The Zieba Knives S1 Mini Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very nice, very small knife option from Zieba Knives, the S1 Mini.


Clinton Lewis says:

Cool looking

Andy Richardson says:

Bruce… LOL. Great looking handle and overall nice looking knife. Clip looks fantastic. Why would I want a small knife that’s not slicey (looking at you, Pilar)? Hard to imagine that this would not be used primarily for slicing. Good review – I hadn’t see this knife before.

pzcanada says:

The knife has a staph infection! (lanyard hole)

Ya, maybe don’t google that.

Slick Slicers says:

I love the super complex grind!

Bad Rattle says:

“Brooklyn made”

Nick Myrant says:

Lol….”last thing on the GOOD side….this clip is GREAT”

Carl Stanland says:

My doctor said I have lanyard pox.
Is it contagious?
I DoN’t tHiNk sO!

Jack Tansin says:

Similarly silly cities

Brian F says:

So Bruce , this knife cost $350 and has a shitty warranty ?

Isaac Ott says:

This would look great in damasteel.

Hansthehorrible says:

I need a lanyard hole like I need a second butthole

Maui Harward says:

Relieved to see a option worthy of consideration… Those CRKT Pieces are junk!

Bob B. says:

Thanks for the review and calling my attention to this company…love the scales (reminds me of my CKF Morrf 5), clip and backspacer..but that is not a bladeshape or thickness that I would buy in a knife that small, but that is just personal choice…where I REALLY have a problem with this is the price (I own just a few knives this expensive). $375? Are you kidding me? Look I understand and agree with you that manufacturing a quality small knife takes just as much time and effort as a larger knife. No problem…BUT.. Nick, that knife is off-center, choil misses, has a non-slicey blade, no detent ramp, and a bad warranty. These are all things that other manufacturers in a $375 price range get so a matter of fact there are a lot of manufacturers selling knives waaaaaaay below $375 that get all of that stuff right. So this knife either needs to have all of those things attended to, to garner that price point..or it needs to be sold at a MUCH lower price. They went for a hit…and they got a double or maybe a triple at best, but not a homer in. Strangely…I kind of like the lanyard hole..and I am not even a lanyard guy. LOL!

FA-Tre says:

I don’t know, I just have a hard time getting excited about any titanium frame lock flippers at this point. Regardless of how well executed, knives like this strike me as the answer to an un-asked question.

Glofindel Glofindel says:

I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks

Benson Downey says:

That is a ummmm artsy clip

Michael McCormick says:

Nice design, too small for Capt. Banana hands over here.

Taylor Fiolek says:

The busker is another of those “some day I will get one” knives for me. The price only being a small part of the reason, the big part being I will never decide how I want it done…

Gary Westby says:

Always entertaining and fun Nick! Thanks for everything you do!

DoctorDelta says:

No left pocket clip?

Randall Kelley says:

Small in every dimension, Lord Nick, you sound like my X!

D4md Cykey says:

While the knife is not something I would personally carry, it has an interesting look overall; and KUDOS to Andrew for the knives you donate for charity, that is a stellar Gem of a man.

Nathan Crain says:

RIP Busker

Lance Leon says:

Was the S2 review deleted? I remember watching it some time back, but couldn’t find it again now.

legalmercenary says:

$350 for a knife with the same EXACT handles as $40 TwoSun…. no no no no No NO no No NO

Sonia Balassi says:

Hi nick

Somebody 75 says:

Ohh the Busker…. the feels

Valkyrie Survives says:

Busker just dated this video

DrBlazer50 says:

Thank you Nick. I live in Florida, so I don’t need it to be under 2.5″ and I have slightly larger than average hands, but I just love 2.5″ knives. I was thinking about buying one of these and didn’t like the looks of the pocket clip (I drool when I see the devil’s tail on other Zieba knives. That’s probably my favorite clip on any knife), but figured it has a specific purpose. Thanks for the review and I agree with you about the warranty. It all changed very recently and I’m assuming it’s because of clones. I’m guessing that he started receiving many clones for repair and that started to piss him off. It certainly would piss me off if I was in his shoes, and I’m extremely easy going, so it takes a lot to piss me off. People I’ve heard from about customer service and actually talking to Zieba say nothing but good things. Anyway, I’ll eventually buy one of these. I bought an MS3 from KnifeCenter or BHQ (I don’t remember which one sells it and I bought it from and I don’t feel like checking on the internet which probably would’ve taken less time than writing this) less than a month ago. I love that knife, but I was very upset because the day after I received it they started selling a limited edition with heat treated burns on the handles which I would’ve loved to but instead. Oh well, that’s life. Anyway, I absolutely love my MS3!

Thanks for your reviews, especially because we pretty much have exactly the same tastes in blades, so everything you like I also like.

Oscar Medina says:

There’s a lot of pretitude in the fall-shutitude. But they’re so small they are similarly silly, especially given the pricytude.

Isaac Ott says:

Might as well have put a gut hook on it…

danrelS says:

I’m not feeling that paperclip stop-pin

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