The Viper Rhino Folding Knife Review. An Italian Made WorldStar of Pocket Knives.

Viper an Italian knife maker has a folder called the Rhino which is a big badass folder, with a blade over 4 inches and an overall length of 10 inches. It’s great for chopping and beating up wood with. This review covers all the basics of this huge folding knife. The knife features D2 steel blade steel, carbon fiber scales, and a lock back locking mechanism. Be the envy off all of your friends by owning a pocket knife bigger than theirs. Viper by Technocut is an Italian knife manufacturer and this blade is hand made in Italy. This knife retails for about $200. And would be great for Youtube style bushcrafting. Ok maybe not. It’s not a Medofrd knife but it could be!

Info on this blade can be found on Vipers website.

It can be bought at knife center.



Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

I have no need for it, but this one is pretty cool.

stephan123321 says:

Beast from Italy……cool blade!


bRad 1967 says:

I don’t need it but I want it!

jason scott says:

great, now I want a 9000 lumen flashlight!

ComUnSas says:

Looking at that blade profile, rhino wasn’t the first name that came to mind

Tylor G says:

beautiful knife

John Tedichwon says:

I like the lockback on this knife too, wish the k2 was also a lockback as well, but they probably would have made it a tatanka lockback and 9oz heavy too.

Bring back the mhalen vintage looking boots man, dammit, it’s autumn *does home improvement man growl*

Also, I had no idea you had an instagram or a flickr, gotta slap it in the vid description more often. Also you probably knew this but the reddit people in the r/knifeclub like ya.

jason says:

cold steel espada xl

lowwkey91 says:

Big delicious dessert of a knife. Well done Knife Bro!

argokhan7777777 says:

This is the best one yet.

Dubglock23 says:

is that blade horny or just happy to see you?!?!?!?

Michael Seneschal says:

My new favorite knife channel, for this moment in time. My favorite part you ask? That’s easy, all the pineapples and snakes (on a plane). So there’s that. Virtual high fives (on a virtual plane).

maram Ovidiu says:

that was skary wen you hit the beer bottle while takeing the knife out of the log….

Steed Andersen says:

It is too much in all the right places. Love it and the beer looked good too. 😉

Spike Bachman says:

My favorite part was when you set your beer on the stump. But then you noticed that the beer label wasn’t quite facing the camera. So you rightly turned your beer so that the label was better positioned.

Iwalktheline says:

south park joke

rustyvavles says:

I own a viper Start, though smaller, it shares the same design. The scales are removable from the liners to access the pivot. I believe the Rhino’s cf is solid but they fabricate them in a mold to avoid distortional forces according to Viper’s discription. That explains the cf pattern continuing uninterupted on the chamfers but who really knows.

heardistance says:

Exactly my thoughts. I do not really need it, but I just want it.

Elias Cervantez says:

I always knew you was “bout that Life” FYI I beat on wood daily… Take that how you want.

bogoljub djordjevic says:

that spine remind me on gekko

OldGabe says:

a suh dude. I’m about to watch this video. Oh and hi dad

hasan ali says:

Which one is better steel? N690 or D2?

Lefty Hook says:

“WORLDSTAR!!” Dang, that thing is a tank… Size and weight is really up there but I’ve seen some other Viper models that seem more edc friendly and practical. What made you decide to review this brand/knife? I think this is your first Viper review..?

Johnny Fayard says:

Heavy as an F-word…I love it. Your videos are so refreshing with the humor you bring. Your balance of levity and useful content is spot on. I feel like I’ve gotten an honest opinion on the knife along with intelligent sarcasm poking fun at the “tactical” knife wielding community. I love it, so glad I found your channel.

mudhole9 says:

Shit man, fuck…………quit making me read the specs, reading sucks, just tell me…….however as much as I hate reading, you are doing some great vids! Keep it up

J.L Hoffy says:

Damn that’s a hefty knife. If you like D2 steel, G10 scales, full skeletonized liners, and an axis lock check out the HK14715 for under $100

God of Thunder says:

the CRKT/Ruger Bill Harsey is 11.18 inches long.–CRKT-Ruger-Knives-Go-N-Heavy-Knife–34640

i dont like carbon fiber knife handles. (I’m a curmudgeon, I make knives and I only like Micarta…And jigged bone for holidays & Special occasions). I dont like carbon fiber because when it gets wet its as slippery as fresh pumpkin seed on a wet granite countertop. I honestly don’t understand why people think its a premium handle material. (That was not a passive aggressive poke at you). Maybe its my curmudgeonly nature but these exotic handle & blade designs dont do it for me any more. I’m torn because it looks pretty beefy and I like beefy, beefy is good, ( Maybe not so much in wimmens). I come from the school of thought that says: “Nothing built too strong ever broke” I like it but I don’t like it. Carl Jung is mocking me from the grave.

TovarishGaming says:

Never seen you before. Instant sub. Great video. Can’t wait for more!

marshalllaw123 says:

You had me at worldstar…

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I think Medford should make a knife called the dung beetle. Looking forward to that K2. 10v is crazy shit.

Jeferson Campos says:

Beautiful!!! Not you, stupid… The knife!!

Player Review says:

Great video, as always.

Justin Roy says:

WORLDSTAR! I love it. Just found your channel and watched every knife review today. Keep em comin!

gerekappo says:

I love the way you comment, ifs just hilarious, keep it up, thx.


“Neck beard territory.” =D Informative and entertaining as always, keep up the good work!

OldGabe says:


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