BK-10 Crewman Survival Knife Review: Tactically Survive

Get back to friendly lines with your CREWMAN.

Pros: Weight, quality, size, durable, design
Cons: Thumb ramp is not needed, coating on the blade

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Overall Length: 11in.
Blade Cutting Length: 5.3in.
Blade Thickness: 0.188in.
Blade Steel: 1095HC
Weight: 12oz.
Grind: Saber


Lawrence Cooper says:

Can you help me  decide on a fixed blade to take with me on deployment? I’m fairly sure I don’t need/want more than 6 in blade, maybe 6 so I’m kinda bouncing between BK2, BK10, and ESEE 6 – I’m looking for more tactical than bush so sometimes I think Seal Pup Elite, but it doesn’t have much weight for wilderness uses. I had considered the CRKT Ultima knife, but can’t find reviews to give me a good feel for how it performs.

mike whipple says:

I know im real late to this reveiw but just a friendly tip i find that handle materials similar to this one work great for stippling. It gives it a way better texture to get a good grip on and looks better then the silly hokey stick tape folks seem to love

Lawrence Cooper says:

New question.  My requirements are approximately 5in blade, .18in thickness preferred to .25. More tactical over wilderness. I’d also like to keep the knife affordable, closer to $100.  I like BK10 over BK2, but don’t like that thumb ramp.  The grip on the Beckers look exceptional, but I would likely swap out the scales for G10. Like ESEE 6, but not sure I want something that large.  Just found out about Ontario Afghan Bush knife – how does that stand up to the Beckers? I saw your review of SK5, but Afghan Bush looks more substantial and better for tactical as well as bush.

gideonstactical says:


antoniozboy says:

If you do not baton, will the paint wear off?

MrDavo1959 says:

Got my replacement BK-10 on Saturday, (First one was ground way off, and Ka-Bar took care if it, Thanks Ka-Bar) And had the Dremel out Sunday morning. That ramp was bugging me bad. Super easy to remove, and to bring the spine to perfection. Love the big blade without that ramp!

Noah Koenig says:

this or the Gerber Strongarm for camping and survival in a humid environment?

gideonstactical says:

I agree with that, to have them run like their esee, rat, or tops competitors you have to pay the same price. With that being said, they are cheaper stock then those other blades, and are good quality. Thanks for the comment.

Paul'ie 4X says:

By the way the BK-16, the BK-10, and my BK-9 is still one of my favorite sets, although I went into a 2knife carry and a compact saw and my double bit hatchet is what I’m liking now, both of my go to knives now have choils.

Jesse Schmidt says:

One of your creepiest intros lol

Ken M says:

What are the differences in the 16 and 17, what uses would be mostly likely suited to?

Justin Ledsome says:

“Better knives”? Are they better because they come stock with micarta scales? Personally, I’m a Becker guy because they are more comfortable (for me) than any other brand. I have tried to make myself like Esee, but they feel like I’m holding a board.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Coty, Honest I like my BK-10 better than my BK-2, sure the BK-2 is a “TANK” but but I don’t think the BK-10 takes a back seat to the BK-2, I enjoy the bush and it does great in camp and I’m sure it would make a good1 hunting knife and a decent survival knife if weight is of importance, but for me I like a heavier 7″+-9″+ Blade for my survival knife, and usually I will pair it off with a smaller blade for instance my Rodent 9 I paired it off with my Ratmandu my Rodent 7 with my Rodent 4 in a serious survival situation either one would make me very happy, but that’s the point my BK-10 was designed as a medium survival knife and it’s pretty good.

twarfield1204 says:

I bet those handles could benefit from some stippling

Re nato says:

Thumb ramps are an awful design. A total mistake.

Jonis Strods says:

I would like this in longer blades. a “lite bk7” or “lite bk9”

Paul'ie 4X says:

Actually Aaron I like my BK-10 Crewman very much, I had it for a little while now, and having almost the complete line of Becker’s I had enough time to compare my knives, here is what I found, the thickness of the BK-10 is the same as my BK-9, and that knife is a great chopper and baton’s great too, the angle of the grind is very good at 20° making it a very good slicer, the shorter blade on my BK-10 actually makes it a pretty strong blade but because it’s shorter I can’t baton as large wood as my BK-9 but I can baton with confidence with my BK-10 on log’s that are reasonably the right size for it, I also have as much confidence in it as I do my BK-2 that it won’t break easy, there is no question the BK-2 is a tank of a knife, but seriously if my BK-9 is as tough as it is, so is my BK-10, nice seeing this review again, nothing has changed about my BK-10 except that I had it for a while now and it’s holding up great as I put my BK-10 through more use and I have more appreciation forit, I use to thinking it was less superior than my BK-2, yes the Bk-2 is tough, but the BK-10 is tough too.

Brad Barber says:

I live in the mountains of West Virginia, and can relate to carrying a lot of extra weight up and down every outing. People who live in the flat country can’t comprehend that. There is no flat country in my state. I can’t imagine how difficult it is climbing the Rocky Mountains weighted down with gear. I have the bk2, bk7, bk 9, and the bk16, I’m thinking about the crewman, just wanted to make sure it’s worth the purchase price, and if I can utilize in my system. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion on this product.

Rj Anon says:

Great video. Do you have any on knife care? Things like oiling, how to sharpen, when to sharpen etc.?

Andrew Bongiorno says:

what gloves are those?

ARegularJoe says:

Just picked up a BK-10. Thanks for the great reviews and keep up the good work!

Paul'ie 4X says:

That’s exactly what you should do with the thumb is to place it over the ramp I think a ramp is great for knives that do not have choil’s I think by placing your thumb over it you have better knife in hand balace.

Zwick Flix Productions says:

Does this have a bulky handle? I have moderately small hands.

Paul'ie 4X says:

I believe the thumb goes over the ramp, and is placed on the other side of the ramp, not on the front of the ramp where the thumb cramps

Paul'ie 4X says:

The 10 is on order with the 7, 9, and that Simitar green handle, part of Ka-Bar’s Zombie series, Thanx

Matthew Raine says:

Is the saber grind easy to sharpen?

Nathan Kirkby says:

whats better for bushcraft bk10 or bk2 cause i wanna upgrade from my bear grylls ultimate pro survival knife

Graytalon says:

Although I haven’t seen them opposite each other, I was curious of your thoughts on the BK10 vs a ESEE 6. I’m going to be getting one of them this weekend and am not sure I will have the time to look and get a feel for the blades. I am 6’4″ don’t want to have a problem with too little handle. Thanks, GT.

Coolnicknameguy says:

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