The WE Knives/Elijah Isham Pleroma Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a very strange, very unique, and pretty compelling knife, the WE Knives/Elijah Isham Pleroma.


Kyle Phillips says:

This is a beauty. I missed the first run, but Ill be on the next. Thanks for getting this out when you did, Nick

Nerd says:

Nice, but for 300, I’ll wait for the cold steel ad-15 first.

pendulousphallus says:

Looks like something Vin Diesel would use in a Riddick movie.

Colonel Theodore Quakins says:


Matt Baker says:

Imagine more slave labor comments!?! Sooooo tired of it. Love the neo political flag waving when it come to buying a knife. What are you watching this on?? Bet it was made outside the US .Yah don’t like then don’t buy that gets your point across more than racist comments..

Johny Ricco says:

I’d like to see WE make more knives with thumb studs. The flipper only thing with most of their line up is just not practical for a working knife. Their craftsmanship is second to none, but some of their designs I passed just for not having a thumb stud.

Nathan Mitchell says:

Reminds me vaugely of a Tron cycle.

Jacob Lanning says:

My crazy american consumerist inner self usually wakes up when I see unqiue or gimmicky designs but something about Elijah’s knives just doesn’t click.

Mike J says:

Really like this design, but have strong personal prejudices against liner locks (particularly in >$100 knives) and made in China knives (again, particularly in >$100 knives). What to do…

Joe Cefalu says:

You should’ve done this review with Klingonese subtitles

Luis Gonzalez says:

Good review. Any chance on getting your hands on the WE knives Gentry?

Wilfred Bao says:

this blade looks like a bird with a big head lol

Mythguard says:

would this be a good EDC for someone who tends to Pleroam around?

90foxfreak says:

Kizer and WE must use little girls to show their knives on IG. The Minithirum, and the Plemora both look like good size knives in their posts… Most their knives do, compared to the hands that are showing them..

SPECTRE 21 says:

Great looking knife although the thumb studs could use some color like blue anodizing.

Pacific Standard Time says:

I had a bad outbreak of pleroma but my dermatologist prescribed a cream that cleared it right up.

OspreyBravo18 says:

If this knife had a bit more belly it would be even more compelling.

mph seti says:

There aren’t many artists who are also engineers, and engineers who are also artists. I definitely consider Elijah Isham to be one of them, much like my favorite sculptors and architects.
I really wish he’d do some collaborations that hit the sweet $50-$100 range, though…Especially now that he’s established and insanely popular in the knife world.

Mitchell Delmar says:

“He who giraffe’s last, giraffe’s best.”

ranman1959 says:

Cool. If they made it in lefty I’d buy one.

James Silly says:

This is a fractal of weird

Andrew Sheehan says:

It be cool if Civivi and Eliijah made a budget one. i would like to check it out but not at $300. I’ve been impressed with the Civivi Naja for two weeks now. Very impressive quality for $40. These are the China home brewed companies i have no problem supporting.

Matt Baker says:

WE is great! US makers better be on notice.. Their Drakon looks great and I just saw their Civivi Wyvern wow!!

John Montgomery says:

Stylistically reminds me a bit of the Canadian belt knife if it were designed by aliens.

scottc95 says:

dat action though!…sexy knife !

onemorenoshit says:

That is awkward looking….

Micah Knepper says:

Not a bad price for a Xenomorph fetus.

Paul Tibbals says:

If you go to a kitchen supply shop you will see lots of knives shaped just like this. They just aren’t folders.

Krzysztof Szczebak says:

Ok Nick, as a Kizer Theta user, I want to ask you if this knife also wants to cut your finger during closing? If you keep your finger on that liner lock and you push your blade past detent ball, will it free fall on your finger with a blade? I see how you close that knife 🙂

Will EDC says:

I would have bought this when it was announced but during the wait hmmm lost interest like the eschaton. But I ended up getting one anyway because I thought it was such an unique design.
I may pick one up later who knows.
I would actually prefer WE to use s35 and have this under 200usd as I will never hard use something like this.

paul greenwood says:

It’s horrible. A lint-gathering fidget toy that also cuts.

Jack Nemo says:

M390 is 3rd gen CPM which I think is more super than a pocket knife requires tbh. It is akin to having a pocket knife made of actual main battle tank armor. Is there a reason for this beyond a bullet point to plump up the paragraph of features to justify the fact that it is priced 10 to 100 times the material cost (Chinese made so since that means slave and convict labor those costs are negligible).

carolinaboy0101 says:

I swear every time I’m looking into a knife Nick uploads a video on it. Thankfully to as Nick is the only reviewer I have complete trust in.

Tactical Center says:

I wouldnt buy an Isham design if my life depended on it. wish he stuck with Brous. yes, its nice to have something made unique, but not his design language.

Bobby Bridges says:

Just started watching, hope it’s a GEM I love Elshas dessigns.

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