Best Sub-$50 Survival Knife? Schrade SCHF10 – Extreme Survival Knife – Review

Could the NEW Schrade SCHF10 be the Ultimate Best Knife for Survival for Around $50 US? – Let’s find out in this FULL Review, Test and Demonstration of the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife – from

Let’s have some fun and do some bushcraft, chop, cut, slice and break things with this knife, to see what it’s made of.

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NEW – Schrade Extreme Survival – SCHF10

Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife:

Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 Survival Knife:

Schrade Extreme Survival Knife – SCHF9:

HERE’s the STUFF we put in the Sheath Pouch…

Magnesium FireStarter:

SOG Mini- Diamond Knife Sharpener:

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool (Same as Gerber Clutch but Less Money):

** Also Included in the Sheath Pouch:
– Bear Grylls Pocket Survival Guide (Free with any Bear Grylls Item Purchase)
– In a Plastic Bag: Safety Pins, Fishing Line, Hooks, Sewing Needle


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~ David


Jolynn Lockard says:

You can survive, just look on ShepherdSurvives website

David Denis says:

Should I buy this or the SCHF26? Someone please help!

joe perez says:

Hey there I was wondering if you would do a blade comparison with the schf10 and the Becker bk 2 or 10 and maybe between the Ontario sp2 and the schf10…?

squid ink says:

you should review the schrade schf52 frontier

aria tamanaei says:

Please do a review of schrade schf36.
Its a well design and robust survival knif and has good features. And i think its the best schrade survival knife for the price!

Michael Shapiro says:

Thank you for an excellent review! You explained clearly many “technical” terms about knives, so a person NEW to outdoor knives could learn a LOT during your review of THIS SURVIVAL KNIFE. Schrade SCHF10 could be a very good choice!

Alaska Raft Connection - Alaska-BushRafter says:

Topnotch analysis video regarding the Schrade SHF 10.  Here at Alaska Raft Connection – Alaska-BushRafter, I assess lots of outdoor gear pertaining to boating Alaska’s remote waters (mild to wild).  Boating-wise… I evaluate rafts, catarafts, kayaks, canoes, sportboats, and hybrid inflatables and things like solid frameworks and essential on-water accessories.  Concerning camp gear… I consider items noteworthy to the achievement of a float trip venture, and what tools or equipment are trustworthy vs. letdown for a genuine wilderness self-reliance venture — whether it be professionals or greenhorns.  I positively like your examination and comparison as well as agree on personal thoughts for the Schrade SHF 10.  I have put the Schrade SHF 10 through rugged practical-side of field task, and am extraordinarily satisfied with the total proficiencies and merits of the knife.  It is a complete platform for its multi-role utility in an outdoor survival or bush blade.  The pricing is irrefutably incredible for what this knife embodies.  I’d relay that at 3-4x the price I’d still possess this highly effective and versatile ‘hybrid camp/survival blade. — Thanks for your time – Brian
PS.  One of the add-ons that I commonly will do on a production knife is customize with a bit or creativity or personalize the knife &/or sheath in order to make product improvements I see as fitting my requirements.  On the SCHF 10 I added:   A.) On the Knife I put a lanyard in bright chartreuse reflector para cord (loop long enough to extend ‘while sheathed’ to fit securely under Velcro closure of the accessory pouch for better secondary retention B.) I installed a stainless snap kit to the Velcro that I was seeing from factory as not good enough by itself to secure the knife. C.)  I used small para cord loop through the belt loop with a simple cord-lock for a third piece of retention.  D.) Same reflector cord for leg line. Overall made the package much enhanced for floatplane flights and rafting.
Thank you – Brian

David Weirauch says:

I bought this knife for myself to take out to the woods when I go camping and back packing. It didn’t even get a chance to make it; thank’s in part to my Grandson. When my daughter came to pick him up, the boy told his mom that he and Grandpa,me, had spent the day camping in my back yard, and that we had a fire and chopped wood and every thing. That was when my daughter first saw the knife. She asked me if she could see it, and that was the end of, me, owning this knife. She instantly fell in, lust, with it; from the grip, to the weight, to the handle, the blade it’s self to the length of the blade. She spent the next half hour telling me why I needed to give her this, Schrade 10. I have the ,SCHF09, and have used it a lot, so when it came down to it, the knife went home with them.

