The WE Knives Wasabi Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very interesting big old knife, the WE Knives Wasabi.


SHADOW says:

BRR makes some pretty amazing blades and WE producing one of his designs well that just mash potatoes and gravy baby! really want this one.

Carl Stanland says:


Jim Parton says:

I have this knife and love it even if it’s not perfect but I do wish We would make a 3″ mini.

Joe G says:

I seen this already Nick, I like WEv
Knives but somewhat out of my price range, they have a few in the around 100 $ mark.
Happy day to you

Matt Baker says:

WE is great!!! Love the blade on this

Mat Rose says:

I’ve never had a single issue when closing this knife. The flipper tab was a little uncomfortable the first day I had it, but with a little fidgeting I don’t feel it at all and is completely comfortable. The heel on the sharpening choil is the only mistake I’ve been able to find on mine. Usually love your reviews but I don’t agree with a lot of your ugly/bad. I also think it was a disservice to not mention how well it carries for a knife of its size. Its blade-to-handle ratio is great, it’s lighter than it really has any right to be, it carries decently deep for a milled clip, and the profile when closed is slim and compact. I personally think it carries better than a lot of knives of a smaller size.

Tucker Salley says:

Hey Nick and comments section, for an edc knife what should I get? Delica 4 or Benchmade Mini Griptilian? Have a good day and Thanks!!

David Sandt says:

I’m glad you explained what a pocket-pecker was…..I was starting to get worried

Kane Cassidy says:

No way! Nick is doing a review of a knife with a blade longer than 3.5 inches?

Kevin cleary says:

Yeah this is my kind of knife for sure, price maybe a little on the high side but I have to agree the design is cool

Somebody 75 says:

We knife is becoming one of the very best knife companies.
*Change my mind*

Rene Chavez says:

I love the makers mark. I wish it was 3.5” which is plenty big. I carry at 3.875 shirogorov but I wish that too was 3.5”. I’ll still get it but we- please make us a mini wasabi!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Adam Smythe says:

I do like a straight warnie but usually in little neck knives. Cool lil flipper. Still hate their logo medallion

Brandon F says:

For christmas you should do a half hour special on how you sharpen a couple different style blades….love your videos brother and hope all is well.

Mitchell Delmar says:

“…the downhill slope to Dangertown.” That’s what I came for.

Ricey超極 says:

Simplistic, monotonous yet a beautiful thing. Yeah, this is a knife I’d get.

Matt Baker says:

Imagine muppet hands thinks this is too big… lol

Adam Timmins says:

It seems like the only way to remedy the complaint about closing it would be to make the flipper tab bigger. Then you would lose the low profile tab you were praising.

Stutterin` Bob says:

I’m missing something here. Except for the new civivi series, when has WE knives ever been a value? I’ve always been turned off by their high prices and considering it’s a Chinese manufactured product that usually comes in higher than American made knives like ZT, I don’t see any value here at all. ZT can make a titanium slab, m390 blade on bearings for 240 bucks and it wouldn’t have most of the “Ugly” aspects that you pointed out. Nothing against the Chinese makers, I love my Kizer knives but WE have always been overpriced. I’ve heard that WE have adopted western practices and pay their employees high wages but with billions of people willing to work for next to nothing I don’t believe that for a second. Unless the scales have genuine crushed diamond inlays, there is no way this knife should be priced at 300 American dollars.

Damian KokEnnen says:

We is pushing their prices to far too fast..they are gambling and it may blow up for them…IMHO

Oscar Medina says:

Another solid review, Nick. Good eye on that “choil” recurve.

slidetek says:

This one comes _really_ close to the BRR original, I’ve been wanting to pick up one of Rafal’s knives for a while. Sadly, I suppose WE had to avoid milling and the diamond shaped pivot to keep from being _too_ identical to the real deal. It’s almost Kizer plain, but luckily the elegant lines and sweet blade save it. But yeah, big.

Aaron Stone says:


Andrew K says:

I could not agree more with the option on the blade length. Too long to take advantage of the blade shape.

Pinki2019 says:

$300 for a knife that’s dangerous to the user in two ways? No thanks. Don’t like going to urgent care with knife wounds. lol Nice looking knife though.

Stray9 says:

I’m loving this minimalist look.

Michael K says:

Worth mentioning that Brr (Rafał Brzeski) is an independent polish custom knives maker and they are friends with Marcin Słysz.

dtownknives says:

If this was smaller, in the 2.5 to 3in range, I’d be all over it.

XnMojo says:

love the designers mark, and that the blade doesnt have text all over. even the WE logo can be seen as not a logo, just an interesting design. really nice and minimal. i want it.

preelenede says:

WE started as a company with quality/ affordable pieces. Love the item but would not gv them $300….

Wicked Ridge says:

Have to say that Kizer/Tangram and WE/CIVIVI have quickly become my go to favorite knife brands. I like some of the offerings from Steel Will as well.

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