The Wow Factor! CRKT Crossbones Pocket Knife

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Elegance in your EDC knife is what this blade offers. It is so stylish and performs to boot. Jeff did a great job creating this blade.

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Alfatazer _ says:

I like AUS-8, It can take a great edge, is not a chore to sharpen and is quite stain resistant. I like sharpening my knives and with AUS-8 It’s not hard to get a mirror polish on my Japanese water stones. Tried doing it with S30V and it took hours just to get it to a high polish. Had to actually flatten some of my stones midway through sharpening because the knife was hollowing them out!

ChiefPrepper says:

it’s actually about $68. too much for what it is. ball bearings instead of washers is nice. still not enough for me to spend that kind of money. cool looking knife tho. good vid. take care and be aware

Joseph A says:

I just wish they would take their popular models and use some upgraded steel. I don’t need anything crazy. Just like D2. But once you have a knife that is D2 or higher, I just don’t see how you can go back to AUS 8.

From Point A To Point Z says:

Great review. Thanks for sharing.

Jmuk35 says:

What is your email address Aaron? I wanted to shoot you a quick email about something.

GraviTyKillz says:

as nice as it is, still won’t purchase a knife made in china

Chris Pauly says:

Cool knife, I want one, but too expensive. My S30V CF Skyline serves the same purpose at a better value.

dseed norway says:

sexy little blade

BigDaddy Herrick says:

everyone bitching about the steel of their knife I guarantee doesn’t even use theirs enough for it to even matter. now let everyone tell me how “hard” they use their knives…. yeah Bro, all those publishers clearing house sweepstakes letters need opened…. smh. idiots.

Leslie Kovacs says:

Something to think about in 2017. Frankie Smallhands over at Birdshot IV Channel LOVES this knife, but SHE has a Problem with the term “Gentlemen’s Knife.” I recommended the name “Gentle Person’s Knife”, and in the Age of the YouTube Adpocolypse, the LAST thing we need are more Excuses for the Politically Correct YouTube Thought Police to shut down Channels because they are “Sexist.” And NO, she is not a “Raging Feminist,” but there are a lot of Ladies who do watch the “Survival” Channels. So don’t be surprised if “Big Brother” gets a Wild Hair and comes out looking for more “Haters” to Ban. As for the knife, I think it’s time to think outside the Box. It looks Perfect for Pocket Carry. IN A SHIRT POCKET next to a Pen, Notebook, a Streamlight Micro and a Cellphone. Which I Carry Every Day and Use Every Day. Looks a little Goofy, but it does allow me to have Readily Accessible Tools of my Trade w/o having to Stand Up and Fish in my Pockets. Just Food for Thought.

Harley says:

Personally, I prefer knives with a better thumb ramp.

Rafael Santos says:

CRKT probably has more well known designers than any other manufacturer out there. Some of my favorites are the Heiho, the Hunt N’ Fisch (best bird knife I’ve owned), and the Tighe Tac, which has a very similar pocket clip to the Crossbones.

Jay Chapman says:

I love the crossbones. I carry mine 5 or more days a week. I move arround alot at work delivering packages and the wife is never in the way in my pants or shorts. I am lost if I don’t have my knife in my pocket. I mostly cut packing tape or boxes. I love this knife cutting fish it has a great shape and fits the hand perfect for fish. It is like butter through fish straight from the box. I have sharpened mine once and it could use a nice touch up now. Its my favorite knife I own due to the fact it’s an EDC and in my pocket at all times. I can tell the blade material and sharpness is not as good as my hunting style fixed blade Benchmade but I don’t get the joy out of my Benchmade because I can not EDC that knife.

David Mayle says:

Looking at this over the Boker Plus Urban Trapper. Can’t decide. Any suggestions?

Marc H says:

Forget it guys today aus8 just doesnt cut it anymore cmpetiters are offering better steel at lower prices i dont buy anything below D2 steel its minimum now even the chinese offer it on 20 dollar knives!

Jay Chapman says:

I carry mine everyday. At work and it is supprised me I carried it at church in my nice slacks. I bought the knife due to the fact it was a folder and that I would carry it every day. I wanted the ka-bar little fin but hated the small handle size. I use mine for all kinds of stuff. It cuts fish nicely and just the right size too. I have 2 other folders and 2 fixed blades and I only want to use the crkt park knife. My fixed blade is a sog seal pup and a buck bait knife very nice but I feel no where near what this crkt is.

