The WE Knives 617 G10 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we review an EDC pocketknife knife which is an incredible value, with an incredible action, and despite incredibly stupid screws, manages to achieve the status of “Gem”: The WE 617.


Joshua Burkhead says:

Another awesome video as always!!!

Josef W says:

I don’t know why, but i can never get behind we knives. Just none of their designs are appealing to me which is weird because I can usually find at least one model I can appreciate from a company.

DigitalQuasar says:

It’s actually 100$ on BladeHq plus free shipping

Ricardo Moraes-Pinto says:

What is with those makers who stick to an “original” screwhead + tool? This is such a stupid thing to do… Those WE screws are a deal breaker to me!

bzr160 says:

No chance of this knife being that cheap here in the uk,the zt0450 ti is going for nearly $300!

JS Krawz says:

Got to agree… I’m really worried that there wasn’t a Delica comparison…

sngx1304 says:

I would buy this in a skinny minute if it was 75% this size! Way too big to carry

CARBiNOX says:

America or gtfo

stuart myers says:

nice review was very intrested in We products when i first came across them . two things for me stopped me. one no real customer support two right hand only how hard would it been to on a linner lock knife make the clip work for a lefty even emailed them asking why so will now and forever give them a pass (agree abt the star screw i have my own drivers thank you dont need to keep track of theirs.)

Chris Pariseau says:

Plastic wrap windows on a sports car… Classic Nick!

slidetek says:

This knife would benefit from a serrated blade and you’re right, a name. Like *Wolf Slasher* in a flame style font on the blade, with an illustration of a wolf. With a knife. Slashing. Are you listening WE? We’ll start buying your knives if you do that, and _keep the star hardware._

I was _not_ paid by KAI industries for this suggestion by any stretch of the imagination.

Dirty Gingy says:

Nick, what would your take be if WE or another company made a replacement screw set for these knives?

Ryan Moore says:

What, no delica size comparison

Rodrigo Teresa says:

I think if I got this I’d grind off the harpoon

Arnas Puidokas says:

Where’s the Recon 1 review

not a bot says:

13:16 best pun in the vid

BirdShot IV says:

On the proprietary tool “I can’t apply a whole lot of downward force because it’s…stupid.” hahahaha 😀

Brad Leffert says:

No delica comparison on Friday the 13. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!

jim yocum says:

We Knives is killing it..I love alot of their designs..

mindsmirror says:

I was stunned at the hideousness that is the Benchmade Precinct. The first time I saw it, I was truly shocked that anyone thought it would sell. It is one of the dumbest looking designs I’ve ever seen, truly. It is like a fucking clown shoe. It almost feels like they were trying to make a $120 version of the Master Knife, lol. The other Benchmade flipper (The name is escaping me) is also quite frustrating. It could have been good, but someone decided that it would be a good idea to give it a sharpening choil with a radius of approximately 30 feet, thereby removing most of the cutting edge on the knife. It’s got like a 3.5″ blade with approximately 0.1″ of usable cutting edge.

Chaz From the Burg says:

“Smooth, smooth, smooth…HEYYYY, random screw biting my hand!” LOL another classic Shabazzism! Great review!

Pizzaxbandit says:

I liked when you compared the knife to a pry par..#shotsfired

nathanael edwards says:

“Tonight” huh? Getting intimate now are we?

The4cp says:

The plastic wrap windows! The benchmade looks like a $15 flea market knife in comparison. I ordered a Piranha Predator today. Any thoughts?

Joshua Yu says:

Nick, which action do you prefer? this one or the Blitz you disassembled yesterday?

Dirty Gingy says:

Best part of the 617: if you keep yours eyes open, you can get one for about 99

Thomas Landers says:

I’m kind of at a standstill with my knife buying.. We, Kizer , Reate, Real Steel etc are making knives at better prices, quality and materials then US cos…
I agree that the WE star screws suck and I want no part of them.. I’ve been looking at Kizers.. I have 2 newer Benchmades that have to go back.. Hasn’t been much talk about it but there’s defects on some of the 940 G10 models.. The G10 pattern is missing and blotchy.. I’ve seen it on 4 knives now in store (2-940-2, 2-940-1702 REI).. Anyway, as you said the US cos really have to up their game.. I wonder if Benchmade even knows these other co’s. exist…
Sorry to get a little of track but I’m old and babble.. That WE is one great knife overall.. Good review..

Mike says:

Not sure when you filmed this Nick, but this knife is still available and does not sell for $120. I purchased this model for $100 with free shipping when it first came out. And it came with a free hat. And it still sells all day for $100 at almost all the major retailers.

