I figured it would be at least Tree hundred for such a Beauty

7hink1 says:

You really taxus with these puns Nick.

Ken Fair says:

My only issue with this knife is that if I whittle with it am I being cannibalistic?

Jack FarmBoy says:

Those puns though…. Wood you cut it out.

Demiweeb says:

“I hope this review gave you… ah nevermind” that was my favorite pun.

Nathan Schmoekel says:

You could birch about it some more, but you’d just be preaching to Sequoia…

Nathan Schmoekel says:

You could birch about it some more, but you’d just be preaching to Sequoia…

Chance Rogers says:

Bamboo is unfortunately a grass.

Drea Jeffries says:

The puns..

Peter G says:

Holly moly, this feels like it’s taking the Pith. I’m all for reviewers going against the Grain, but Yew normally run Rings around the more Poplar reviewers. Don’t get me wrong, Olive watching this channel, but it Seeds like you were a bit Trunk when putting your thoughts to Paper for this one. You might have put your Heart into it, but you come across as Barking mad, Branching off in all directions, like you’re Rowan down a creek without a paddle.
Oh well, Acorn complain really, I’m sure these are a Birch to make, so it’s Oakay.

Bryan Peeler says:

Cedar I told you I needed a new knife! Merry Christmas Nick and great puns indeed!

Speedy McGee says:

A review to rival the wrinkle poo knife.

Rebuswind says:

No, you didn’t..this is a review I was planning to do for my first review video…now there is no point to do it…there is no way I can top this…great Christmas gift!!! Nick!! Thanks a lot!!!

TheNamesBeardo says:

“Eucalyptus to the inside of your pocket”

William H. says:

Merry Christmas nick

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