Best Survival Knife Under $100: Ka-Bar Turok

Where To Buy These Survival Knives:

I have put a lot of thought into what is the best Mid-Weight Survival Knife Under $100? The Ka-Bar Turok had proved itself as the best in my opinion. Let me share with you why!

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


drafting savant says:

Ka-Bar knives are fantastic I’ve personally bought one over Ontario Knife Company which is a high-quality Navy SEAL knife but I’ve been really happy with the Becker knives 16

Calogero says:

As for performance, quality, and value(company, warranty and price), how would you compare it to an ESEE 6? If you could only choose one…which one would it be?

Gioele Grenga says:

Would you say the Turok is better than the Gerber Strongarm for an hiking tactical/survival knife? I do like the aesthetic of the swedge, but I am worried it could be a problem for batoning wood.

Landeras says:

Would you recommend this rather than the Ka-bar Fighting knife?

Barry Bueler says:

Like it guessing u can replace those handles with some micarta that’s what I would want like the bk2✌️

Bill Randall says:

the ad is clickbait. you dont get to see the vid. you get a bunch of sales bs.

Angel King says:

This or the Tops Tex Creek XL?

James Ritchie says:

The best survival knife for any price is the same one most of the world uses, including militaries, and those who venture into wilderness that makes anything we have in America look tame. It’s the Swiss Army Knife with a saw.

Woodsmen here never used a knife like the ones in this video as survival knives, they used pocketknives that had two or three blades, and they had sense enough to carry a saw and a hatchet or well-designed tomahawk. The only thing the ever did with a fixed blade knife was skin large game, and process meat.

Doesn’t anyone wonder why people like Kephart and Nessmuk, who lived in real wilderness, never once mentioned needing a large knife to survive there? Or why generations of woodsmen and longhunters talk about doing every camp chore, carving chore, and you name it, with a pocketknife?

They used the large fixed blade knife for self-defense, and for skinning and processing large game. Once repeating firearms made self-defense with a knife unnecessary, they stopped carrying large knives for anything. It was no accident that Kephart said the best knife had a four and a half inch blade that was one inch high and an eighth of an inch thick. This is large enough to skin and process large game, and that’s all any of them needed to do with a fixed blade knife.

They lived for months in real wilderness, but somehow managed to survive without a “survival” knife big enough and thick enough to cleave boulders.

Just like most of the world, and militaries all over the place, still do today.

Harris Green-Moran says:

If you had to choose to take a knife out with you what would you choose. Esee 6 or the kabar turok

Casey says:

The Steel Will Roamer knives are gonna compete really well with these.

Bridon R. says:

Love the way you do your reviews. Keep it up.


The long swedge on top of the blade is a deal breaker for me. A shorter swedge or a MUCH preferable flat top edge would make this a great knife but again, the swedge needs to go. Nice sheath but it’s not enough to make up for that stupidly long swedge. Esee and Ontario make better options as far as blade geometry and configuration. Yes, you will pay more but the blades are configured better for a woods knife (not a combat knife) in my not so humble opinion. Ya’ll be safe out there.

missionhillssurvival says:

I’m torn between this one and the cold steel gi tonto wut do you think

Michaelisgreek says:

As an overall survival knife, price point and sheath aside, how does this compare to the Esee 6?

Javitruck 1 says:

I want to slay a dinosaur now with this

Jack son says:

Esee 6 or rat 7 all the way!

Drew B says:

Excellent review. In your opinion, can the flat bottoms of the the handles of the BK-10 or BK-22 serve a good purpose? From a utilitarian standpoint, it would seem that you could do some light hammering with them, etc. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Cristoval Montoya says:

Can’t decide for My pack in up in the air between this turok or the cold steel srk . I’m spending 100 max

Micheal Antisdel says:

TheTurok reminds me of the Schrade schf 38. Looks like a better match than the other three knives. Oranges and apples comparisons of odd balls.

Rob M says:

this or the esee 6?


I would like to see u review cold steels ak47 field knife!!!!

Joni Cogar says:

Turok vs Esee 6?

Phaux Redtail says:

But is it good for hunting dinosaurs?

Daniel Stocksdale says:

Thanks for your review. Purchased the knife partially due to your recommendation. Love the knife it is almost perfect for me. May pick up some micarta scales in future, still undecided on that but thanks so much for your great review. Just perfect for the price.

Panzerkampfwagen says:

My rat 7 was $95

Eric Griffith says:

I’m still torn between this and the usmc anybody have any recomendations

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, I think Ka-Bar should sell the Jarosz Torok, Choppa, and the Globetrotter, as a Set. Nobody’s doing that.,,p

ThePatrioticAmerican says:

I am torn between this and the BK2 Someone help me out

christopher martin says:

personally i dont like a woods knife with a swedge

MTMith says:

Hey bud, how would you rate this against the new Cold Steel SRK in SK-5?

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