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Sorry I forgot to test the saw


andy pilman says:

bought one of those a while back. broke the tang of the blade from the handle off during some chopping. ducted taped the sum bitch back together and batoned it. then the blade snapped right in the middle lol. hilarious when duct tape stood up longer than the actual blade

the missing link says:

I don’t know. I just can’t trust hole e handle knives. They look so un- sturdy.

They always seem to look gimmicky instead of useful. The top of the blade for example. There is literally no physical use for a pattern like that!

Aleksander Sever says:

You still have snow ? wtf 😉

Bullpup92 says:

This is the kind of knife your 13 year old self would think is the best and baddest knife ever made.

RationalPrepper says:

According to Coleman the blade steel is 3CR13 stainless and the handle is a zinc aluminum alloy.

Holy7Roller says:

bone thugs in the intro…..only tactical is capable of some cool shit like that!

Liam Ireland says:

Does always being the manliest guy in the room ever get old? Or is brother Tact’ used to it by now?

Engineered ToSucceed says:

I dig that tactical rattle… you know its gonna be good when it rattle that well.. awww yeah!

John Sanchez says:

Hey tac can you start reviewing Benchmade products?

Austin B says:

Hey Tac, I know you’re not a fan of the M48 series but they have a M48 kukri that looks pretty badass and I was wondering how it would hold up on one of your tests.

jeff schnablegger says:

Lmao..i was at our Harbor freight here yesterday. They got this exact knife for $9. They had about 60 of them on the wall.

blindjustice316 says:

Knife looks cheesy as hell

marthor7 says:

I got mine at Harbor Freight for only $6.99 on sale a few years ago.

rainbowhiker says:

I’m almost ashamed to say I have two of these from Harbor Freight knives but I do. Bought them years ago as a joke as they were so big and so cheap, $8 each. I’ve only used the one but they really aren’t worth the money, as said. Mine have set screws at the entry to the hilt with the blade epoxied into place. The blade will loosen with any hard use. My NIGHT RANGER, like yours, is a much better choice. Good review Tac.

3174 jordan says:

looks like the jungle king brother

vulpixgrant says:

They still make these pieces of garbage! I found four of them this past week when I was clearing out and organizing the outside shed! They are all from the 80’s when I was a kid and these ‘Survival’ Knives were in their heyday! Hell I carried one on my side when I was a teenager, got to love living in the south. I tried batoning some Oak with one of them, survived 3 strikes then the handle snapped like a matchstick lol, the other three didn’t fair much better…..

crimson braveheart says:

i favor a full solid blade over that hollow handle junk anyday just because they tend to be less durable

Ei Pi says:

ive had one for years as a garage beater and has held up believe it or not. The “saw” part is suppose to break barb wire ive heard, but ive never tired. For 9 bucks its worth it as a beater. Thxs for upload,

Michael Gross says:

$8.99 @ Harbor Freight. Are there better options, yes. Will this one do in a pinch, well it’s better than nothing.

Justin Bianchini says:

ahhh man. where’s that saw action at? you forgot to use that. fuck it, pardon my Portuguese, it’s a 3 outta 10!

Brian Mccann says:

Hey Tac..
Coleman makes 2 mini-bikes you would have a blast riding around your land on.
• CT200U
• CT200U-EX
If you’re curious look them up on google.
$499.00 for a 200cc engine minibike.
Let me know what you think.

Vagabond 1983 says:

Tip testing is done by real men. That’s why I prefer Tac’s reviews above all else.


you got lucky in my video the tip broke lol which I thought was gonna happen

-Bro- SKRAAL says:

what was that other $10.00 budk knife can you pls send me the link??

Jay Thompson says:

i googled “night ranger bowie”, and what i got was this;  damn you google…damn you to hell.

little woody says:

Your ready for Isis now !

Michaelo Rocha says:

I have that knife! I got it at a HF parking lot sale for $7.99. It is great to see you review something that I actually have! Ratt Own, Brotha! Hey! You didn’t test the saw! I want my money back! Peace out!

FreakzRitual says:

Woah did I just hear bone thugs in the intro

King Pluto says:

I had one of those broke within five minutes of light use

Erik Gary says:

5 dollar on sale at Harbor Freight

Survival Mindset says:

Was that a tech N9ne intro I heard! Excellent idea for a spear. Painful good stuff TAC!

Rena Larymore says:

Osiyoh brotha Tac I got the dark colored version of that blade at a knife and gunshot years back barely used and when did hade got bent had to use some leverage to get er back straight mine came already with a small survival kit only thing I didn’t do to it back then when 1st tested was throw and I didn’t know what batonning was. Rock on bro.

dande tande says:

man that 3 is subjective for sure hahaha

guncotton 1 says:

hey Tac i really enjoyed your upload great job it made my beer taste even better —cheers

Arctic Gator says:

“i’m just gonna give you a quick shot inside” phrasing! >_<

Charles Murphy says:

happy to see you back! I thought it would break about the time you started to batton it , very surprised that it made it thru the video to the end.

Leslie Kovacs says:

Well, this is weird. I got TWO of those Bud K knives from Sportsmans Guide about a decade ago for about $12 total. Threw them into some Emergency Kits and forgot about them until last year. Glad to hear that they are better than they cost. I plan on Dremeling off the handles and the guard, stripping off the Rhino Lining coating, run them through the Work Sharp, and replace the handles with a section of Axe Handle. Got to admit, they held an edge okay and they didn’t chop too bad even with those Used Tire Handles. Thanks for showing it, Brother. Titties and Free Beer forever!

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