Unbreakable Pocket Knife Destruction Test – Buck 110 review

Is the Buck 110 as tough as people say? Is this really an unbreakable pocket knife? Check out this brutal pocket knife destruction test of one of the best pocket knives ever made.


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Jarmin Turner says:

Sad to see a good knife get destroyed but fun to watch

Vans World says:

I’ve still got mine from over 35 years ago.

Kevin Noll says:

Oh my. It’s killing me watching you torture this poor buck knife. What for that knife ever do to you? #buckknivesmatter

Jordan Purdham says:

I can never find a good sharp right out the package that’ll hold the edge he in Salina Kansas lol

joebuck66 says:

Iv had mine about 40 years and I have my grandfather’s that he had for years. Both have had the tips broke but, other than that they’re just like new. Great video!

ramon and bryan producions says:

how mutch did it cost?

Wil Martin says:

Great video. I took my fathers buck knife when I was younger and threw it into a tree. The tip broke off. Then I put it back in his gun case and made believe I never touched it. Hunting season came around and he came right to me and with knife in hand telling me that I ruined it by throwing into tree. I could not figure out how he knew. But I got a butt whooping. I never threw a folding knife again

Amanda Anderson says:

Dad still has his and he’s 73.

Scott Crabtree says:

I cried

River rat says:

Carried a 110 for twenty years.The last one fell off the workbench, shortening the blade on the concrete floor. Grabbed a Christmas present “tactical” knife out of the nightstand and love it.I do not miss the weight of the buck ten.Great to carry on your belt but not so comfy in a front or leg pocket.

Ryan Pintabone says:

Awesome video, always my favorite knife

Mark Felicia says:

Hi Luke I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this old knife brand, but can you do a review on an old school Camillus cutlery knife? They made a lot of knifes for the military and was headquartered locally where I live in NY. The factory burned down in 2007 due to a fire so another company bought their rights and patents to their knifes. I been looking online and you can still buy an old camillus knife. You can restore one or buy one brand new. I figured either route you take on this you’d have fun doing and reviewing it!

Prepared King says:

My first was a SOG Seal Pup, but it was stolen. Good knife for being outdoors.

Svante Nilsson says:

Quick tip when you test the edge on a cinder block do the paper test between every hit with the hammer so you can see the change easier. Btw great video

Willy Bee says:

I’ve seen alot of knife reviews, ,, but this is the first one about Buck…

Ryan Conzalino says:

You should send it back and see if they will warranty it!

Eric Boyd says:

I have an old 60s pocket knife my grandpa gave to me. I have a very small budget what should I use to sharpen it?

Max Stewart says:

It’s a good safety feature that you have to press the button before the knife folds back in

Oran Power says:

You should give a way this knife

Bryce Bieber says:

Watching Luke cut into the cinder blocks hurt to watch. I love my pocket knives and try to take care of them.

Mark Shane says:

This was so cool Luke. I looked hi and low a few years ago at my mom’s house for my old Buck 110 that I had when I was a kind but no luck at finding it. I have been thing about getting a new one, but most knife guys say that they are nowhere near as good as the old ones. I thing you just demonstrate that they are wrong. Thanks I am going to buy a new one.

StillNoPickles says:

I always thought the size of this knife was silly. If you need a large knife use a fixed blade. Great video though luke

Oran Power says:

You ruined a 92$ knife

Buck Hunter says:

Buck 110s are the best knives around (and my favorite). I’ve been gutting my deer out with the same one for over 20 years, and it works great. They are a great all around American made knive!

MrSpunkletrumpet says:

0:48 you hit the nail on the head. I’m not a fighting guy, never served and I’m not of military bearing, why do I want to pretend I am, like some mall ninja wannabe?

Scuba Mike says:

Nice, I ordered 4 Ganzo knives from Gearbest, 2 months later only one showed, then 20 more days later, after a lot of complaining the last 3 showed. One of them is crappy, but the other 3 are great values. The blade steal is 440c. They are close copy’s of the most popular knives sold today, (but they can’t get sued, because you can’t sue China). These are super value copy’s of $140-$200 knives, but the copy’s only cost <$20. If you reached out to them I bet they would send you a crap load to test. They are great for beater knives or knives you won't cry if you lose.

SPARTAN_ 34 says:

I love ur videos

Danny Schwab says:

Man I miss mine I should go hold that old friend up and take my knife back. 33 years I had that before he took it. But awesome video Luke thanks for sharing o I had to sub you again YouTube freezes dozens of channels a week I’m fed up I have to go find out why. I no how to get them back but don’t no why there doing it. If I ever get one again I want to find the 78 dad gave me. Not mine I no I’ll never get back he prob sold it so he didn’t have anymore and ide remember cause dad and I used it alot dad used it more when I was young being I cut snakes in half he keep taking. Lol. But he sharpened alot but man I miss it. But I’ll keep looking. But wow that really did good is that new one it older one. Wow broke I’m sad. I hope it was new and not pricey. Thanks for sharing bro. God bless


I have two buck knifes they are awesome!!!! I have a small pocket knife and a soild skinning knife !! And they USA made great viedo o and u get a warrant with them!!

Interp66 says:

Great knife my friend!

Double Bit Craftsman says:

“ I’m going to make a few shavings” continues to make a massive pile of shavings

datawolf playZ says:

wtf we got the same knife

t wilson says:

I just repaired the broken tip on my buddies 110 about 1/4 of an inch broke off its a bit more blunt than the factory tip but I’m sure it will still clean fish and aid in skinning game they are awesome knives and I should really buy a few more

Bull Creek Outdoors says:

hey Luke I was wandering what do you use to create your cats and carp logo, and outdoor boys logo?

Phil.Paula Stocks says:

Why would you want to abuse such a nice knife?
One of the best single blade folders, for the money, available.
I bought my 110 in 1968 and have used it heavily, but carefully, ever since.
Yes, that’s 50 years.
The lock up is just as solid today as it was brand new.
Blade profile is a little different after 50 years of sharpening plus it has what I think is a beautiful patina.
If you need to baton wood with your knife, get a heavy fixed blade.

chetyoder says:

In the 70s ever guy had one on his belt till a new Highschool teacher complained so we had to put them in our pockets

charleen heath says:

I have always liked Buck knives and like them even more now that they are moving their production back to the U.S.A.

tempo monk says:

I went through sooo many knives looking for that “rest-of-my-life” knife. I bought a buck 110 after one of my favorite youtubers iamjake swore by his. Years later i still have it and love it. It’s my pretty knife, my tough knife and my sharp knife all in one. BEST. KNIFE. EVER!!!

Pickle Heart says:

Were do you get all your exotic hardwood that you use for axe handles

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