APO-1 Survival K.N.I.F.E New Versions Now Available

Get the k.n.i.f.e here: www.survivallilly.at
First review with destruction test:

Payment can be made with Paypal or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex)


observant Too says:

.. Survival Lilly .. YouTube will not notify me when you have a new video !

juan R perozo Supervivencia says:

How much Lilly.?

DanoLXF says:

Very nice Lilly.

Ken Schindel says:

Missed the first batch ordering opportunity, but got in on it this time. Looks like they are selling fast!

pgoessnitzer says:

Hey a ring!!! I hope that means congratulations 🙂 And I just purchased one of your cool knifes. Greeting from Oregon! Peter



eric fretwell says:

I am starting a new YouTube channel is it possible to get one of each model for a review of your product?

LARRY Brown says:

Those are wonderful. Someday I wish to afford 1

Mad_Austin says:

So around 160 USD?

Praxedis Lindsey says:

Outstanding as always…!!!

Clair Gunnell says:

How much are they with shipping in good old US greenbacks?

Talmiior says:

ANNNND!! You just sold another Lilly, thank you for the awesome knife, I can’t wait to receive it in the mail!

Kaibo101 says:

Oh man. I bought the first Apo but now I might have to get another one because the rust thing is so huge where I live. So is this Apo 2?

Tony mmm says:

Nice collection lilly i like the one in your right hand at the end i must buy thanx

Rebel N Trains says:

Just ordered mine, cant wait to get it. I like the look of the old handle but all the other features of the new version.

Survival Mac says:

Good lilly, bealtifull knife!!!
Big hug!!!!!!

Taralga Bushland Escape says:

will need to follow-up on my birthday

Dmitry 2010 says:


Greener12ga says:

Cool knives

Kurt Feltenberger says:

Hi Lilly! I’m glad this is back in stock…I’ve been waiting impatiently! I only see the satin finish version, is the blackened version sold out? Thanks!

Just ME Onlyme says:

Anyone worried about the screws on version 1.. hardware store for stainless steel. $20 cents each piece? OSH went out of business they stocked things that would work.
So don’t get all butt hurt you didn’t buy version 2.

observant Too says:

.. Great knife made possible by your active Outdoor R & D !

Cheryl Langford says:

The knives your selling for €135.00 are they the new design?

Outdoor- Moni says:

Schöne Messer und sind massiv. Herzliche Grüße Monika.

Evolution Glitch says:

Great looking knife! Better steel please!

Parth Soni says:

Happy New Year to Lilly and Family

Barry Bogart says:

Good changes but you might want to consider different steel options as Cold Steel does with the SRK.

Art Hartman says:

Dear Lilly ,
Some stainless steel will still rust as the material contains iron .. the amount of iron determine how hard the sst is .. if you want to keep your sst blade from having this surface rust you can have it chemically etched called “passivate” as an step to manufacture your knife to a quality worth your name !! PASSIVATE etches the iron out of the sst surface – hence no rusted blade !!!

boris osyguss says:

I think the micarta looks great aesthetically… Offer both handles as an option and stick to the stainless screws… I work on guitars and I have found titanium lasts the longest.

rlauck says:

This may very well be the perfect outdoor knife (at least it has everything I would look for in a knife). Very well done!

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