The Strider SNG Pocketknife: The Nick Shabazz Review

The Strider SNG is a really well known knife in the “hard use” and “tactical” knife world, and Mick Strider, the designer, is (in)famous throughout the knife world. The knife has an interesting design, and looks deeply tactical, but the fit-and-finish, design choices, and incredible price leave this knife cool, but ultimately, not recommended.


dale carpenter says:

The chinese clone is much better designed and made .deeper hollow ground .$ 50.00 free shipping .

birb birb says:

Hi mr nick, I’m curious what you think about Nitro-v steel, thanks!

KurokiKaze666 says:

Totally overrated knife… Actually it looks like a cheap chinese fake…

DarkBluePaperHats says:

as a strider lover.. that is a pathetic example of a strider!!

K-oz Dragon says:

The G10 is added for weight. It lowers the weight considerably. Even your Spyderco example, they removed the steel liners from the Native this year and cut out 20% of the weight. G10 is a considerably strong composite and doesn’t need steel liners under it for support. I’ve seen knives hit by cars (I actually own one myself) and the only thing that survived was the G10. G10 is not a plastic. If you’d like to know how hard it is, look up “machining G10” and see for yourself. These are things that research could easily clear up before questioning a knife design and making the manufacturer look bad.

Jonathan Crenshaw says:

You’re comparing G10 to plastic? Everything I’ve heard and read talks about how strong G10 is structurally.

Mr.Eliel says:

the Chinese one is fine tho lmao

Valkyrie Survives says:

Great vid. The one thing I don’t agree with is the fact that you talk about it as if it’s universal across the model, but most of these issues don’t exist in the full Ti version

D Boss says:

I totally agree! I think new knife people are getting caught up in the hype. Emerson’s when they came out were “overpriced” and not worth the money. Great lines , but bad build. When he sold it to Kershaw now they made them right for the right price $35 bucks!
A strider is a $75 knife at best! It is what it is.

Midwest Bodybuilding says:

I’m looking for a SNG if anybody has one for sale

American1911 says:

I agree with you Nick, 100%, case closed! You have explained very well why I have never purchased one.

Gunworld74 says:

I agree with you . I payed close to 5 bills for a strider. Took it home, and couldn’t stand it. Took it back and got a Chris Reeves. I don’t he even touched on lock stick

Laurie Campbell says:

Just totally agree Nick. just watched xm18 video, same as. As a collector and user of knives, my taste never ran to folders which I were OVERBUILT, Overpriced maybe. Those 2 knives always pop up in knife discussions, never been tempted, by the way, I was cas vac paramedic in HM Forces for 7 yrs and 22 yrs paramedic in the Scottish Ambulance Service, only ever carried scissors or I should say shears, they could cut through silk or a penny. Of course I am British, where understatement is thought good form, on saying that I own a Large Espada, I know, I am sick, As ever another real review,

StoråsStudio says:

3:10 Nick, that is the “Jedi Order” symbol, the “New Jedi Order” symbol uses a version of the Alliance “Star Bird” with a starburst behind it. The Jedi Order has the lightsaber with the “wings” 🙂

Zac Tolan says:

The issue with the lanyard hole is unbelievable.

dale carpenter says:

Rough use !

JBlack says:

So happy to see someone not fanboy over a strider. Tacticool knives aren’t all that special imo. People are buying the name because James Yeager and John Willis of SOE bob on striders knob all the time. Striders aren’t horrible, just not the end all be all that some make them out to be. My main issue is the price to quality. He way over charges for what he puts out. Imo He puts out $100-175 knives other than customs. PM2 over a strider any day every day.

raytheknifeguy says:

this knife is too light for me.

Anthony Waldrep says:

Absolutely awesome review Nick! Everyone else has done nothing but praised the design without pointing out these flaws. I definitely won’t be purchasing one. That and the whole other issue about his military career.

Joe Snell says:

Thanks for the informative review. There are a lot of great knives available at this price point but it’s very difficult to actually see one in person before buying. This review helped me make an informed buying decision.

Salvatore Rapisarda says:

I wanted this knife for years but I don’t know if I should get one after all that has been said about the maker..

