Black Scout Reviews – Mora Bushcraft Survival Black Knife

In this episode, we review the Bushcraft Black knife from Mora Knives. We do some batoning as well as other tests to give you some examples of how this knife will perform. Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you haven’t done so!
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The backyard camper says:

no tip test??

Flavio J. C. says:

Thanks for the review! Great little knife only if it was a tad bigger would make it awesome.

Martyn Tilley says:

U have used the same knife HARD for 3 months now, it is easy to sharpen using a ceramic sharpener ( keep the diamond pad on the sheath for emergency touch ups.yeah?) the firesteel is great, i have no qualms with this knife and prefer it over other knives i have used such as the Fjallkniven F1………there ya go!

Prepared To Survive says:

It is not coated it is blued.

gunny says:

the is no reason for an xx coarse diamond on sheath if anything a ceramic med rod, do not attempt to use the diamon on this sheath. i am sure if they continue this knife the will change the sheath

Bengycat says:

To give you an idea of how strong Mora knives are, I just broke the tip off of mine yesterday trying to bust a pieces of my rear bumper off not realizing the piece was metal and not plastic (panicked in the moment type of decision). By the tip though, I mean roughtly 1mm of the tip. I’ve had my Mora for over a year and I do not regret it at all, I’ve never sharped it and it has kept a decently sharp edge (took a chunk out of my thumb about 3 months ago). Mora knives are great for their price. 

TaeIeon says:

I have used the Mora 2000 since childhood (bushcraft skills used to be a part of school curriculum a few years back here in Sweden). The Mora 2000 is basically this ones precursor. Never had it fail on me even with slight abuse. Great review mate!

Joshua C says:

I got one for my birthday and it’s excellent. makes quick work when cleaning doves.

Turnbull62 says:

Comparing the standard Mora companion with the bushcraft black, the overall handle length is longer on the black. However the drastic inward curve at back of the handle makes the space for your fingers on the belly of the handle shorter. This causes the back edge to dig in to the middle of my pinky finger.
mora need to make this blade with the companion heavy duty handle or redesign the existing model. Only my opinion of course.
Obviously can’t fault the performance of the blade. Definitely an improvement on the already good companion standard and heavy duty models for the blade at least.
Good video, Cheers.

Ghostginthree says:

Good review. I am liking your tactical knife thigh rig. Do you have a video on it and did you make that or buy it? Love to know. Thanks

Alaa Ibrahim says:

i want one how to order it to United Arab Emirates

Chet Dumont says:

I live in a state where 4′ is the limit for a knife that you can carry in the car, so I think this knife is the one to go with for a “car kit”

warequalsnofuture says:

5:49 – “If this all you can afford…I’d say go for it…” – What would be the next better + flexible option for maybe double the price?

Jeremiah Dauphinais says:

I really want this knife. I have a 3 mora knives but LOVE the Mora Companion. They’re so affordable. This knife is slightly above being extremely affordable but I may end up getting it! By the way, the companion cut hard OAK very well, still held the edge.

john anderson says:

Great stuff

Kipper White says:

Dream knife 4me !! words fail me on this un 2 thumbs up nuff said

gm.kim0chi says:

Did the bushcraft knife blade change? Or is it still the same but with addition stuff and better sheath

Junior Pathfinder says:

Is it full tang?

J.C. .Foutz says:

I got my Mora survival knife at Self Reliance Outfitters in INDY, I field tested it in OWEN county and it held up. It batons great and puts molten metal down really well off the ferrocerium rod. I took a piece of gorilla tape the 1″ wide variant by 2.5″ long and taped a sail needle on the back of the sturdy sheath. The diamond stone really works well too in a pinch. I give it to blades up on a go to piece of gear. Great video bro.

cplaussem says:

Baton as last resort. I baton with a camp ax or hatchet. This knife is made to be put in your get home/bob.

Will Hornbuckle says:

Nice review.. Thanks!

jim finch says:

Ok given the vast array of knife mfgrs and models avail to us today, if jim bowie or davy crocket or bill hickock or jerimiah johnson or any other mountain man/ survival expert had the same selection available to them —- do you really think they would reach for a mora????? Get a grip u bushcrafters… no because they are not going to build a $300 handmade chair & and they are not going to waste precious calories chopping limbs and batonning them into kindling. And turning a 20 second firestarting event into a big production bwcause they feel like they are sime kind of an ” artist”! Quit looking at the intentionally long way around the many simple tasks of survival……

D L says:

Nice review. Agree about it being the “second knife.” and perhaps the first one to grab around the camp. (While knife #1 stays strapped to my thigh….) I’ve got a companion that I really like. I’ve abused it slightly, and it’s held up fine. I can’t really justify having any more knives, but, I’d love to put this one in my stable.

Ashley Denson says:

you are cool

Michele Trekkning says:

Hello , I wanted to know if you think this Mora model can truly be a great survival knife is a knife which can entrust my life ?

USAW Craig says:

BlackScoutSurvival, without reading through all the previous comments, what was the one tool knife you were carrying on your thigh?

fanaaGS says:

Cute Boy 🙂 

Michael says:

shit is 90 dollars here

Mikael Olsson says:

Mora 2000 and a separate ferro rod, that will do the trick in most situations.

Patriotalliance says:

Love all my Moras!

Enone Mellowspring says:

glad for the review, looking at the Morakniv over the last few days and wondered if they were anygood for a side knife..

Infidel Lives Matter says:

Because black knives mater.

bent540 says:

tbh this knife is made for those people who think they are gonna go do “bushcraft” one day! but for its defence you cant beat a MORA on quality for the price! just buy a normal mora and a firesteal seperately! 

Bear Gonzales says:

I own a few different Mora Knives and none of them have never disappointed. I have always owned a Mora Knife as long as I can remember.

Drew Helean says:

I like the thigh rig you’re wearing. Did you make it? If you did I would love to see a tutorial.

forfinkly says:

So what survival knife do you recommend


Enjoyed the review. Mora knives are tough to beat for value per dollar. The bushcraft model really is quite a refinement in terms of design and finish. Makes a good pairing with a small hatchet or other chopping tool since they are so light weight. I’d say they are capable of doing 80% + of cutting tasks.

Ben DS says:

black scout could you giveaway the mora ? id love it cause i dont have a big budget

Dano DeMano says:

I bought this knife right after it came out and it’s one of my “Go To” blades when I go hiking and fishing, etc… I have never had any problems with it and the steel is top notch for a bushcraft knife! I agree that it’s a great secondary knife.

Handgun Hunter says:

I’m a  retired soldier and avid handgun hunter. I own several Moras and have field dressed & skinned numerous hogs & deer with them. They get crazy sharp, hold  an edge well and in the event you loose it your not going crazy as if it’s a $300  Randal  (been there done that!)

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