Top 10 Best EDC (Everyday Carry) Medium-Sized Pocket Knives | Budget Bugout 2017

When a large tactical folding knife is too big and a keychain swiss army knife isn’t getting the job done… links posted below:

Dragonfly 2 Pocket Knife ►

Victorinox Cadet Swiss Army Knife ►

Benchmade – 940-1, Carbon Fiber Handle ►
Benchmade – 940-2, G-10 Handle ►
Benchmade Knife 940 ►

Spyderco Delica 4 EDC Pocket Knife ►

Falcon Ultralight, Talon Blade ►

CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife ►

Benchmade – Mini Griptilian ►
Benchmade – Mini Griptilian G-10 ►

Kershaw Leek Everyday Carry Knife ►

Ontario Rat 2 Everyday Carry Pocket Knife ►

Boker Subcom F EDC Folding Knife ►

—My Favorite Quality BUDGET EDC, Tactical & Outdoor Gear:
Budget EDC Folding Pocket Knife ►
Budget EDC Pocket Flashlight ►
Budget Fixed Blade w/Fire Starter ►
Budget Neck Knife w/Fire Starter ►

Budget Emergency Fire Tinder ►
Budget Ferrocerium Fire Starter ►
Budget Personal Water Filter ►

Budget Keychain Multi Tool ►
Budget Keychain Light ►
Budget Keychain Tool ►
Budget Survival Tin Mini Knife ►

—My Favorite Links:
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Check out awesome knives here ►
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JoeyJ says:

The Benchmade 940-1 is 260$ now exactly budget Mr “bugout” lol

Diamond Emerald says:

I’m in love with the godfather stiletto type knife. Although I can’t get it from Amazon because I lack a credit card. Not to mention I’m not an adult physically, I wish though…One day…

rzbenn says:

what is the utilitarian reason for carrying a knife?

Red Pill Vegan says:

anyone care to comment on their opinion of the capability comparing the Ontario rat 2 to that new Kershaw am Almar collaboration? EDC tasks Etc… perhaps rat 2 might be better if it had to get pressed into emergency defensive? leave a comment thanks

Nazgoroth says:

I tend to carry a as small as possible knife (usually key chain knives like the Recon 1 Micro) due to regulations here (Netherlands). Some cops are fine with you carrying, others consider you armed and dangerous if you carry a screwdriver in the open…

Sly Marbo says:

I carry Glock 78 :DD

Gary Ellliott says:

Nice variety for an interesting/popular category.  Good explanations for each.  Thx!

Paranormal Encounters says:

How is this budget? The 940-1 (while a beautiful knife) costs like 300$

Martin Hawrylkiewicz says:

Spyderco sage 1 is my all time favorite EDC. Just got the Rat 1 but it proves to be too big for edc so I use it when I am doing any kind of yard work.

They Hunger says:

With all the freak and psychopaths who isn’t carrying a knife?

The Bass Master says:

Awesome video thanks for the tips

Kevin vlogs says:

All bro

tyler brewer says:

I’m rocking the crkt minimalist tanto neck knife, awesome little blade and great grip!

Jake Shull says:

Work knife Benchmade 940 weekend knife zt 0450

Michael says:

I’m looking to get a pocket knife under 5in around $50 that doesn’t violate any North Dakota carrying laws. Thanks have a good night day or whatever!

Yukio7 Official幸雄7 says:

So would you have to give a reason other than “the law says I can” for carrying an EDC knife in the UK? (UK knife laws are confusing)

Grant Davis says:

I tend to carry a 3 to 4 inch knife I prefer overall a 3.5 inch blade length knife

Troy Dodson says:

I like big knives, if im wearing something with shitty pockets (sweats, basketball shorts, ect) I just carry a neck knife, problem solved.

Justin Yoon says:

I carry 3~4 inch blade

Ben Fellows says:

I usually carry a medium sized knife because of UK law. They’re still illegal but not as illegal as some larger knives

Adam McMurray says:

I like to carry a firefighter knife around. Decent size blade, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter

H恵美子 says:

Wow, the 940 is expensive!!

Alessandro Thug Knife for haters says:

My best edc ever is benchmade 940 cf s90v

The Tod says:

I carried a Byrd Cara Cara 2, before I got my griptilia. I keep I victorinox climber in my bag though

James Summerlin says:

I love my spyderco endura 4

Garl Gamp says:

kershaw skyline

Default Reviews says:

good set of knives you have there.   We only carry medium folders, they tend to be the best all rounders.

Drumdudeck says:

I seriously love this video. Impeccable taste man! Every knife here is either on my wtb list or I already own it. Minus a kizer gemini and para 3. Great job

Jmuk35 says:

I was gonna ask the same thing, where’s your PM2? You love that knife, and so do I.

Cameron Essary says:

Local laws allow 4″ blades here. I tend to carry 3″ or less just because it is so much easier to work with. I don’t like a sharpening choil on a smaller blade because it gets snagged a lot. But with a larger knife if I doing a lot of repetitive cutting I’m more likely to close the blade more often while I’m moving around and even the closed knife is more clumsy to carry so it ends up back in my pocket more often. I like the 4″ blades that I own but my typical EDC is just under 3″ in a right hand, tip up configuration without a sharpening choil.

Colby Love says:

I need one people get jumped on the way home and the other kids that go to my school hold guns

CJ Ferrell says:

I carry a paramilitary2 everyday!!! Thinking about getting a mini griptilian. Thoughts???

Jack Stanislow says:

Spyderco Endura 4 FFG in black. Dress knife is a Böker Scout Water Buffalo in N690, I love them both!

Ghost's Assasin 175 says:

Swiss army knife (the red ome) is weak. I bought it 5 months ago and the plastic just break

Nate Ghost says:

the benchmark knifes are really budget

moon dog says:

Wether you like your knifves EXTRA THICCCCC or slim, i respect

ItsTrea-360 YT says:

i like yhe first aid one

Gunsight416 says:

I carry a zt0562

borntoplay gaming says:

I personally carry a Kershaw forget the model but it’s a heavier knife keeps a good edge costs about $15 at walmart

Dean Albertson says:

I think the Spyderco Delica is the perfect edc size knife. I also like the Kershaw Oso Sweet.

Notorious Noodle says:

i carry a gerber with a 3 inch blade

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