An Excellent Compact Survival Knife – Cudeman MT5 – Full List of all my results on a google sheet – Full steel testing list for my cut test videos, free to all. – support me on patreon if you like, helps me do the expensive stuff!

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Patricio Andrés says:

Excellent video, when a review of Mini Boina Verde and Boina Verde (Cudeman)??

Tim Gannon says:

You should put it on your other hip for cross draw. That way it’s not upside down, and cross draw is actually a quite comfortable way to draw.

Yo Adrian says:

I really appreciate the editing in your videos lately. The “CRAAAAWLING IN MY SKIN” and all those little bits are gold.

JohnDoeArchery says:

excellent video..funny and lots of details in there…very very few videos on these guys on youtube…had my eye on this one for awhile. thxs for the upload

Brad Griffin says:

LOL. Pretty sure you can buy an MT-5 with a sheath that has a firestarter. I pondered the idea, but already had 2 of those firestarters that DBK recommended, then value-added by customising them. I agree with you on the factory edge. I completely reprofiled mine.

Maximum Ordinate says:

I don’t care about and will probably never purchase the knives you review. Dickhead Survival perked my interest and I now watch everything you put out and I don’t know why. But I like it. So there’s that.

Brad Griffin says:

Now, get to the bloody Skrama! I want one!

Each Day says:

I think it is worthwhile making the distinction and calling it a “compact” survival knife. “Pilot” survival knife is pretty much interchangeable, but might have some specific requirements. But yeah, good to acknowledge compactness because it has a real bearing on capability.

TheRevDr says:

Good looking knife and good review. I had never heard of Cudeman so this review is very interesting to me. I just scanned their other knives and I think this one would also be my choice. i would end up carrying it on my left, front hip, sort of cross draw i guess. Thanks again for broadening my knife horizons.

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

Can you loop the secondary straps through the slot in that belt loop to turn it into a dangler?

Thomas says:

Nice looking knife. Good review!

Jorgen Sandstrom says:

Looks great. Not a fan of the overly large ricasso, takes away potential edge. Don’t think anyone would miss the hole in the ricasso. Weak point.

Mgrsdgfsd Afsdgrsdgfsdg says:

Did you kidnap Amy Yu? You look like the guy in the mug shot hahahha!

Joe Perry says:

10:40 – you are my favorite person.

Jack FarmBoy says:

I rather enjoy the looks of this knife. You did a good job running through the steel chemistry and the overall review.

Adam Smythe says:

May as well have put a finger choil on it with that pointless unsharpened section and the pointless secondary lanyard/spear hole

convex says:

Cant wait for the skrama

Dan Michell says:

showing off with a blade inside the pants new kind of carry lol

ogostaboy says:

Cudeman are pretty good knives and great value.

M. P. says:

2:04 Wait, what?!

Tony Canniffe says:

Nice knife and sheath. Glad it got you excited. The cord on the sheath is to tie to an appendage perhaps…

alfredo arevalo says:

Hi, thanks for the all your great videos. Being myself an avid spanish knives collector, I am happy to see spanish knives reviewed. IMHO, there are very very good utiltity/bushcraft knives mande here, specially in the medium price range. The fit and finish is pretty good, specially in the Muela brand, and it is improving slow but steadily for the last 30 years… the only downside about spanish production knives is the fact that you won’t find many last generation supersteels or carbon steel blades… other than that, you can really have a very good knife for 70 -90 USD.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Cedric, That was a nice stable of kivrs this Cudeman belongs to in your opinion, I have a idea, Please do a video how the Cudeman stacks up against the others. Dilly Dilly.,,.p

Beau Crawford says:

The point isn’t centered! It’s leaning… smh

rymic72 says:

The part where you showed just how excited about the knife you are typifies the humor that makes your videos so enjoyable.

estima8tor1 says:

I picked up MT5 on Amazon last year and have used it quite a bit. It’s a little heavy which causes some hand fatigue after long periods of use. The sheath is high quality leather but carries way to high on the hip if you like vertical carry. The N695 steel is very good, it takes a nice edge and holds it well. The handle is comfortable for large hands. I put a 17 degree angle on the edge and that made a huge improvement with wood carving. It’s more of a bushcraft knife than a survival knife imo.

Grey Holm says:

The Cudeman seems to be about the same price as the Strongarm in my country. Which is a better value?

thechugdude says:

10:59 That’s… what… she… said…

Yrofddragon - Shane Cutting says:

I would recommend trying to carry it scout style on your front weak side (Left). It allows for removal using either hand, it’s usually unobtrusive, and is one of the safest options. Great review, and let me know if you try it and it works for you. All the best

cosmikvratch says:

Thanks, I was curious about this one!

Adam Smythe says:

Moooaar fixed blades

Brad Griffin says:

We’ve got similar sized hands and yes, even up here in SE Queensland, I’m feeling the cold on the tang. I’m a leftie, so it carries blade down for me. Still easy to return to the sheath though. Oh, did I say I am impressed? You really covered everything in this video. When I do decide to start doing YT videos as Killer and a few suggested, I’m just going to point to this video when I review the MT-5.

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