CDS Axarquia Survival Knife Review, Made in Spain

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Bob Aus Metalheim says:

I think Your Link is broken or something. In Germany its like arround 75€ so about 85 Us Dollar. I personally own the Cudeman Fab its kinda in the same price range but bit bigger, bit better in actual use! also from spain.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Is, Nice, Thanx You for sharing the Spanish Knife.,,.

lololie22 says:

The link to amazon isnt working. Nice vid!

Janggo 1911 says:

Looking hard at Spanish knives, this one included. Who do you think has got the best quality, CDS, Muela, Aitor or Cudeman?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

My review of the CDS Axarquia, knife of Spain.

Paul Hughes says:

abuse away, it’s a tool by definition. knifes that are made for camp/ bush craft are supposed to be able to handle those applications. That’s like saying when I use my shovel for scooping up gravel it’s abuse.

Mohamed Shwesh says:

look like someone is so done with everyone bullshit about making an enchanted fire by magic and about some social justic knife warriors who are against knife beating and start roasting the shit out of everyone

Terry Franks says:

58 bucks!!! on amazon if you break it they will give you a new one free even if its your fault

Abraham Azar says:

Knife Abuse? Next we will hear the chant – All Knives Matter – Oops, this is already trademarked – Thanks for another great review of an extra cool looking knife..Abe Azar

Dynamite Knife Review and News says:

Great Vid WAJK… keep’em coming. CDS looks interesting. I have yet to own one.

WarGrrl3 says:

wish it was 5′ but I love the belly.

Shiberus Shinnin says:

bought this knife ………… to damn beautiful to use is my only complaint XD im soo protective of it


This is a very useful outdoorsknife.
And it also looks nicely made.
Your Videos are very informative, thank you 4 that.

kickalion says:

I prefer 4$ mora

Backyard Samurai says:

0:40 Dude! ha ha.
Pretty knife,,,nice sheath. I love the 5 different handle colors they provide.
Nice review Dude. :o)

mister smith says:

Thanks for mentioning the feather stick bullshit myth brother. I start fires all the time with natural sources and no feather sticks.

Viper Sharp says:

That Aquitana is a good looking knife!

Ozinga says:

You knife beater you:)

Viper Sharp says:

LOL, We’re going to do the completely impossible… Love it.


Sweet knife bro been looking at these just haven’t pulled the trigger yet and yeah it wicked funny that people and there feather sticks need feather sticks lol it’s like a trend or some shit

Pdiddy says:

Looks like a cool companion knife, especially with the sheath and fire steel.

jacob manalang says:

just bought a kme sharpener and i need more practice knives. trying to get dumb sharp knives so this looks like a very viable option. still trying to figure out these damn angles but a kydex version of that sheath and a knife this shape and look is what i want

Knife Guy says:

Can you do a review on the condor jungolo you would be the first

TAC-HILL says:

i like it. both handle and blade shape. baton away buddy! lol


Thanks for another good review. I happened to run across this knife on Amazon and it seemed to have a pretty good price, but I wasn’t familiar with the brand or the steel. I’m apprehensive of buying brands that I don’t know too much about because they all look well made in the pictures and when you get them, the spine is as sharp as the cutting edge lol. I was actually looking for a beater knife that I wouldn’t care about that much if it got a little abused but, this knife looks like a nice piece. BTW thank you for always showing how sharp the blades are in your videos, I’ve seen some reviews where they talk about how cool the handle and sheath look and they highly recommend buying it, but they never demonstrate or say how sharp the blade is and don’t talk about the edge retention. Since this is usually my main concern it drives me nuts. The trend seems to be just how much abuse a knife can take but I don’t usually hit concrete or bury my tip in a log and bend it sideways to see if the tip snaps off. I guess it’s good to know but I use my knives differently.Thanks again I enjoy your knife vids.

cyclist01222 says:

Congrats on the not being bald thing!

bean soup says:

i have one of these and its great! i did everything in bushcraft you need to do and it hold a well edge over a year

Marc Baker says:

knife abuse $90 is a reasonable price medium performance stainless with a premium heat treat the sheath is a mass produced version of a custom sheath which would cost more than $90 if custom made. everything looks good to go I would not be a buyer my schrade schf 13 is my goto in that size range the spanish knife is spiffier no question good vid brother remember only forest fires prevent bears


nice video dude : – )

Chinese knives says:

A good knife from my country.
See Muela and Cudeman, and Nieto, they have impressive knives.


Bob Wampler says:

Good looking knife!


this is nice bro pinoy very usefull

jlilly1961 says:

For what you get I would call the knife a bargain. Like you said you could pay much more for a knife like this.

Alejandro Tamez says:

I have the same knife with cocobolo handles and I must say it’s a great little knife, it was refreshing finding you’re video since there’s no reviews of this knife in inglish keep up the good work

khefq ölihafgew says:

nice knife


great review & nice knife

r0e0x says:

I like the leather sheath. If the steel is like 440c then its a little on the softer side. I would rather have a bk2 for that price.

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