The StatGear Ausus Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a quick look at a pretty poorly done knife, the StatGear Ausus.


Eric Ocasio says:


BornIn1500 says:

CutleryLover was raving about how good this knife is. LMAO. Let’s you know those guys will hype any garbage in hopes that you’ll buy it from their Amazon affiliate link.

Fraser Hood says:

Ugh, I love the micarta, and even the shape. Why does the rest of it have to be crap?

Julian Williams says:

This review saved me some money, Thanks!

iBeOnThat Kryptonite says:

Hey can we get a latest greatest best pen review? Haven’t seen one in a while

Ardren says:

That’s a real pity. I quite like style and the micarta scales

Outpost 76 says:

Glad I passed on that when I first saw them.

A D says:

Ugh. Bad reviews without the comedic twist are painful to watch.

Product, not reviewer. Figured that is worth mentioning.

Toddd Goo says:

I like the design, I plan on customizing mine. They should have done better though on the mechanics of the knife.

Maui Harward says:

Save these knives for the crappy red box of the month. Saves your time, our time, and we can have a few laughs.

Mitchell Delmar says:

Many’s the night I cry out for a choil. Outside of your “terrible knife reviews” (which is parody), this is unworthy of your attention and so, ipso facto, your loyal viewers. Just sayin’.

Andrew Ollerhead says:

Hey Nick, are you thinking of doing a review/quick review of the Benchmade 940-2 that you now have? How it compares to the previous versions etc? I think that would be an interesting and important quick little video, and I’m very interested to hear your opinion on the newest variation of that classic design! Keep up the great work!

Beau Poopoo says:

If the build quality as better, or if thereve been substantially more reports of problem free versions, I’d really really like it. The designs really charming me

Brad Griffin says:

Mmmm, a bit of a shoddy build that.

slidetek says:

LOL, let’s get a piece of micarta, slice it in half and make a blade sandwich! Works for me! A brick shaped knife. With a liner lock, I definitely want to see it fully on that blade, so that’s scary. The clip bent over the top and screwed onto the other side – _genius._ So many good options for less money, and enough leftover for a pizza to slice up when you’re done.

RicedFg2 says:

For anyone looking for a good $50 knife go get a kizer begleiter vg10, metal liners, g10 handles.

Toddd Goo says:

Okay got mine used the dremel to improve lock-up. I’ll have to leave them a comment.

Le Lemon says:

Any plans on reviewing the Viper Odino? While it has a pretty thick blade, its such a pretty knife. Its my favorite thing to carry if i know im not doing a lot of cutting in a day

Cole hodgson says:

Mine was the same. Tried to take it apart. Stripped the screws. Then through it in the trash.

Blair Taylor says:

A knock-off of the Fantoni Hide …. which didn’t do it for me either…

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Well, that sucks because I actually like the styling of it. Guess I’ll take it off my list of wants.

Evan Schaefering says:

I remember this knife from when I saw it on Kickstarter a year or so ago. I’m glad I didn’t back it and instead spent that money on my RAT 1.

Chance Cornwell says:

Completely unrelated,but could you possibly do a review on the Fenix UC35 v.2? I know you loved the original version and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the upgraded version

O4 HEMI says:

That lockup tho!

Flodo says:

yeah, would have bought it, cause i like the shape…but now…naaaah

XnMojo says:

idk why, but fit and finish aside, i really love the look of this knife. ergonomics usually take a back seat to simplicity of design in my book. sure the delica is like 4 million times more knife than this, but i honestly find it about 4 million times as ugly.

Joseph Snell says:

Looks like a Cold Steel SR-1

Ethan Doyle says:

Nick, I love what you do and I always watch your videos but I just have one complaint/piece of advice. For the love of God stop going so frickin’ fast. You nearly choke yourself in every video! Nobody will mind another minute or two to each video if that’s what it takes for you to slow down. It’s also quite annoying when you do it. Anyways, keep making great videos but please just slow down a bit man!

MJFallout says:

*c h u b b y b u n n y*

marshalllaw123 says:

The weight is almost the same as the Rat1…

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Really was looking forward to this review. Glad I saw it before I bought it. Definitely can wait, I’ll pick up a few others before this one.

Jayson Street says:

I love mine for an everyday beater knife! The lock stick breaks in fairly quickly and I’ve never had a problem with it feeling gritty. I love the micarta handle scales and I really don’t mind the weight. I do think it would have been nice if they had hollowed out the liners. The ergos aren’t bad at all for me but I do have xl hands. I think the only complaint I had with mine was the uneven blade grind, but the company was supper awesome in repairing my knife.

Kevin cleary says:

What I learned from this video is that Nick likes big studs

Charles Vest says:

looks like a Buck Strider 880

EDC with Aaron says:

Because Micarta… That’s why. I wish it was a better knife because I want to buy one solely for the micarta.

Slicey Dicey says:

A knife so meh that I never even got around to reviewing it before I sold it.

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