Bushcraft VS Survival knife

My take on the difference between a survival knife compared to a bushcraft knife.

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Please watch: “Battle of the Ultimate Chopping Knives! Which is the Best!??”


Dreoilín the Didactic Dinkum The Wren says:

F1dz looks like a great deal for the steel but I do want a S1 pro. maybe I’ll just get the F1dz and use the other money for the Ray Mears axe.

jed dej says:

If Liam or Noel Gallagher were bushcrafters and had this Mikke thing going haha

Christopher says:

heey guys! just wondering how badly dose the fire steel damage the spine of your blade? I know it would be different with each steel

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Dutch, Yeah, Most of us look for the Grail Knife that would handle Bush Craft and be a Survival Knife. Not just that the best knife is the one with you at the time. Grant it, I don’t have alot of time with my Fox Bushcraft Parang, But even the name has Bushcraft and Parang in the name. It’s a 6″ cutting blade and I always say, I like larger bush craft knives, The blade lenght is 7″+ which qualifies a good Survival Knife in my book. So far it look’s like I could dig with it if I had to, It’s not that heavy to be a chopper, But enough to chop moderate stuff, a 2″ piece of wood it can handle it. The Survival Tin it comes with is a great idea and I attached it to the sheath for a complete package. The N690Co. Stainless I like using in wet and snowy weather, But it’s good in all weather, I plan teaming it with my Fox Hitam Golok, But I also team it with my Steel Heart Darkangel, Both combo’s look very tactical, But I alway’s said a good designed knife can partake in the bush and on the mission field. Fortunatly my tactical looking comb’s are good bush knives and do a fine job bush crafting. ,, .

Bill Andrews says:

My only problem is he didn’t really go into the difference between a “bushcraft” knife versus a “survival” knife.

Obviously, bushcraft means using your tool for crafting from the bush, ergo making wooden tools and such.

Survival would not only involve bushcrafting, but would also take in feeding yourself as in skinning and dressing game.

The big problem with the two is a skinning knife is a single purpose knife that has a very different design from a bushcrafting knife.

A skinner has a flat grind that travels from the spine to the edge, no scandi grind on a skinner. The edge is very thin and razor-like, totally not for working wood and bushcrafting. Too thin, easily breaks and chips.

Also, skinners have a broad curved point, not thin and sharp one like a bushcrafter. The broad curved front cuts hide easier and doesn’t get caught in bone and sinew as it travels through the flesh. Just like a curved sword cuts easier than a straight blade.

Bushcraft knives have straight points that get snagged in the bones and innards of game. Good for carving detail in wood, but not good for skinning game.

In truth there is no such thing as a Survival knife, no one in history carred such a tool.
When you read about the old timers who actually went out into the woods, they carried single-purpose tools. A jack-knife for whittling wood and bushcrafting, and a skinner for preparing game. Self-defense would be handled by their rifle, then pistol, then a short sword or a long hunting knife.

And remember they weren’t working with good steel. They probably watch a smith forge the tool, and there was no guarantee of the quality of the steel itself. Temper, yeah to the degree the smith knew how to do it.

Those old guys would have given their arm to have a fine modern powdered-steel blade in CMP S30v 35v, 3v or Elmax.

Hell a good 440 or 1075 would have gotten a


out of them.

Modern Corrosion resistant steel is a god-send, make no mistake about it. But in Europe and the U.S. no one really has a use for it. We live in Civilization.
Only those guys who live hermit-like off the grid in the deep woods need a real survival set of tools. We will never be that guy. Thank God for that! 🙂

mommybrown4 says:

Very well done. I appreciate the detailed analyses.

Eurotrash4367 says:

What is the difference between Holland and The Netherlands?

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah M&M, The way you get to Carnege Hall is Practice, Practice, Practice. That being said. The Saame Indigenous People use the 7″-9″ Leukos. The Tribesman on a YouTube video carving a bow using his Mavhete. BlackieOracle, used his Khukuri for a whole year that he got do used to his Khukuri he was able to do everything that he could do with a smaller knife. Now, Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he couldn’t carve a nic nac with his Khukuri that he could with a Mora. But he was able to do many, many tasks he said. So approve that. Because I could tie a long layard attached to a large knife, and tie it around my bisep and just hold the tip, the weight then is supported by the lanyard. I could clean fish, and do fine tasks with a large knife. That’s why I’m Pro for Large Knives. Today I took my Fox Jungle Parang. And my 3V Master Hunter. The Edge on Both Knives are tin and sharp with slight curved bellies that slice and varve great Yup, I could make feathers with my Jungle Parang and I can chop moderate wood with it. Yeah I can baton it through wood if I had to. Even though its a 7″+ blade it handles like a sports car rather than a Land Rover. Geeet thee picture ?, heh heh heh. Yeah, I had a wonderful day taking my knives through their pages. But I did bring my Wicked Tough Saw, Because I can yet figute out why I can’t put my Agawa Canyon 21 Boreal Saw together yet. I follow the instructions, and I contacted the company for help. But its the weeked so I took my Ole zFaithful my Wicked Tough Saw and I came prepared for everything I was up sgaisnt. Mostly Eating and Smoking my Black Pearl Cigars. Rough huh ?, heh heh heh.,,.

Wandering the Wilderness says:

both knives are beautiful blades. I agree with the different needs but I like scandy better then convex

TUKY Sweden says:

Thank you for a good channel. Have you ever tested esee 5??

