Crazy! BEST Survival Knife for $50 U.S.? – Schrade Extreme Survival Knife REVIEW – SCHF9

NEW – Best Knife for Survival – UNDER $50 US – Schrade Extreme Survival knife Review from We’ll do some bushcraft, start a fire, chop a tree and throw this knife. We’ll see if it’s the best survival knife for the money and the new ultimate survival knife…

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Here Are the Knife and Gear Links Mentioned in the Review:

SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF9)
Fixed blade with fine edge. High carbon 1095 steel. Great knife for bushcraft tasks like batoning and best $39 survival knife:

SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF3)
Fixed blade fine and serrated edge knife made of stainless steel. Great for hunting, camping, bushcraft.

SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF2)
Military styling fixed blade knife in fine and serrated edge blades.

SOG Seal Team Elite:
YouTube Review:

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife:
YouTube Review:

Gerber LMF II:
YouTube Review:

HERE’s the GEAR I Stuffed Into the Sheath Pouch:

SOG Knife Sharpener / Fire Starter – It’s a helpful little diamond sharpener, a fire starter rod and ceramic sharpener.

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi Tool:

Bear Grylls Micro Torch

Okay… then I grabbed the rest of the gear (sewing kit, fishing gear, matches and such) out of my Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack:



SOG Seal Team Elite – Excellent Large Tactical, Military and Survival Knife
YouTube Review:

Gerber LHR Combat / Survival Knife:
YouTube Review:

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife:
YouTube Review:

Gerber LMF II – Great American-Made Survival Knife
YouTube Review:

SOG Force – Excellent Larger Survival Knife
YouTube Review:



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squarecircle100 says:


Survival Brothers says:

Wath shoud ichose schf9. Or bk2. Icant chose need your openion

Peer M says:

i guess, you need both hands to use it 😉

Jeremy Goldberg says:

I got to get me one of the bad boys. Thx David for another amazing review. You Rock.

John Meyers says:

Great review, Dave. I already have the SCHF9 but haven’t field tested it much. It feels great in my hand and I expect it won’t tire me out with nominal use. I also like your suggestions on what to put in the attached pouch. I will follow your suggestions. Thanks again for a quality video.

Jerimiah Cook says:


Alonzo M says:

You can get many decent survival tools and items for FREE (shipping cost only) here:

Victor A says:

What are your favorite knives?

Plastic Apple says:

Excellent video.  Just subscribed!

Frankie Gugliotta says:

This is the first video I have ever seen by you. Instantly subbed. Amazing Amazing video man! I think you’re great because you are truthful and easy to trust. Thanks for the review !

fafiko says:


Mike oliver says:

nice knife I wish I could afford one. fixed income sucks for getting any extra things ever. is there any good knives that are cheaper. I am a disabled vet and I am interested in learning survival techniques but money is very tight. so I was hoping to find the best of the very cheap stuff. the outdoors helps quiet things down and makes life easier to take. well I am rambling so I should stop now. any help would be greatly appreciated.

LEO1WOLF says:

AFTER watching (approx.) 10 VID’s on this knife alone – – I was all but sold on it. I was also deeply disappointed to find it made in China! Am I the only one that’s that superficial not wanting to buy one from there? Am I to believe there’s not one, that’s comparable to this but made in USA?!!

le maquis says:

why you dont test it on dead tree?

Zyklon B says:

The sheath…I wrapped 12 feet of paracord around it just below where the knife gos in.i also bound a compass to the bottom with the lower cord, in the pouch,a sharpening stone,fire starting rod,small bottle, vial of potassium permanganate.

bad hat says:

Okay so its a strong blade but how does it throw sparks from a flint (chert) rock?

Pappy says:

nice but i don’t care for it .

Jedi_Drifter says:

I watched a guy on you tube hammer this knife into the middle of the street (schrade extreme survival knife test! look it up) then stand on it, he could not break the SCHF 9. The 1095 High Carbon Steel Drop Point Blade is a solid piece all the way through the handle. The new Ka-Bar BK2 is not, it has a hollowed frame handle to make it lighter, it is still full tang but much weaker now. After I watched the vid, I bought the SCHF 9 1095 High Carbon Steel knife, It will hold up to what ever you can dish out ….
NOT the SCHF9N IT WILL FAIL the tips break because it is different, a hollow grind and 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel. Do not get confused you will be disappointed if you use it aggressively.

Andi München says:

The blade is to long… We can only use blades up to 12cm in Germany outside of our flats/houses.

abc dfg says:

so I am looking for a survival knife for light bushcraft and camping. I am looking for something that can take some abuse, hold an edge, sharpen fairly easy, and use for batoning. I have considered this blade, as well as the Berber strong arm, bear gryls ultimate pro, cold steel srk, and esee 3. Can I go wrong with any of these blades?

Danielmeir says:

SCHF36 may be better I don’t own em yet but the reviews

Raymond Mata says:

I have a request. Could you make a video on how to survive being attacked by a bear with only a knife to defend yourself. Like if you are able to reach your knife and the bear hasn’t already ripped you to shreds. Also the vital areas of a bear. Where you should strike if you have the chance. I’m not planning to fight a bear. But if I encounter one I would like to be able to live through it. I know about wearing bells while hiking and bear spray. I also own a gun. But I’m talking about worst case scenario . If a video like this already exist. can someone give me the link. Thank you.

Ulisses Castro says:

congratulations fy the video, and very good knife

joyce kelly says:

good review  just picked one up

Flashwut says:

Can I buy this knife if I’m from Croatia? Can knifes be shipped overseas?

James Ritchie says:

Yeah, great knife, if you don’t mind low grade steel that’s poorly heat treated.

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