Budget Survival KNIFE?

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Detman101 says:

Good honest review.
It’s funny, one of my sons barbers said he’d lost his knife while fishing last summer. I bought him that exact knife package and gave it to him as a gift the next time I saw him.

A1 Vegan says:

bro i bought a 3 dollar knife and it was better and sharper out the box then a 30 dollar ruger knife

Survival on a Budget Made Easy says:

Great video. Love all you videos. Always seems I learn something.

Boreal Woodsrunner says:

common and do the camillus carnivore already lol

Ralo Tha General says:

Where can I purchase one of those hats?

Adrian Guerrero says:

Running out of good ideas I doubt u would put it in your bag

A Spit of Mud says:

Great for a kid.

Hayden Averitt says:

I sliced my toe opened today with that same knife

Albert Nunnari says:

I took the orange paracord wrap off mine and use it for my orange all weather Mylar blanket. I rewrapped the knife in real 550 black and red paracord. Which made it somewhere visible but helps keep you less visible too

Jay Barr says:

Enjoyed this vid, as well as tons of others from your channel. I’m building two small car kits/get home/SNAP bags for two family members with zero interest in prepping. Been debating adding a $20 Mora to them but since there’s two, that’s $40 and I wanted to do these kits for $50-$60 each. Already sprung for used Leatherman Sidekicks off ebay (so there is a knife in these kits already). Sometimes a $10 knife which is gonna sit in a car trunk and has a fair chance of never being used, but is still far “better n nuthin”, actually fits the bill.

Kaylynn Strain says:

the orange cord does make it easy to spot if you drop it on the ground

Matthew M says:

Not the best sure, but if I was lost in the bush with no equipment I’d be very happy to find that. ))

Jake Riethmeier says:

I have 2 Camillus fixed blade knives from wal-mart in a couple kits as it were.  They were a little less than 10 bucks each. For something that is not going to get used much, the price was perfect. Plus, they have some pretty good reviews from hunters. No, they wouldn’t be my absolute choice but I just can’t throw 200 bucks a piece for blades on those belts and let them sit there for the most part. Sorry guys, I just can’t. If you can by all means, go for it.

Avid Tuber Productions says:

i haven’t bought this knife yet but i have considered doing so just don’t like the weight of it.
i went with the Camillus titanum and haven’t looked back yet:)

Rob Babcock says:

Too bad it has the serrations. Serrations in general really suck, and it especially sucks to have them right at the choil where you would do all the fine work. Sucks for batoning, too. Clip points suck as well at least for something you might use to baton (chews up and breaks the baton). Of course as you say, $9 isn’t a lot of money so just getting something workable for that price is nice. Nowadays there are actually a fair number of options at or close to the $10 mark. Heck, if you have Amazon Prime you can often get a Mora for $10 with free shipping! A few knives for around that price that I would rather have:

-Opinel #8
-Mora (any one I could get, a Craftline is $10.05 today at Amazon)
-Buck Paklite 140 ($10 if you shop carefully)
-Cold Steel Pendleton Lite ($12 new at eBay but that’s cheaper than usual)
-Cold Steel Kudu (actually $5 with free shipping right now!)

Even for the very low price of the UST there are probably better options but hey- it would do the job.

Oxxnarr D'flame says:

Good starter knife for a kid.

Geraldo Maria says:

Thanks for an honest review. Enjoy the budget gear reviews

plaguebane03 says:

I’d spend the money and put Mora knives in kits, about as much or 10-20$ for the basic mora and sharp and proven reliable. However if its all you have access to then one makes due with what one has.

Mark Langer says:

Thanks for the demo. Didn’t know it was a magnesium bar. Wasn’t impressed with the sheath.

Noah Koenig says:

nice for the price, but I absolutely HATE those sheaths. my brother got 12 stitches because of a crappy UST sheath.

LH in Arizona says:

I was playing with those a year ago. I didn’t like the cord wrap so I removed it. I did find that 4 of those knives will fit into the sheath, if they have the cord removed. Being cheap makes it easy to have several of them. So I do keep 4 in a single sheath as extra or back up blades. They throw fairly well too. I also had to “discover” that the fero rod had magnesium with it. lol

Gary Bryant says:

I’ll stick with my Kabar.

Dennis Craw says:

What kind of gloves are those?

A Spit of Mud says:

Good trade item. Never know when you may need something else.

Tecno , says:

Can you shave some of the magnesium and that light it on fire using the rod that acually sparks?

Clent Nuzum says:

Can’t believe ya didn’t break it.

John Hicks says:

Thanx for the review. I looked this video up to determine the size (diameter & lenth)of the ferro rod to debate on buying it but now I have second thoughts about it being as it’s mostly magnesium

Tasha Cook says:


Christian Curtis says:

“Stop that Train” by the Beastie Boys?

Hiker Marapese says:

You lost me at serrated.

Tasha Cook says:

what freezing weather. will it break in extreme cold weather?

Greg Gallop says:

Question… I see a lot of people find a piece of gear and say they don’t like it because of its weaknesses: quality, durability, functionality. They say, “I wouldn’t rely on it as my primary knife,” or something like that. But then they throw in, “I might put it in a bag and keep it as a back up.” Obviously a sucky knife is better than no knife. But here is what I’m wondering.

If things have gotten so bad that you have already broken, lost, or consumed your first knife (or any other piece of gear) are you now in a position to bet your nutz on some knife that you wouldn’t carry as a primary knife? I’m thinking the stakes are even higher at that point and you are now turning to the lowest bidder to solve your problems. Better to carry two GOOD knives instead of a great one and a crap one.

Jay Trock says:

Can you or anyone tell me the gloves you are wearing? Thanks.

airgun prepper says:

i bought this knife just to throw into an extra get home bag for a passenger in my truck. 2 is 1 and 1 is none and it came with a fire starter.

Sue Nelson says:

Yeah makes a good backup knife!

paul Ontheball says:

It’s an ok knife for pairing up with a fork and spoon lol, I have one, great for cutting steak.

Nicholas Wingler says:

I bought this knife last year just to see what it was capable of and I have to admit, for the money, I was pleasantly surprised.

uptrail71 says:

Good for the price! I was surprised that the tip didn’t break.

George Speck says:

I bought one of those knifes last year it’s a good knife.

Toby Nutmeg says:

Coghlan’s makes a fire steel that is identical in size to the OEM fire steel that comes with the knife & you can pick them up in the $5.00 range.

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