The WE Knives Practic Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a value-focused knife from WE, the Practic.


Dan - Andrei Vladut says:

Nick, between this and the Ferum forge Crux, what’s a better tool for the money in your opinion?

Bruce Smith says:

Thanks for all your reviews. How do I sign up to be notified of your Nick Live show?

mus0u says:

any plans to get your hands on a massdrop perpetua? id like to hear your thoughts on it

Matt Baker says:

Nick yah should of compared it to civivi backlash.. I think you made this video AWHILE ago…cuz you didn’t mention Civivi once… the backlash looks just like this and is 42.50. Depending on when you read this maybe next year like you make your videos a year ago lol

The4cp says:

It really looks like a good one.

Moshe Rogoff says:

re M390 economics. There is also a M390 Kershaw Knockout available from USA Made Blade for under $100; they have it as an exclusive.

David Kay says:

A pleasurable knife is not weird. Some of us really enjoy our knives.

Nate Henneman says:

I saw that PRACTICal joke coming from a mile away Nick!

We’ve been shabazzed once again.

Jesse Rodrigues says:

Thought this was the Praxxis <.<

Brian F says:

I would love to see WE do something with washers

Casey Burgwald says:

Like always, Nick, you’re the man. Please review the WE Knife 803 Rectifier!

sam cannon says:

you can get the Kershaw Knockout in M390 fo about $100

Nick Maccioli says:

Anyone else think it looks like they made the Practic their version of the Ferrum Forge Gent?

Jacob Greiner says:

You can also get M390 in the Lionsteel Roundhead for like $130 or less depending on the scales

Kris Swift says:

You’re welcome to send it to me.
Thanks in advance.

Bear Gribble says:

Did spyderco send you the smock yet?

Ash S says:

i had one of these, it’s a sturdy, robust gentleman’s folder and the subtle blue liners looked amazing.
the jimping on the flipper tab mean’t it never misfired. i took off the back spacer for a cleaner look.

The4cp says:

What is some of the crazy steel out there. There’s is so many right now.

Hayden Nininger says:

Looking at either getting this or a neutron. What do you recommend?

Magnum Mountaineer says:

I have the OD green Practic… I love the green on the blue liners. Excellent size for a carry knife. I also have the USAMadeBlade exclusive Kershaw Knockout in M390 for $100+ free shipping. I do believe they’re still in stock if anyone interested in a nice M390 blade… It IS assisted though.

TruckGuyHD92 says:

Kershaw knockout m390. $99 is madeblade

BornIn1500 says:

Very bland and boring. Someone came into work hungover, “designed” this in 2 minutes, then went back home.

Oscar Medina says:

I have this very same model. At $140, it´s not a bad deal to be able to EDC M390. The ¨patina¨wipes off easily; the flipper tab doesn´t get in the way; the scales are just right in that they won´t eat up your pants; the anodization on the clip perfectly matches the blue denim on my jeans. I wouldn’t use this knife in situations where it could get grime in the pivot since I have other knives for that kind of work, so maintenance is not an issue. Overall, it´s a great knife.

donotstealmythunder says:

Nick, have you ever considered doing the bag the ugly the good the great? It can change the overall impression to the viewer.

JohnFrumFromAmerica says:

I am wondering if they screwed up the heat treatment to cause it to loose some corrosion resistance.

Mt. Baldwin says:

I agree with you about the washers vs bearings. But imagine for a moment the collective outcry from knife geeks in general if WE put it on washers. A tip for anyone that wants a matching deep carry clip, the blue anodized clip on the ruike p801 fits on the practic and matches the liners well enough.

knightofavalon86 says:

Reminds me of the Mass drop/Ferum Forge Gent, if slightly larger


NICK ! is M390 your fav steel ?

Matt Baker says:

Really been eyeing the Civivi Kiver Vanguard series and WE. Some great knives coming from overseas that I think look and work great

Marc Lipska says:

The Rat of m390

bogoljub djordjevic says:

man WE make so sexy knifes

Wayne Welshans says:

I can’t believe you didn’t mention the liner ano not matching the hardware ano! Unless it does match and its just the camera?

Matt Finish says:

I am glad Chinese knives are getting better. I have the Steel Will cutjack and a Ganzo G729 which are great but I want the rest of my collection to be knives made in the USA. I do have some amazing ones made in Taiwan as well.

Jack Nemo says:

Meant to ask, where did you get the hat for knife banter?

shoegazer69 says:

Random jackass on the street, hell yes!

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Thank you for this review. I’ve been very interested in this piece.

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