2017 FAQ: My Top 5 Favorite Primary Fixed Blade Knives (For Outdoors) – Preparedmind101

This is not a “BEST 5 KNIVES” video. They are MY personal 5 favorites. Don’t have to be yours. Haven’t done a FAQ update in a while. Breaking down into a couple short videos. These are my favorite primary fixed blades…Belt knives. Not large choppers.

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Mcmg Kill says:

How do you stab with the first one?

Joseph Pettus says:

Cool group of blades man!

Jeremiah Fox says:

As soon as I saw this guy I knew we would have NOTHING in common

Mike Sanders says:

Chris, what kind of camera and software do you use when you make your videos?

Ariyasena Hittarage says:

What about the schrade schf 9

Doug Thomassen says:

que battle horns

LittleJimBridger says:

Is that haircut called ‘iguana’?

Christopher Shaplin says:

Is that Finnish knife you showed available from any source other than their website. The shipping is very reasonable to the US, but after my bank charges me a ridiculously huge fee for buying something in euros it won’t really be a “budget” option for me anymore. I own a Morakniv LMF, so I know I like that blade shape and grind. If I can find a site that sells the jaakari puukko in US dollars I would consider buying one.

Ariyasena Hittarage says:

What about a gerber ultimate pro survival knife

Bombs Away LeMay says:

Socialist can’t stand an honest entrepreneur

Mr. Agril says:

when i clicked on this video i smelt deer shit (your video was great just… idk) 0_0

Ayrton Senna Fan says:

Jessica jessica and esee 6

mermaniel says:

That first knife has too much belly for every bushcrafting tasks…

Rico Telles says:

Just because 1095 is common does not mean it is a bad steel. It is actually one of my favorites.
Take a look at the knives by Dead Moose Ops (DMO Knives).
I just got my DMO Brute and I love that thing

406 OUTDOOR says:

I’m not the only one to see the advantage of a sweeping belly on small knives. Thanks bro

Knife Nut says:

Lmao at 11:20 you said when me and Ben went out into the woods.. Ha!!!!

Say0n says:

honey badger is so cool

costel dranca says:


bushcrfter791 says:

where do you purchase the outback

Mark J says:

great knives. just wondering if the tops 1095 would be the easiest steel to sharpen in the field because it’s not so hard? any thoughts

TheChap1970 says:

to expensive

jerry arnold says:

chris after watching you for 4 years i now have a ton of killer knives that are all different in their own way and i think they are great and my friends agree, i have loaned them out to guys going on a week end canoe trip to a 2 week wilderness canada canoe trip. when i was a young man i got a allowance of 2$ the first place i went was the army surplus store and i would spend most of it on knives, you can imagine the quality of my purchases but at least i had knives. i am 68 now and for some reason i cant get out of the becker mode i know you are a jesica guy but bk2 is my favorite of 15 beckers, any way thanks for guiding me to spend money on something worth while

Christopher Mercill says:

I really appreciated the way you approached the topic. different knives work differently for different people. the knives you mentioned are certainly great options, I have a couple myself, but they are not the only options. Thanks for your input, your opinion, and keep up the great work.

Petra Netan Kryvinoff says:

Chris the one you threw aside at the beginning is my choice for bush craft, can’t seem to find one. My name is Peter krywyn and you can find me on twitter, check your privet messages in twitter my email is there if you have a minute. Love you chooses and thoughts.. Peter

kn0ck says:

lol, this clown with his dumb TinTin haircut. Dude, you got to many favorites…

Bri w says:

I have and use a ka-bar bk2. It’s my favourite. It can do everything I want and more for a great price

Hey Behappy says:

Love your vids but had to do it, can you do a vid a the gel you use? Joking love your stuff!

Morgan Harper says:

Where is Jessica? I thought you loved that thing. Every video used to have some sort of reference to Jessica.

N2theWoods AndBack says:

Hi Chris love you Channel keep up the good videos I am looking for a 10 inch blade that’s good for splitting wood around the $200 mark do you have any suggestions would appreciate your feedback thank you

InflatedNugget says:

Video starts at: 3:14

Anthony Catallo says:

Nice, love the customizations, the handles look pretty smooth and rounded, do you get any slippage or rolling with the handles?

Todd K says:

love that honey badger! As of lately I’m really enjoying using my Condor Moonshiner. that blade is a real beast. I like using my SXB too, but the Moonshiner has such a comfortable handle.

Daniel McCauley says:

it would be better to see them in action like sharpening a stick or something

Juan Francisco Vazquez says:

Is this nutinfancys brother lol

Andrew Rider says:

i liked 3 out of the 5 the other 2 just didn’t sing to me.. love this kind of video.

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