Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro – First Impression

In this video I take a look at the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro.

Here is the follow up video

The first impression is pretty good, but let’s see how it performs in future doing different survival tasks.

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This channel documents my learning process of all wilderness and urban survival skills.This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro – First Impression


Elijah Weaver says:

Supppsed to use your thumb for the sheath

deroda says:

Dayum I’m get one of these and throw my fallkniven f1 in a river! Looks like a great knife thanks for the review.

timothy longmore says:

Didn’t you mention how incredibly ugly the design is. I bet they will sell three or four million of them because Bears name is on it to weekend warriors (or there spouse) and then it will spend the next twenty years in a junk gift box in the closet.

MM says:

So if the knife is not to your taste, Why did you buy it? and Why the video? Sorry but thumbs down!

Legy Master says:


John From Scotland says:

I am sorry , I watch what you do and like it a lot…… and all the the knifes you have had and this is the best knife for you…….. REALLY. ….. COME ON…..

Tudor Davies says:

If you find you have to replace the ferrocirium rod you will find that Gerber have changed the design slightly and it is not such a good fit in the sheath. However if you carefully removed the rod from the new one and also the old one the diameter is the same and you will once again have a secure ferrociirium rod in the sheath.
Despite all the slanted BS about this knife it has not let me down. Don’t get me wrong I would love a Cosmo or a Gough but I cannot afford to shell out the money when the BG does everything I need.. If you don’t like the logo on the handle whip silk on it to hide what you don”t like.

Julien R. says:

Tip: Use the wistle lanyard to secure the firestick to avoid to fall off when walking trough branches

Mick Kennedy says:

Yes, but how much does this Bare Gyrlls knyfe custard……euh, I mean cost?

Paul Hiebert says:

I like the way just about anytime I read any criticism about any knife, it sounds like they have never actually used the damn thing, which negates their stupid ass opinions doesn’t it? Personally the opinions of those who own it are worth a lot more, and of those the positive out number the negative about 100 to 1. Anyone interested in this knife who doesn’t have a lot of cash, it seems like a good bet. I have used many knives in many outdoor situations. I do not consider myself an expert, but am nowhere near ignorant either. My own ultimate pro should be here in about a week and I expect it to perform wonderfully. I bets its at least half as good as the best knives out there at 1/4 of the price. That’s good value. 🙂

1978ajax says:

That notched choil at the base of the blade is a real pain; it interferes with many forms of cut, particularly rope, and serves no useful purpose but to attract potential buyers who don’t know that. This is why the SRK does not have one. LOVE your refusal to use the lanyard: they are an accident waiting to happen, particularly on axes – you are dead right there.
This looks like a ‘beater’ knife to me; something you didn’t buy, but might chuck into the back of the car as a spare one to trash.

Momo San says:

that knife is thicc

kirby rose says:

I would like to see Bear invite you on one of his Trips on his show!!…To me it would be like watching another Super Bowl!!! I believe you can hang with him!! Bear!! If you are watching, Bring it on!!!

Martin Campbell-Smith says:

The whole point of the lanyard is so that you can hook it through your finger to stop your hand slipping onto the knife while you’re cutting especially if its wet.

Chao Tan says:

I like your honest review, I hate commercial …

762 Stoker says:

Love your channel. You should try any of the Esee line of cutlery. I have the Izula II and Laser Strike and love them to death. Keep up the great work.

d 23 says:

Hello i like the way you perform your knives tests. Could you please indicate me what knive you recommend? Thanks in avance. I am searching for something robust and relieable and not with à too short blade…

Kenneth Collier says:

Kabar only knife you will ever need best all around

OOTurok says:

To clarify things for people…
In all honesty… the steel on this knife is not junk. It has very poor edge retention, because of its soft temper.
This is done on purpose, so the the knife is easy to sharpen in the field.

I personally think this sucks, because I hate having to resharpen a knife, axe, or any blade so frequently… but the crystalline structure of the steel is good.

Will this be a knife I’d buy… NO. It’s ugly, & requires sharpening way too often.
Also, I’m of the philosophy of… save your money & buy something really nice that you like, buy once, cry once, & never regret.

flyhigh3454 says:

Lanyards are made to wrap around your wrist so the knife doesn’t go flying of course is its dangling free it can get snagged just wear it right and you wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like that

Chris G says:

BS have you ever seen 2ppl get thier lanyards caught on a tree and cut themselves as a result.

Jhonacario says:

I recommend a mora gaberg

Hat Yogi says:

In my opinion if you really enjoy outdoor survival, the best part is using a tool that you have made yourself. Not every one may have the right skills or the know how to make knives or such survival tools, but if you can, there is nothing more enjoying than using something you have built or created, and over the years improved. I built my first knife when I was 15, and I still use it in my excursions. For me it is the best knives of all.

