The Tangram Knives Orion Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll look at a budget knife by Kizer and Dirk Pinkerton, with a great blade, but a problematic handle, the Tangram Orion Pocketknife.


James Armstrong says:

I’m sorry nick but it really gets on my nerves when you dismiss anything without a thinly ground delicate blade as a pry bar. Good review otherwise but that’s been bothering me. Thanks

Frank Andre Holmestrand says:

It’s kind of a Sax kind of blade and it’s one of my favourite designs of blades. But I would never buy one…

Shortcut Reviews says:

I too found it to be a “pocket ripper” getting in and out of the pocket.


That knife looks just like a few dozen other budget blades out there. Most companies just copy each other

Brian F says:

It’s ” a Festival of Hot Spots ” . HaHa , I love it .
Too many Better knives at that price point .

DMS Paracording says:

As you gush about the Santa Fe over the knives in the Tangram line, I found it to be weirdly positioned. Not quite a gentleman’s carry, but not beefy enough for a heavy use EDC. I sold my Santa Fe without remorse and gladly returned to the Sanrenmu LAND 910 Plus. 🙂

Benny BustDown says:

I have the progression. More my style. Luv kiser knives

Tim Gannon says:

I pretty much agree..I love the blade, for 42 bucks I can live with the steel, but although it may look sort of cool, that scale texture just looks like a real pocket terrorist. I like a little texture, but if I have to fight to get it in and out of the pocket, then I’ll pass. In the end it doesn’t matter, because the knife Nazi’s at Amazon won’t ship a flipper to my location for some dumb reason. They are legal to carry here, but Amazon hasn’t figured that out yet.

Dis Ninja says:

Damn I’m early

Bruce McIntyre says:

I’m waiting to hear your view on the Honey Badgers.

J. Michael R. Reed says:

10 points to Gryffindor for the belt pun!

Paul Vogt says:

I think that was one of your better puns at the end!

Every_Day_Aaron says:

“Festival of hotspots” was my nickname in high school

Ahmad Tarabulsi says:

First comment!

zazuzonker says:


Daniel Fernandez says:

Anybody know how to get rid of a spree spinning fully stripped screw connected to the back spacer tubes? I was stupid and fully stripped a free spinning screw on my Kershaw Cryo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adam Timmins says:

You seem very unimpressed with the steel, but isn’t it better than 8cr13mov for about the same price?

lrac rellim says:


Blackwood Blades says:

Probably not first but I don’t freakin care, thank you for the video!

srg914 says:

You definitely need to compare this knife to the civivi backlash. Same price. I think you’ll be more impressed.

k b says:

Jug Bands Name: The Good, The Great, The Bad, & The Ugly.

The Taco Algorithm says:

I was legitimately worried you weren’t going to compare it to the Delica there for a second. Don’t scare me like that.

3danman says:

Between the washboard knives and the tactical maracas, bad cutting tools can have a street band that deters potential customers with bad music

Bill Green says:

I love this knife. It does wear on my pockets, but other than that I have no issues with it.

Mr. Crumbly says:

Wait wait wait. Pete whatnow??

stoneshank says:

Looks like a bowie-wharncliffe shape. Yes I made that up and it is now a thing.

Mike Boone says:

Nick Question, I know your a flipper fan in most cases but I am wandering in your travels through the knife world for years have you stumbled across a polish for brass that also prevents tarnishing other than the normal Brasso or is there some kind of coating that has been developed I have not heard of . I have about 11 large display Bowie knives and many other smaller Bowie knives most all with brass finger guards and bolsters and they just turn green . Even when polished and the blades are coated with mineral oil the steel stay free of rust but the brass just goes to Sh=t green . Happy Trails young man and thanks for all you do and all the informative info you have given us over the years .

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