Top 10 EDC Knives


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In this video we pay Going Gear in Smyrna, GA another visit to discuss our top 10 picks for everyday carry knives. The knives shown in this video represent a wide range of pricing, design and intended use for every budget and need.


Benchmade Griptilian

Benchmade 530BK & 531BK

Spyderco Parmilitary 2

Benchmade Adamas

Kershaw Shuffle

Zero Tolerance 0450 & ZDP189

CRKT Homefront

Boker Mini Kwaiken

Benchmade 940

Rike RK1507 & RK1504

MecArmy EK33


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Desert9999 says:

Nice video but way too long IMO

Tony Gotts says:

As a military man . You should check out Merc works.. Their knifes cut though car doors and doors.

redcinos says:

Ridiculously long video. The center of this video is just this two dudes, very brief look at the knifes. My Grandma will make a better video than this people .

Devon Felix says:

I blame this man in the button down for my new found knife addiction

Off Beat says:

Since I live in California I don’t have the privilege of carrying a gun so I carry a Leatherman skeletool, pocket knife and a Karambit and everything else for a EDC except for the gun

Nicholas Mapes says:

We typically show gun videos, but YouTube is trash and we cant do that anymore….

Eric McGhee says:

This would have been a better video if the guy with the 4×8’s on his shirt didn’t say anything….

Dale Carpenter says:

Benchmade not all American made !
The materials are not that expensive the so called high end steel could maybe raise the cost a few dollars ( not hundreds ) per unit isn’t near as high as the retail price .
Benchmade has the butterfly price that has nothing to do with any real production cost ! But crk take the prize for stupid high price for a basic no frills $ 50.00 -$100.00 cnc clone production knife ! Some other knives are over priced but have outstanding features but crks are a good basic knife for a just stupid price !

Jon Hutto says:

Homefront is my EDC..
Like it, love it..


Spyderco pm is like 150 not ” a couple hundred “

Marco Photo says:

Wow, Benchmade??????? only if there are no other knife companies left on the planet, far too many QC problems for me to want to mess with. So,so many other knife companies putting out some high quality knives at much less cost than the Benchmade crap.

Grumpy 37 says:

Okay I had everyday carry knife that I got from Dollar General for a couple bucks it was a Smith & Wesson Workhorse and that thing work just fine for years and if I’m going to spend a couple hundred bucks on knives I can go to Cutlery Corner and for a couple hundred bucks I could get a huge lot of like a thousand knives for a couple hundred bucks and I guess it really doesn’t matter the quality

Tim Foley says:

Size and weight constraints……. S.W.A.C.!

hairburger62 says:

I guess your not really a knife person!  lol

sucio 3 says:

Zt knives are shit

António Margalho says:

What makes you think that I enjoy watching two fatties with death killer assassin warrior nicknames instead of close-ups of the purpose of the videos. Just staple your mouth and go for a hike, then, maybe then you’d be of some interest.

tigger B says:

too rich for my blood would love some of these but NO WAY am i dropping $200 on a knife for EDC.

Kman31ca says:

My EDC, Spyderco Delica 4 ZDP189. Love it, just watch the tip, I broke a tiny chunk off the tip, and had to re profile it. When re profiling, don’t use a really aggressive diamond plate either. It will leave micro chips. Take your time with a medium diamond plate, and finish off with some good water stones, and diamond strop paste. I use 5mc bark river paste, on a really hard flat leather strop. And you can shave with it. Even once you lose the shaving sharpness, it will still stay sharp enough for any use for a while. But I like to strop it regularily. Just to keep from having to resharpen it. Even though it’s not as bad as I thought it would be to resharpen.
Great EDC. So light, great blade length and tough. Just any prying at all is a no no with this steel. M390 is my fav steel though. Well until I get my hands on some Maxemet and try it out.

Saul Goodman says:

I like the 5.11 backpack you got there. Got me a Rush 24 2 years ago, best backpack ever. Still going strong.

Martial Artist says:

These guys are fat and out of shape. I doubt they practice any of the Filipino or Martial Blade Arts.

Grumpy 37 says:

Also I can go to Walmart and get a 30 $40 buck knife and buck knives are some of the best knives out there they’ve been around forever they hold an edge very dependable knife there’s no way in hell I would spend 300 bucks on a knife

Texas Chief says:

Are you still going to do a fixed blade video?

Michael Labib says:

I made a jigsaw blade holder that fits in my key chain which is practical and less bulky than a knife check my videos

clayton davis says:

No longer a fan of Iraq veteran since he doesn’t like the para2

Michael Jordon says:

drink everytime Eric​ says folder

Jon Mulholland says:

Showed the wrong pic for the paramilitary 2, instead showed a much cheaper delica.

sharpsvilleBill says:

Oh, BTW, No Cold Steel Knives, Ha…

Tom Reed says:

holy cow these are for the filthy rich everyday carry knives you should be able to afford to lose you know two and three dollar knives I can see go on as High as 20 bucks

mg try awayne qaBowlby says:

Don’t use WD-40, it is a day oil. 3 in 1, and other wet oils are far better. A dry oil will ruin a knife over time. W

PheonixS117 says:

Gerber Fast Tanto is what I carry. It’s given me no problems.

Goofist Mcnutty says:

Got two Benchmade knives that I love. Barrage is the one I carry more often then not, but an Arvensis is real nice for going out doors for camping or hunting and such. Love these knives, if you’ve got the money, I’d say give ’em a look.

Kelly Finney says:

Why did you say Made in America when the knife was clearly marked JAPAN…
I really don’t like that!

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