God :-O says:


JK 😛

Shrigis says:

I just got my F10 in the mail the other day. I’m in love. I haven’t had a chance to take it out and test it properly, but it’s comfortable, hefty, and beautiful. I just wish they would do Kydex sheaths instead of the “ballistic nylon” garbage that comes with so many knives nowadays. I’d gladly pay extra to have it included. As it is I have a buddy who’s going to help me make a custom sheath for it. Until then I can barely stand to look at it because the sheath is just terrible.

Schrade! Listen! No more nylon! No one likes it!

yoloboys says:


Mr.Salpling says:

isnt this one the same as the schrade schf26?

Clarence P says:

I would still get the MSK-1

frotttttttttttttttto says:

this is my EDC knife . i love it it preforms flawless A+++

Badland Survivor says:

Dude can you help me in getting more views and subs? please!
I am a struggling youtuber making survival videos. Please can you give me a shoutout?

Bluegrass Survival says:

Love your Youtube channel David but man I gotta be honest with you, the music in this video is like watching some 70s Porn lol!

Sidney Mathious says:

I have one of Schrade’s survival knives and love it so far. If this knife is like the others they build it is a wonderful tool for anyone.

Oliver Burroughs says:


REB4 says:

Great review as usual. My favorite part is always the “who is this best for” advise. It ties it all up nicely when it comes to deciding if it’s what each of us is looking for. Semper Fi brother.

Airik1111 says:

Not bad now that knife center has the last of the micarta versions $25 is a steal….BUT the schf 9 can be found for just about $10 more. IMHO the schf 9 is a better blade cause it comes from Schrades Taiwan factory which makes the schf 42 and 55. Many knife guys say their 1095 is no different than USA stuff, I had a schf 42 for awhile and that thing was wicked hard to put an edge on.

mnk007 says:

Anyone have a link to a video on how to sharpen a blade with a curve like this one on a stone?

Luis Arellano says:

Better than MSK $280 ……

Kris Stoubæk says:

Hi. Do you guys know if I can get other grips for this knife? I can’t find anything online 🙁

Derek Stynes says:

The Man who never blinks !

Jim Bob says:

R u wearing makeup? Y is you’re face orange and neck white?

CMC Carpentry says:

I bought one two weeks ago, guess I forgot to lock in and lost it !!!danm

Juan Carlos Loaiza Garcia says:

subtítulos por favor !!!

TAP. Studios says:

But how about batoning with this knife?

Bente Dercksen says:

Is the handle good for big hands?

Rico Morales says:

Thanks for the review I just purchased the knife because of you review

Doug Palumbo says:

I know this is an older video but I just ordered an schf10 because of it! Thanks for the vids! Keep up the great work!

P W says:

I received the a Schf 9 a couple of days ago and it is a very nice knife. Haven’t tested the blade yet though.

John Carey says:

Another downside of the knife is the blade material and shape. It’s equivalent to a 440B so it will dull and the recurve will make it harder to sharpen.

Todd Lindsey says:

I just started working on my prep skills… enjoy your vids, learned a lot from you thanks, see you on the other side!

ferbritzeo says:

Is it possible to sharpen this knife on a diamond sharpening stone? I use a Smith’s diamond combo sharpener for all my knifes, but does the concave edge mean I can’t use that sharpener?

ivan hita says:

I have yet to find one bad video from ur channel awesome stuff bro!!!! Ur da best brochacho!


What’s the difference between the SCHF10 and SCHF26? From all that I’m seeing, they appear to be the same knife except for the material of the handle.

David Byrd says:

What is better about the Kbar steel?

plejaren giants says:

this ad is horrible

V Vogt says:

Great Review

Johnathon Hoagland says:

what are the sog throwing knives that you use?

Doodley Squat says:

4.5 stars,,, obviously rated prior to attempts at sharpening. PITA curvature.

ferbritzeo says:

I’m doing a 10 day canoe trip up in the brush of Quebec. Would this be a good knife? I need a knife that is good at being able to baton wood.

Adonis Ofalla says:

what a nice knife..

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