The TRM Viator Slipjoint Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a very nice, very safe, and very slicey little slipjoint, the Three Rivers Manufacturing (TRM) Viator.


M .N says:

It looks like it was inspired by the old Kershaw Avalanche.

Matt K says:

Great review, I love the look of that knife! Quick question, with the G10 backspacer will the body screws be threading into the G10? If so that doesn’t seem ideal, and makes me think the TI upgrade is pretty crucial for structural integrity (not that I’m remotely an expert on the subject).

hehoff33 says:

I have to agree about the logo, but otherwise, that is a classy looking piece.

Anonymous2012 says:


Wingnut says:

Nick cut his thumb on a Medford. lol

Wishkah_outdoors says:

Love mine in my humble limited knife knowledge it’s a fantastic slicing tool that gets razor sharp. Has great walk and talk feels very safe and is great in the pocket. It’s an actual proper modern slip joint (yeah I just poked at Benchmade)

Riley Bracelin says:

Hey nick I’m thinking of starting to wear a watch, say I had like $200 bucks to start out with, do you have any recommendations? On the small side would be preferable.

rykjeklut says:

With slipjoints becoming more and more popular(at least it seems), have you ever handled a Douk Douk?

cameron utt says:

Slipjoint aren’t my thing but it’s a nice looking knife.

Cooldibs says:

I got the 100th like ha!

Stoney Lonsome says:

I like it- not as much as the nemesis but- I like it. It has a utilitarian feel about it, even in the CF and titanium- it’s the flat sides I think, and the wider profile. It does have some gracious , flowing lines going on but, something about it feels very squared off or something. Reminds me of the Aegis, sort of. I think the old me would’ve been all over this but, something is changing- not floating my boat. I’m leaning more toward gentleman’s folders lately. Cool knife still….

srg914 says:

Just started getting into slipjoints and ordered this knife. Burgundy micarta scales with ruby red backspacer. I think that color combination will look very nice. I do have a complaint about Three Rivers shipping cost. $15!

Nyx says:

This seems like it would be a great office knife. Slipjoint, classy look, not huge, two handed opening…

cloudcleaver23 says:

Slipjoints are the one kind of knife where I am *all* in favor of Spyderco-style forward choils. I’ll give up blade-to-handle ratio to keep a blade from closing on my hand.

Mitchell Delmar says:

Lots of good here. Downplay the Brezhnev birthmark logo, standardize the fasteners and I’d pick one up. Modern slip joints with modern steel for a modern world.

Matthew Forrest says:

In Europe the cutting edge is what is limited 270 mm or something like that not blade length. I bet it was designed as such

Syafique Sharif says:

gotta be honest that g10 looks extremely cheap.

Stephen O'shea says:

I live in the UK with the crazy laws lol, like the idea of this one, best slip joint I’ve come across so far is the sog terminus with its strong opening retention and grippy g10 scales. (Can’t say backspring because it’s not a back spring), interesting knife you may wish to check out as a budget option for slip joints. Many thanks for review.

mozezfreek777 says:

I feel that people who say that a stiff slip joint is a safe slip joint are not allowed to say that a sharp knife is a safe knife.
This one is gonna fold on you just as well if you try to ram that tip. And it’s more likely to cut you because the struggle it takes to close builds up tension which will cause that blade to shoot close on your finger.

JS Krawz says:

really like this knife! Not too keen on the clip but I don’t use clips anyways so I would just remove it…

Matthew Forrest says:

“A Viator is a person with a terminal illness or life-threatening illness who sells his life insurance policy at a steep discount to pay for health care costs or improve quality of life”????????

Marianne Halpern says:

PIVOT UPDATE We have resolved the issue of the loosening pivot and are shipping knives with a small amount of blue loctite. The Loctite rep told us that with the fine threads the Loctite should be put inside the pivot NOT on the screw thread. We are now shipping with a sample size tube of blue Loctite and a toothpick. HINT Nick- no need to glob it on. If anyone is having a problem with a loosening pivot please return directly to us. We’ll take care of it and turn it right back. Marianne Halpern TRM Owner

Advice from pickle says:

For the love of god that logo has to go. Such a good looking knife otherwise.

Pistol Piot says:

Think that knife suffers from a Delica syndrome and it could use a nice finger choil. Either way it’s a stunning piece.

Riley West says:

Hi Nick! I have the same knife and had the same issue with the pivot backing. I contacted 3r and set it back (send it Monday got it back Saturday!) and they suggested using the liquid loctite and putting it inside the female part of the chicago screw – according to their customer service it was the loctite people who suggested this method. I have not had the issue since!

flukom says:

“Yes sir your knife is technically legal
but it looks stabby, so you’re under arrest

somerandom guy says:

What happened to your finger?

John Bowen says:

.09 blade stock? Be still my throbbing heart! A U.S. made knife that’s actually made to cut. I may have to buy one.

Matthew Forrest says:

Also means a traveler haha.

Joel Hansen says:

TRM is clueless about blade length & the law. On their website they brag about how their choice of a blade with only a 2 7/8” cutting edge “almost ensures worldwide legality” Are they kidding me? First of all, cutting edge length is totally irrelevant. The law defines blade length as the distance from handle to tip. And as Nick so aptly pointed out, this blade just exceeds a commonly used legal maximum blade length of 3”. That extra 0.085” adds zero useful utility to the blade but it could still send you to jail! When are knife manufacturers going to wake up? It’s bad enough when a manufacturer isn’t trying to ensure that their knife is legal to carry, but when ensuring legality is the stated design goal & then making a mistake like this is inexcusable! It really makes me question if anyone at Three Rivers is an actual knife enthusiast.

Wingnut says:

love the curvature of the blade. Reminds me of a fixed blade Bradford.

Mythguard Whatever else I'll try to do. says:

I subscribed for the knives…but I stayed for the puns.

TheKillerKlok says:

I don’t like it, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it looks just like a locking knife that will scare the sheeple, for me the whole point of carrying something like a slipjoint involves a non scary aesthetic.

I am also a stickler for proper finger choils on slipjoints.

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