EDC with Aaron says:

Damn for once I beat you to reviewing something! And you echoed just about every single thing I said too! I’m glad we agree that this thing is an insanely nice knife for the price! They really should offer torx screw upgrades for people to buy for the knives that they have released in the past with the proprietary stuff. Awesome video as always!

KnifeFool says:

Out of stock at Knifecenter but in stock at BladeHQ for $100 (free shipping)…..hurry….(just bought one!). Now regarding the little tool….you can build it a longer wooden handle to achive more torque and confort to avoid stripping…Works for me.

MrGeerbear says:

Nick- I know you do many reviews that sit for awhile. This knife is only $100 now. With 3D milled G-10, full liners, ceramic bearings, titanium hardware and D2 this is a great value. While the screws could be improved, you can’t deny the aesthetics of the stars and anodization. Very classy. WE does have a warranty rep. in the US. His name on YT is Zelrick42, so that issue is settled. Zel makes his own knives so he can be the Maytag guy for WE (little work to do). Henk, KnifeCollector 031 is the rep. in Europe. WE is now naming their knives. WE is using torx on some models now, but they like the stars and will continue to use them too (hopefully with some improvement). Why hasn’t ZT named their knives yet? WE has slowed down their introduction of new models in 2017. Why aren’t US companies this agile. WE still makes their first model the 601, so you don’t have to rush to buy their knives. They oem for Boos, Begg and others. I’m glad you are calling out US companies and I would include Spyderco. I really want the US companies to prevail, but they better get off their collective behinds. Nice job recognizing how good WE is.

srg914 says:

Got this one with sand colored scales, $100. Such a beautiful knife. Haven’t disassembled it yet so can’t speak to the screws. Btw the clip and screws and backspacer are titanium.

Zak Wilson says:

The WE 703 is a very similar model with a straight portion of blade and no harpoon for those who want a different blade style.

paul greenwood says:

What are your opinions on the screws fitted to this example Nick?

mountainhobo says:

I looove the gentle all-belly cutting edge. Then you notice the harpoon. 😐

Chad Gearing says:

I picked up this knife in this color when they first came out. I was really impressed with the action and the build quality. The only reason I don’t still have it, my girlfriend was so in love with the harpoon blade that I had to make it a gift. At least it’s still in the family…

usrvprogram says:

Why does he always call knives “little guy?”

LetsGoChamp says:

that tip is fugly

edrooney1967 says:

“A shot across the bow” – very well put and fitting for a lot of areas of international production, not only the USA.

Jonathan Metts says:

Damn Nick, all mirror blades on all the comparison knives. Did you do them all? And if so, how? I just purchased a KME system and am figuring out how to use it still

Angus Van Halen says:

Uh…cum shot?? Lol

Paul Hughes says:

If your paying $120 you are being over charged, it’s $100 on Blade HQ.

Joshua Burkhead says:

The thickness behind the edge is my biggest complaint about we knives aside from the hardware of course.

not a bot says:

0:41 face reveal?

Trail Spartan says:

The best way around those “stupid screws” is to have 2 of the tools. One to turn and the other to hold the other side. The tool is also poorly designed and hard to use because it is so damn small and the ring gets in the way when you turn it. Good call on the stupid screws Nick. I do also love the competitive pricing, but I’d still rather buy another ZT 0452cf than any two of these lower end We knives.

Nathan Brady says:

Hey Nick,

Once again you have railed against stupid screws. … fair enough. However I have an idea for you.

Have you ever considered getting the dimensions of the screws of a particular knofe, say the one featured. buying the knife as you say you want to, and getting replacement screws frome elsewhere?

Surely there cannot be that much variation in size, thickness, depth and thread height and angle that it is outside of the realm of possibility to get replacement screws.

heck you have ordered custom parts and knivesbefore and seem to have an in with some knife makers, would it be possible to get them to make you some screws? perhaps they could make a whole load and sell them to other people too. …. fair enough as i write this i agree that asking prche to make you a wing mirror for a volkswagon, specificly so you don’t have to get a pporche is somewhat crazy and cheeky as all hell. … but presumeably the cheap screws as used by WE Knives are fairly standerdized amoungst thereown product range, is it outside of the realm of possibility to find a suitible replacement? I think not.

Should the onus be on you to replace the crappy screws with aftermarket screws? Certainly not. … Is the challenge and effort in finding a suitable replacement worth the effort? Depending on how standard the screws are accross the WE Kives range? maybe so.

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