Top 5 Kershaw Folding Knives of 2015

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Freddy Alvizo says:


Ricardo Romo says:

Recomend any rescue knifes with seatbelt cutter

Steve Brule says:

Im more of a spyderco guy but I am going to pick up a blackwash leek

Apple Lysol says:

Kershaw Leek

stephen smitty says:

bought a kershaw blade the other day for $60 and im super impressed, it weighes a tone for its size and tried to file it down on the opposite side of the blade so the flint could spark off it but the file does absolutely zero because the blade had such a quality heat treating, im very impressed and a great blade for its price

Mikey Rast says:

I have the Kershaw Thermite and have only had if for 4 months and the speedsafe has already broken.

tyler henry says:

I carry the link tanto or the chive

Reptilebreeder2003 says:

I carry a kershaw thickett

Nightmarefueledfantasy says:

I own the Blur and the Leek, i like these two better than all of the ones you show, but cool vid bro.

Pegi Smart says:

Oh cool

GRILLBUOY101 says:

i got my first kershaws in 1985 off a snap on too truck at a car dealership i worked at in md. they had the entire line . back then they had a few nogt nearly what the have now the black colt and horse were the first ones i had and the blade trader. i like the rubber grippy handle, most of em were 30 bucks or so. i think this is so long ago they didnt have axis locks or even liner locks just . lockbacks and straight blades

Christian Ayo says:

which one is the best in general for everyday use?

erixonline says:

I have the kershaw 3/4 ton, the skyline with damascus steel, the shuffle, and the thistle

VentrisZT98 says:

I freaking love the Kershaw blackwash finish…

Frank Andre Holmestrand says:

What about the Kershaw Skyline? Fits right into the range and it is US made! Great little knife! Have it the black stonewashed finish and couldn’t be happier. And the Scallion, small, light, US made and lots of bang for your buck. A great little EDC blade, but of course not for harder tasks.

Loner says:


shugster2 says:

The knockout is king!

Moonshield23 says:

Would I go to jail if I carried this in Michigan?

Nanoscientist 1234 says:

i love th kershaw tension do a review

James Noll says:

is the camera tilted or is your neck bent?

The Vostro Gamer says:

Would the krekshaw 1990x brawler be considered a switchblade?

zack anderson says:

i love my cryo i carry it every day

Sidney Beach says:

amplitude here.

Dominic Banowetz says:

My favorite is the cryo

MaxTool says:

“That’s not a knoife….this is a knoife”

Polyfusia says:

God I hate stonewashed blades. Why did they become a thing? “Oh man, this is a nice blade, but it would look even better if it was scratched to absolute shit ALL over.”

Troy Hartman says:

The design on these aren’t bad, but I’d personally recommend a Schrade, for a bit better quality at a better price point…

Darth Revan says:

one word………………..leek

srg914 says:

I have the kershaw blur in s30v. The only knife I’ve bought new that didn’t come shaving sharp. Took me hours on the spyderco sharpmaker to get it adequately sharp, even using the diamond rods. I’m happy with it now. The next kershaw I will be getting in the fall when it’s released is the skyline xl, 3.75 inch blade. $40 in its base model.

David says:

I have the volt 2

Rick Thompson says:

….great voice and presentation quality….

B C says:

I remember when all Kershaw SpeedSafe folders were *Made in USA*. And they came with production dates etched on the blades. The good old days.

H Bot says:

Zt0301 and zt0561

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