Nick Myrant says:

Interesting. This is almost the exact same design of the buck marksman but obviously without the lock

Stoney Lonsome says:

The best and only strider I have ever kept for any amount of time was a Kevn John rip off- I had a chance to buy a couple real ones over the years but both times I had a chance to play with them for a day or so first and I backed out- like Nick I can’t imagine anyone paying even the 250 one guy was asking for his used- muchless 400 new. But the Kevin John I bought off line and thought I would probably hate it and just resell it but- man it was nice. Much better job on the fit and finish- it was all Titanium, beautiful anodization job on it- just unreal. It was too heavy and wasn’t a good slicer- bulky- but that’s just the nature of this design- so i didn’t keep it permanently but- it was ten times better than the real ones I handled. No rattle, beautiful compound grind on the blade- called the “nightmare” grind or something like that. It was all bronze with these skulls on it that you always see strider using- called “the bruiser” I think. Anyway-it was an awesome knife it just wasn’t an efficient knife so- got rid of it.

Eric Lowder says:

If i wanted build quality I’d get a zt but i just want a strider!

Anthony P says:

Great review!Over the 5 yrs of using and gathering knives there’s the ones I hover over threw the yrs. This Strider is 1 of them. I don’t go buying without considering my initial criteria check offs. I’m also more of a fixed blade user. I do carry a pocket knife daily. Spiderco PM2 has seen the most carry along the way and is still the 1 that naturally rolls with me. S30v suits my needs and then some. These last 2 yrs I watch reviewers to help convince my purchase. You are way ahead with your honesty and the knives you choose to review are in line with the ones I question. So thx for knocking this Strider so far out my playing field and I can focus more on the others.

J Jac says:

That’s a fake. Lettering is too big.

Vucari says:

Id rather get a hinderer as my first Mid-tech.

shamrock lial says:

What a overpriced piece of generic average crap knife lol. Generic steel, bulky saber grind, 3in blade advertised as 4in, no bearings. I’m so glad I’m not one of those idiots that buys this knife for more than 100$

Justin S says:

Jeeeeeezus the pivot is in backwards!

Cold World says:

Hmmm… that pivot is installed backward.

crf450r bullet david says:

We knives sharpened that strider…

Bryan Harness says:

Couldn’t expect much from this guy

TheMrWillje says:

If only this had steel on one side and it was thinner. I’d buy one straight away

Tim Constantine says:

stick to knives….and make no more watch videos….you cant afford good watches…but can afford mid tech knives….as you say…you dont even like to buy customs….work harder…you might get there!

never more says:

I could buy a Kershaw Blur in s30v that has better fit and finish than this

maulstik says:

This knife embarrasses America, look at all those dumbasses spending that much $$ buying these $40 knives. Bunch of low-intelligence simpletons with this much expendable income to spend.

shamrock lial says:

I wouldn’t spend more than $50 on this POS.

William Burke says:

Wallet. Phone. Knife. None of these belong in the same pocket, unless we’re talkin’ about a cargo pocket. Maybe. I still don’t think any of them belong in the same pocket.

That’s why they give us so many of them. And if you’re wearing trousers that have no back pockets, WTF are you doing on a knife blog?

D Boss says:

You got a lot knife companies throwing around $400-$600 price tags like it’s no big deal! New knife people need to know whAt makes a true “$400-$600 production knife! Very rare.

Cold World says:

Lol that’s not DLC… it’s Black Oxide! If you’re going to make a youtube video please know WTF you’re talking about!

TheMawsJawz TM says:

“There’s some quality ugly here”

Vince says:

Get the Protech collaboration instead. Done.

Nick Stalker says:

your voice is funny, reminds me of a voice on the simpsons. but its not a bad thing, because i watched MANY of your videos to simply keep me entertained

William Burke says:

Nick, I’d love to see you and Luv Them Knives do a joint review of some special release. I’m putting the bug in his ear also!

Mike Lentsch says:

Wow – that’s REALLY bad. I saw a Mick Strider full custom on bladeHQ for like $6,800… I couldn’t believe my freaggin’ eyeballs. It looked like a $1,500 knife…

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