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Vivian Gibbons says:

You need to suck it up sissy.

joe blow says:

the bk7 is a keeper

Joranba says:

I can see a little bit of lack skills doing the job. But maybe I am wrong. SRK is being testing for years with good results. My srk is looking like new after years, and serving me well. I saw the new one srk sk5 and is not my cup of tee!. Short, carpenter steel and I really hate hollow g in a survival knife, is not a kitchen knife. iMO

neroknives says:

Good review…. but I definitely think this is more of a fighting knife. And I think it would be unbelievable at that task

Casey Bryan says:

cold steel master hunter is going to be more good at slicing and regular knife tasks but it’s thinner at the tang and tip so wouldn’t baton with it or buy an essee 6 that’s a great survival knife imo

Kevin Grazier says:

Did he just say Ugly knife?

Orion says:

I too bought my SRK at Cleavers for $66 (got a nice OSI for the same price as well) and yes as of 10/02/17 the deal is still running. Basically you are getting these knives for 1/2 price.

The Aus-8 SRK is an outstanding knife, and tough as nails. I saw a NZ vid of them trying to kill one, and they failed to do so, by the end of the torture test it was still sharp enough to cut up an orange, and because of that vid I decided I couldn’t go past one for 1/2 price.

A few points, AFAIK the 1″ gap at the choil is for choking up, CS didn’t want to weaken the knife by putting an actual finger choil there (I am assuming)and by leaving it unedged it achieves the same thing without compromising the integrity of the knife.

The black paint would have been applied to the blade by CS to cut down on glare reflecting off the blade, not for blade protection. CS aims their products at the ‘tactical’ side of things for the most part, and as this is a do-all that’s my thinking on the coating.

spine is listed at 3/16″

Yol Mak says:

90% of all American made knives are too thick to be used as a KNIFE. They are wedges with a handle. It’s like a big heavy muscle car that is only good for a drag race but poor at handling a curvy road. “Bigger is better”. It’s an American obsession 😉

I would buy an SRK with a 3.5 – 4 mm CTS® XHP blade right now if it was available. In pretty much any stainless steel really, as long as it is thin enough to CUT well.

RaubElch says:

This one was my primary survival knife for a couple of years. Until it began moving in the handle. If the tang would stick out on the end like with the fällkniven it would be great, but as it is I was really disappointed. It is, as you said, very average in most respects. Fällkniven all the way!

Mopar HEMI says:

I have seen guys on youtube that just scraped off the teflon coating of their cs folders, so maybe you can try this method to strip the blade.^^

Dutch Bushcraft says:

I thought SRK does mean Search and Rescue Knife, but it’s a good all round survival knife if you want to use that terminology. They don’t make the Aus 8 version any more so it seems, or I just can’t find it.

Charles Collier says:

“You know what? Just make it pretty much like this knife, and I reckon they’ll have a great time.” – That was COLD hearted…lol

James Weller says:

Any chance of a review for the LionSteel M4 in M390, looks beautiful but does it perform?

Matt K says:

How would you say it stacks up against the Strongarm?

bp69 says:

Wish they had the sk5 design in 3v like they had before I am still wondering why they switched besides it being cheaper

Tough Journeyman says:

Good honest review.

Alaska Raft Connection - Alaska-BushRafter says:

Much of your discussion is on point… I feel that the CS SRK represents their version of reliability and dedication to a faithful loyalty even using the different steels on same pattern all these years. Your analysis and explanation with various comparisons is ya might say right on the money. The FK F1 is a far more efficient, accurate, and effective package as well as the s1 and a1 are better real-world performers… whereas the pricing and utility for the SRK is tough to beat for this dependability with overall value.

Leyton says:

fucking hell should i get the leatherneck or srk for thet money


Good stuff. Just recently they adjusted some of your concerns but hollow ground it and shit. Not impressed. I’ll take the old one

stale meme says:

just saying the srk in the sk5 version will be 45 dollars with better steel, you should have waited

guncotton 1 says:

I have the master hunter in AUS8 its one of my favourite knives I EDC it a lot

Adam Smythe says:

Don’t need a finger choil. I actually prefer when they just have unsharpened part like that

Angelo Petrou says:

Hey bud ive seen more falkniven knives fail ,than i have every seen an srk coldsteel to be precise i have never seen one fail so over all id personally take a knife that will never fail me over one that cuts better.

Imightberiding says:

I fully agree with your suggestions to make this a better knife. That chunk of unsharpened steel that takes up valuable edge real estate drives me crazy. I almost didn’t buy it for that reason alone. An exposed tang at the butt of the handle would be a welcome addition as well.

In the end it is still a good value IMO. Knives in Canada may be even more expensive than in Australia. I took it to my diamond stones (careful with the AUS8-A on a diamond stone) & tuned up the edge & it is now a far better cutter/performer with a thinner geometry & still maintains its rugged, tough knife reputation.

BlackRifle Survival says:

Nice review and appreciate the fair testing and truth about the comfort and function. Keep it up!

Mags says:

66 bucks, might need to pick myself up one for that price haha. I totally agree with your comments on the SRK, particularly that blank spot on the blade is a turn off. I’ll be getting a Fallkniven S1 soon, thanks for your reviews 🙂

Carthago Delenda Est says:

You summed up my thoughts on this perfectly

Stephen Young says:

Does the a1 fit into the cold steel sheath…. they’re pretty similar

Airik1111 says:

The VG1 was a beast to reprofile BUT this knife is a completely different animal with a higher profile convex. I took that thinness away and I LOVE IT! I was feeling a bit bummed but seriously after the change its amazing. I’m guessing a lot of good reviews are from folks who modified the edge cause out of the box the knife sucks. Its fun changing a blade, its new to me but I’ve learned how to make them my own, all blade owners should learn how to reprofile their knives, the reward is an awesome feeling.

Woodland Tactical says:

Love the video. New sub

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