Why Should You Carry a Traditional Pocket Knife? | Knife Banter Ep. 9

Traditional folding knives are making a come back. The guys discuss the different traditional pocket knife options available at Blade HQ here: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Pocket-Knives–1783?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_campaign=2017vu&utm_term=why%20should%20you%20carry%20a%20traditional%20pocket%20knife%20%7C%20knife%20banter%20ep.%209


Ethan Martindale says:

There’s other reason to use these knives. Mainly due to most of their blades being thin, which inturn gives you better slicing action.

Jason Allen says:

Small Buck Folder inherited from my Grandfather. I carry it in my Change/pocket watch pocket. isnt lost in the clutter and close to a clip in the pocket to find…

Anthony H3LLBILLY Taylor says:

I carry a Buck 385 toothpick. It was my grandads’s knife that’s why I carry it. An he always told me the best place for it is the little watch pocket on your jeans.

BoyStuff- NL - says:

I Carry the opinel no 13

Because it is a floding sword

Calebja624 says:

My dad had the same Boy Scouts knife

aden danos says:

I’m gonna buy a Bowie to carry

The UndeadCowboy says:

I carry a buck folder or a case trapper with a clip or one without it’s what I’ve always carried since my grand father gave me my first one

Oliver Pihlar says:

i realized the bills are ones

britshell says:

I love caring a traditional pocket knife because taking it out of your pocket and opening it is almost a ritual. While modern knives almost explode out.

britshell says:

I own the opinel and the Merkater, love them both. However I took them out of rotation because they are to big for an office setting.

Kable says:

all those knives are gay

Chris Schiavone says:

Office friendly for sure. A sak cadet in alox serves 99.9% of my daily needs. It has displaced an almar hawk, multiple case trad knives, multiple spyderco mil knives and other modern varieties, etc. If i need a bigger blade, i prefer a F1, mora, brkt. That said, my profession does not require any cutting tools.

I have never regretted carrying it, but I have wished it was there on the rare occassion it wasnt.

britshell says:

I just got a new Case Mini Toothpick for EDC, love it.

738polarbear says:

jeez ,what a waste of 17 mins..i made it through 5 mins before my mind went numb from this mindless babble.

Dmitry Granicin says:

If you’re using a pocket knife mostly to open packages and sometimes scrape glue/coating off of things, Leatherman Skeletool KB is a nice one. It’s tiny, sharp enough for the job, has a pocket clip, and doesn’t look too “tacticool”/threatening.

Rob Valente says:

Pattada knife gets no mention? Nonno is very disappointed.

Skyler Boss says:

Hi I carry a trodishonal folder I carry it in my pocket I carry it because I grew up around them and people don’t scream when I take it out

Jack The Pony Man says:

I carry my traditional folder in the small pocket above the right pocket.

Dana Davis says:

This is what? The yuppie version of traditional? These people have no idea why gramps carried a pocket knife and certainly no sense of old-style aesthetics.

Arthur Seery says:

Just to say… Opinel knives have been made the same way since 1890. Every French person had one. It was a Workingman’s knife designed to be sturdy and affordable. And the suckers have a thin, razor sharp, edge. The Opinel knife was so common that the word “opinel” became synonymous with a wood handled folding knife. Kinda like how a “Kleenex” is any tissue.
An Opinel knife is extremely light, sharp, and non-threatening. And most Police would not even know that the blade DOES lock. You just ain’t going to open and lock it very quickly.
After saying all that, I think that this video has taught me that I need to go buy myself a good “Old Timer” 3-blade pocket knife.

Derek Sooman says:

Barlow knife by Taylor’s eye witness lovely traditional non locking folding knife. Featured in adventures of Tom Sawyer huckleberry Finn looks harmless too

Ashutosh Rana says:


Mark Richards says:

I think the world is advancing at such a fast rate people like too have an contention with the past. They make you feel…….good,for want of a better word. I carry a classic Case bone handle pocket knife & it’s a conversation starter. People like it…
Keep up the good work.
Mark Richards.

Matt Ashe says:

I often use a traditional folder or a small swiss army knife (when I’m not using a modern folder) because they don’t scare the bejesus out of people and they are a valid tool; being really fast to fly open just isn’t that important in 99.9% of the situations where you need a folder, so a small knife minus a clip works just fine. I often take mine when traveling in my toiletry bag because in hotels you always need to buy food and to cut open packaging that crap comes in nowadays and a small pen knife is perfect for that, and again, doesn’t freak people out. I am receiving a Benchmade 553s today too…

Hunter Ziegelmann says:

i want to carry a bomb lance gun for when i spot a whale in the distance.

Anthony G says:

I carry a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket every day. A smaller knives with some tools built in will be used all the time. The large clip knives are only good for slicing or stabbing. How often does one have to use one’s knife that way? Smaller pocket knives accumulate more stories to be told over some beers with friends.

wolfiecraz gamin2 says:

I am 11 and I carry a torsional knife because I like fishing and it doesn’t take to much space

Chromz Woodruff says:

It’s weird watching men with smart watches and manicured hands handle those style knives.

Ethan Martindale says:

The best reason for me is that their mostly thin blades. which slices better than any other knives I’ve owned.

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