Gillan Laureth of Seles says:

Looking at this as an EDC and a fish knife. I think I’m going to get one 😀

Carravagio16 says:

how can you like this and not like ZT? rather have a Kershaw Leek IMO. enjoy the channel but not this knife

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

The M16 line and other have tip up and different handle materials now. They’ve been doing a great job. The whole M16 line is legendary.

Wish the Crossbones came in black.

Gary Horn says:

Nice knife for righties.

Knife Nut says:

@Gideonstactical, I have this knife and love it. It’s similar to my Kwaiken. I agree with you, crkt knocked this one out of the park. Another great crkt in my opinion I have that I believe you’d like is the Jettison compact or small. It’s a awesome little frame lock. Check it out.

shcmoly says:

CRKT designs in general do not connect with me either.

cigarsarge1 says:

I want one just on the cool factor.

Finest says:

I can’t see why the width of this knife makes it bad for wood carving, makes no sense.

Robert Burton says:

Nice knife and I like CRKT, but it’s not ambi friendly.

silvarredonda1 says:

As far as I can tell, it won’t stand the comparison with the Böker plus’ Exkelibur 2 with titanium scales. Ok it’s not the same budget, but in terms of edge resistance, slicing capabilities an elegance, my choice is made…
Thanks for the , as always, great review!

Micah Knepper says:

Great review on a gorgeous knife, just not sure about AUS-8 at that price (considering you can get a Spyderco with VG-10 for less). But all in all, great review as always, thanks for all you do!

Sidewayyys says:

Pretty sweet little design. Nice review Aaron!

Benton Harkey says:

Absolutely not worth the money… way too much for AUS 8

Jack Bitter says:

USA made?


Hey gideonstactical – thanks for taking a look at the Crossbones™! Really enjoyed the video and your honest feedback. Really enjoyed the video and your detailed overview of the knife. Thanks again!

DamionJR4923 says:

I hope they do different steal options in the future. Keep the Aus8 as the budget version and do cts xhp, cpm 154, s35vn, s30v or any other higher end steels.

Christopher Clark says:

I don’t think the price point is off (meaning too high) if you’re considering the design overall, but I think CRKT sort of shot themselves in the foot by using AUS-8 for the blade.  I might be wrong here, but someone in the market for a “gentleman’s folder” is likely more concerned with material “snobbery” than the average knife owner.  Price point becomes less of a hindrance than getting a product that checks all of their aesthetic boxes, regardless if it’s logical or not.

D Ch says:

Funny that all of a sudden you like CRKT and reviewing it after they are giving you free knives. Talk about bias and selling your soul to the devil.

ANCHOR440 says:

Beautiful knife. Multi functional. Thanks for showing it.

thomassmyth65 says:

i dont understand why crkt doesnt do lefty pocket clips on all there blades, they make a decent quality product i would get this if it had that lefty clip

Discover Outdoors says:

Great review. I, too, have not been a big fan of CRKT knives in the past. But this looks different and appears light and slim for every day carry. I like the overall design on this one.

I’ll definitely be looking to play with one in person to see if it feels as good as it looks.

Wish the locking mechanism would allow a 1 hand flip close though.


Mt. Baldwin says:

I agree with your assessment of crkt, the only product of theirs I own is the kangee tactical tomahawk. A couple of crkt blades this year look good, though I’m unsure about the asking prices, the rakassan is one, but $95 for a 5 inch sk5 blade? Hmmm…

MrSwat55 says:

I picked one up last week, I concur with your review, its a great gentleman’s folder. I’m loving it so far.

Plamya Nazad says:

Their Forged by War series seems promising, any thoughts? All welcome to weigh in

Dano DeMano says:

I’m primarily right handed but do most every thing with both hands, so a left hand clip would’ve been great because I always EDC both front pockets and practice deployment of all my folders with both hands. I may have to get one of these because I like the look of this blade as well as the CRKT Obake (which I own) and the Japanese look is awesome.

old geccko says:

Thanks for speaking out for us Lefties, I loved that Knife, until I saw it’s right side only.

mrking90789 says:

Blade steel sucks. Great design but not worth the money.

Scott G says:

They must be getting a low price on the AUS8. It worked well when Cold Steel used AUS8A, but I have moved on since them, as has Cold Steel. After seeing how Ganzo 440C outperforms the Ontario RAT 1 AUS8 version, the writing is largely on the wall for AUS8 among informed buyers.

DragonSlayer2014 says:

Looks like a Walmart steak knife to me. My kitchen has a buttload of blades that look just like that. I don’t understand why it looks so special to you? 🙂

Jeffrey Gonzalez says:

Great review and great looking knife, but I’m a lefty…

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