10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test

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Welcome to a new episode of this series, today we count down our picks for the 10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test

Gadgets List you have seen 😃

Gerber LMF
Schrade SCHF9
Swiss Army Knife
Schrade SCHF 52M
Tops Tracker Digger
Kbar Mule Folder
M48 Cyclone

The Story
10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test

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10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test

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Survival Gadgets put to the Test



My grandma trained Rambo!

Tufan Gürsoy says:

Number 1 ????????

alex vucinic says:


Shawn Freelove says:

Gadgets???? Where they were all knifes and not knives I would choose for survival. If they were all you can afford dont get me wrong they arent bad but not my 1st choice most of em

GearGuyRaman says:

Title should be cheap survival knife.

vashonmart says:

Really? MSK 1 made the list?

David Kilpatrick says:

When in the video are they put to the test? Looks like you just edited all the commercials together.

King Kong86 says:

Damn thumbnail got me. That shot looked intresting

Kayak1088 says:

More proof that a good title and thumbnail can get you 1 mil views. Anybody can do it! You can get a free video editor to make this video also. Your phone can take the video.

Charles River Survival says:

These are called knives nor “gadgets”

Shaun Elliott says:

You promised me “Put to the Test”, this is just a bunch of companies adverts. No “Tests”, you tell fuckin lies.

Who What says:

The only thing put to the test was my patience!

james comstock says:


Kimo Lesui says:

WHat set up is that knife in the thumbnail?

CHOIU says:

i skipped the whole vid looking for something but knives im clickbated and triggerd!!!!!!!!!!

timothy smith says:

no gadgets and no testing

Anc1ent says:

there is like 12 ads in 15 min :[

Rob White says:

“Ballistic nylon sheath”… lol, sounds like “cold filtered taste’ used by shitty beers.

Jack Yeah says:

way to many ads

Roman Gardner says:

Didn’t show number 1

MartinGe_De says:

knives are not that important for going /out/

Trung Thảo says:

hi, share your funny video. i am also making videos.

Miguel Robles says:

The thumbnail one wasn’t there!!!!

Dreem Walker says:

This guy can NEVER ever be a trusted product tester .. he’s so bias ..

Will Cawcutt says:

I don’t think you had enough ads put a few more

straycat1674 says:

The MSK1 seems like a cross between the Tracker, Habilis bush tool and on of those hollow handle novelty survival knives that are always put down by the survival and bush craft community.

Estranged180 says:

Lots of useless tags, no links to actual products. If you scrolled this far, welcome to the comment section.

Glenn Morgan says:

More ads than tools I’m gonna unsubscribe

vinu. s says:

Purchase link

Александр Глоба says:

Блин,какая же это херня..

Tonto Rodriguez says:

What the hell!?! What happened to #1?

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