John From Scotland says:

Ok I watched a few of your programs….. This knife is a peace of shit…. you have had better knives…. really

Millennium Man says:

Thanks for the review. I have a slightly different model laced into a load bearing vest. I will cut the lanyard off…never thought of that being a hazard with all the time I’ve spent in the woods….your right that’s a serious design flaw. Thanks Lilly! Love your videos!

Christopher Montroy says:

why go to whistle in your video. we know what a whistle does

mike mac sky hawk says:

great safety tips

ExposedRoot says:

Exactly what I was looking for.

Christopher Haynie says:

The notch in the blade it for the fire starter.

Doby Pilgrim says:

I might buy one of these. IF they make one without a “celebrity” signature on it, and if they improve the sheath. AND if it didn’t just scream “Walmart Warrior” all over it.

Mark Vandyke says:

My experience with Gerber knives is that the blades are made of 420J stainless steel. A steel which is easy enough to sharpen but will simply not hold an edge.

Tyboy4U says:

Ahhhh….women. It’s either too long or too short. Sigh.

67 cuda says:

I prefer his original, half serrated survival knife. For chopping I alway carry a machete, and light, curved handled axe. I’m not someone who believes in spending hundreds on a knife. I’m in my 50’s, and spent a great deal of my life hunting, and roughing it in the woods. I grew up making my own knifes, and tools, but honestly, the metal being used in these Grylis knifes are far superior to what person can make in their home shop ! Myself, through decades of experience, including my military service, have learned many things about survival. One is the proper tool for the job, and backup tools incase those tools are lost, or damaged ! Heck, I carry at least 5 blades at all times ! A credit card knife, credit card multi tool, a P-38, and small folding knife on my key ring, a small old timer 3 blade jack knife, and a half serrated jack nife clipped to the inside of my front pocket. This may seem like a lot, but is very light, handy, and unnoticeable. In the woods, many more, of variable sizes, and designs. Those who put themselves in situations with only one knife are foolish !! Those who put all their eggs in one basket, are also foolish ! Meaning, keep blades everywhere !!! You never know when your going to loose it all, and that one little backup blade can save your life, its happened !! I think the gerber bear grylis survival knife, with half serrated blade is great !!

jlarrymore says:

Not a finger grove but rather a charpening choyl

Malcolm Caden says:

A tip from a Australian solider do not take off the lanyard it hooks around your wrist make your own lanyard out of para cord to suit your wrist size get the US made military version of this knife it’s better the lanyard as I said on your wrist so you don’t lose it in a knife fight.

Darth Plagueis says:

The normal bear grylls survival knife is probably one of the worst knifes that I have ever owned

Speeddemon 1 says:

I dont like it

Jack Kanov says:

it’s a wal mart knife

Mr Larkin says:

I like Gerber I have a warrant tanto for years,, don’t like BG mind you,,

bear williams says:

Not the Survival knife either me or Bear would use whilst in the Army ………deffo didn’t have a Lanyard .I got out 94 and still have mine 🙂 Lily basically described all that is wrong with the latest by Bear Grylls ………….cost is way too high ,why does everyone want to stick em into Trees ?

Wiliam Bennett says:

Personally I’m a little bit Leary of something shiny and flashy. Yeah I know the Blaze Orange could be useful if you were to lay it down somewhere. Second to be honest I’ve got a 5″ hand and looking at her hand and how it fits her, I’m afraid it would be to small for a bigger hand. So I will stick to my K-BAR And my AF survival knife.

Michael DeBell says:

I could use any knife if needed because I don’t beat it through wood with a stick.

eric whitlow says:

Good video. I have a Mora Robust. Good knife for basically pocket change.

Huber Heinrich says:

Hi Lilly,

tut mir wirklich leid, ich hab dich nicht gekannt, und du bist so eine größe bei uns 😉
hab jetzt deine HP mit Pressetexten in der Video-Beschreibung gefunden! ich sag nur Whoop Whoop!! echt super!
Ich wünsch dir nur das beste und du hast mich ja seit gestern als neuen Follower (eh schon seit gestern :-))!

Lg Robert

Half Filipino Half Stupid says:

I love this knife not because of Bear Grylls. But it is gerber and good quality and reasonable price plus the sheath is ambidextrous

Ghost Man says:

I love Gerber knives but I can’t stand bear gerlys He is all show with know Guts. What so ever

Malcolm Caden says:

I’m ex Australian army get the US made military version it’s all most the same but way better and great if you gun jams as I found out in Afghanistan in a bad situation.

Robert Faulkner says:

I have the older version. It’s an ‘ok’ knife. I sanded off the Bear Grylls crap, as he’s a tool. But the knife is decent.
The sheath actually looks better than the one I have (Except for the crap sharpener)
I have fixed mine so many times, it’s a new sheath lol

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