Christopher Graff says:

” I’m NOT high , By the way, People ”
-Micky B 🙂

Julian 3 says:

very well done. thank you!

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah, I’ve been doing this a few 24’s, So I just carry a2Knife carry, a sort of Bush Craft Knife and a larger chopper/survival Knife. If I can help it, I piggyback, But I also carry sone side byside, No problemo. ,, .

jed dej says:

Mikke my fav…lol agree with your reasoning, there’s fav at home gonna do some skill tests opposed to I’m gonna be in the woods for a week or two and I’m not dragging everything with….but everything is better with Mikke and Marteen (I’ll let you destroy your blades instead of me)

Michele Trekkning says:

The Fallkniven better not find him F1 Pro than normal? what do you believe that one can be preferable to the other?

charlorhcp says:

Hey Mikkie B! I stumbled on your videos last week, I really enjoy them, they are really fun to watch and informative. Keep up the great work. I was also wondering what were those Taymir CD’s and covers in the background! Googled it, didn’t think you had a band! You guys have pretty catchy songs!

Flat Effect says:

Please straighten those frames in the background. I can’t concentrate on the video. I don’t even know what you said cuz I was so distracted. The one on the bottom right is particularly bothersome. I think they all need to be adjusted. You should get a level and check them all and if you have other crooked things in your house then you should straighten those also while you have your level out.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah M&M, Great evening. My Cleveland Browns shut out the Chicago Bears Go Brown’s !!!. Also my Alma Mater O. S. U. Beat Indiana Hoosier’s Great Night. During the games I took care of some of my Smaller Bush Craft Knives. Two are more Hunters, my Fox Pro Hunter and my Puma Eiche Wolf with Oak Handles. Who said 440c. Doesn’t hold a good edge retention. Infact I put a couple of Dangler Extentions Caribiners on the Sheath’s, I also put it on my Cold Steel SISU a copy of Tapio Wirkalla Puukku but in modern material a San Mai 3 Laminated Blade. What a Beauty. I also took care of my Mora Garber, my vintage Blind Horse Bushcrafter and my Benchmade Bushcrafter #162. Also my LT. Wright 3V GNS with tge Coyote Black Mountain Handle. Also my S. O. G. Pillar Fix Blade. These are just a few I use alot. They range from 4″-5″ Oh plus my Rodent Solution and my Rodent 3 and my Browning Independence Fix Blade in 154 CM with Orange G-10 Handle which is more a hunting knife but I Neck Carry it.,,. p

Fletch Schubert says:

Love the vids. Ever considered reviewing a Benchmade Bushcraft knife? I know it is a production knife but wanted to hear your thoughts.

Chester B. says:

I know you like getting a razor sharp edge, but why not carry a small diamond or ceramic stone with the knife for getting the edge sharp enough. Or the Fallkniven stone that has a diamond on one side and ceramic on the other.

99 problems but a fish ain't one says:

You guys are great. As for below, drugs just make anyone dumber and slow and with a lack of ambition. Keep on Keeping on.

usmc2511 says:

For bushcraft/survival use which do like better the new Falkniven S1 Pro or the F1 Pro? BTW, as always excellent video. Sam

elcas20012003 says:

just a quick question not really knife related is that your real hair ?

Big Brown Bear says:

Sup, just want to share my opinions and experiences on the subject

vg10 vs 3v for a survival knife

VG10 is one of my favorite steels but it absolutely unforgiving to abuse and will chip like a beast.

The Bark River 3V steel has the advantage for survival
With more wear resistance and toughness then Vg10
It even has some corrosion resistance since not all of the 8% chromium is takin up by that 0.8 Carbon.
But it will still rust like a beast

Also, its not the hardness that makes it so hard to sharpen its the 4% vanadium

It all preference. There is no truly perfect steel.

With 3v you won’t need to sharpen as much, and you can get hard jobs done with out chipping edge and breaking the knife.

With Vg10 you won’t need to clean your blade as much. It will take an edge faster when dull but it will chip if pushed as hard as 3v so that sharpening speed can be lost.

But vg10 takes a wonderful edge!
Hence why it’s my favorite too

I choose vg10 but the Fallkniven F1 is too thin for hard use without chipping on knots from carving and batoning, especially in 3g
From my experience.

I really prefer Fallknivens A1 since it has really held up to some powerful cutting, chopping and batoning with damage due to the robust geometry.

But if you hit a rock or the ground that edge is toast!

Chips for days homie!

Also, heads up bro
My A1 Pro arrives soon too.

Can’t wait.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Micky B, I really enjoyed this video. I find that if I need to carve, I use a carver. When I go into the Bush, I go with worst case senerio and I like multi carry. I use a large knife, small knife carry. One of my Fav’s is my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4, both have choils and I had both thinned down and I Vexed it and they are sharp and I could use them for most everything. I don’t understand the controversy Bushcraft, Survival yet we are told we should use our knives as knives. In that case a knife is a Knife is a Knife. I use a very good steel that could be sharpened very sharp and easy to sharpen and I can handle them comfirtably. In a survival situation I won’t worry about carving a spoon regardles, and I find a large knife can do what a small knife can, but a small knife can’t do what a large knife can. I never ran out if steel because of a choil, yet I can choke up to do my delicate work better. Between these two sizes, I cover most of my bases and with the choil’s it’s like I have double the knife sixes. Great video, and Thanx.

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