CRKT Muzzlebrake: The $59 Survival Knife

We look at the Ruger/CRKT collaboration “Muzzlebrake” knife to see if it’s hokey. The “Powder Keg” is [shown] so it is with pleasant surprise to find out this is actually a great knife. The proportions are good, handle is roomy, the 8CR13Mov steel in this survival/fighter is welcome, the sheath is good, and blade grind/sizing is good. In this initial look I’ll also show some competitive options that might even be better if you’re willing to spend more.

Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 4 out of 5, cost considered


Infantry Bell and Ross homage watch:
Wicked leather bands to transform your $25 watch [shown]:
CRKT Muzzlebrake @ Amazon:
A real survival knife, Ontario Spec Plus SP50:
A real survival knife, Ontarion RAT7:
Kabar knives, always excellent:


bigbake132 says:


Zechnar Williams says:

Its a freaking Kay-Bar!

Tom Lentz says:

I see you are teasing us with a FAL review.

Kevin Hartman says:

SOG Fusion Fixation Bowie??? $40 if you can find one, same steel, 5.5 inch Kraton handle, 7 in clip point, 12.5 in overall. Yeah, the sheath BLOWS but why not competitive option as long as your showing a knife you got 19 years ago…

new2survival says:

I have one of these. Junk. Soft steel. Badly done grind and bevel. Can’t keep an edge on it. What do I expect from another American company sellout to China.

daniel maine says:

I’m surprised to see such a positive review on a knife that has not been thourghly filed tested…while the initial impression can be promising, many times sportsmen have had good first impressions with gear only to see it fail in the field.
I do like that some reviews of more affordable equipment have been happening and am thankful they are being put out for your subscribers.

That being said…I’ll stick to my swamp rat rodent 6. 😉

ZomCon 7.62x39 says:

Glad to see this vid finally getting the views it deserves! 25k is a far cry from the <300 it had the first time I watched it, a week after it was posted. The Ruger/CRKT Muzzlebrake is such great knife and at an amazing value. I picked up mine in March and its still going strong! One of my favorite all-around fixed blades to thrash on and it fills many roles. Thanks for the awesome KRV nutn!

joe Anderson says:

(Sees FAL) oh no…

Greg Camp says:

I have a CRKT M16 that I got new for a bit over $40, and I’m surprised that it didn’t cost a lot more. Because of its quality, any CRKT knife interests me.

starwarsraul13 says:

Hello Mr. Nutnfancy! I really love your reviews and your channel including everything you stand for in the gun community. I am creating a product that I would like for you to review, what is your email?

jeremy67A says:

Sig… experiences may vary.

Zach M says:

I miss the in-field testing 🙁

shawnmeyer44 says:

How about the Sig 365 debacle? Lol

Dave Connelly says:

Do a field review on this bad ass blade!

Stewart Shelburne says:

Yet another in the series of value added knives and watches…gracias, and a big TY for the lists denoting the items mentioned in your review, as always..a 10/10

Hibou Canne says:

8cr is not excellent

beanis says:

“$55 Bucks!” While showing the amazon page that says $61.88

doug bulldog says:

Looks like hollow ground 8Cr overpriced junk

Dano DeMano says:

I’d love to get one of these and pair it up with one of my Ruger pistols.
Thx for the KRV!

mdd1963 says:

yayy, another gun vi—-never mind 🙂

semperfiknives says:

Looking at Ruger LCRs for ccw what caliber would you suggest .357 .38 .327 mag

Doug Gak says:

Go back to guns…

karhy manis says:

ultimate grasshopper hahahahaha hobbyboy

PreparedTexan says:

Video starts at 2:32

Marc Potvin says:

And price is up to 65$ lol guess I better hurry

willglo says:

How long is the blade?…Did I miss that?

pughconsulting says:

Never been sold on a “survival knife.” If I have my choice of “survival” I’ll carry a smaller knife and a hatchet or small axe. Still stayed for the review. I have a P239 with a few thousand rounds through it and never a problem with it.

sawdust 69 says:

love ya nutn but, that steel is sub par at best and a hollow grind survival knife is pretty chippy risky 😉 food prep,skinning sure, but not a hard use survival blade.thanks for all you do.

Emerson Hardy says:

That groove in the blade is called The fuller and it has nothing to do with blood. That’s mall ninja bullshit. The only purpose of the Fuller is to make the blade lighter

Reese says:

Looks like the knife from Crocodile Dundee!


Nutnfancy – Thanks for taking the time to look at the Muzzle-Brake™. Glad you are liking the knife and we are happy the handle passed the Nutnfancy test :). Great review! Thanks again.

Mitchell Breland says:

+nutnfancy Great video. Im currently in the market for 308 battle fifle. Cant decide between M&P 10 18″ or Scout squad M1A. What would you recommend?

Gustavo T. says:

Thanks for the review, I actually just ordered the knife and the the infantry watch. I needed a nice watch that I could beat on without regretting it. Do you by any chance have the information for that leather band? I really like the looks of it with the watch. Thanks!

David Mengeling says:

I can’t wait for that sig review!

22640cal says:

If its not a SIG 226 is does indeed suck, and dont get rid of the chunk!

mutilatedwalker says:

FAL, where’s that review nutn?

Lewis Jr. Beeler says:

Nut, I know you and Doodle monitor the comments so I wanted to say this. You guys are making amazing content! We all know the nonsense in YouTube Land, and in spite of that, you guys have kept the machine running. That is impressive. Just keep your heads up and keep knocking out the great content! (Still waiting on the Beretta Neos 22 Review dude for LIKE EVER!) Rock on!

scott goodman says:

I need a knife to cut rope and twine. Sharpen stakes. Cut hotdogs. Last ditch to tickle bears with if gun fails. What do I need?

Mixed Martial Anime says:

Still cant find that ffg leatherneck

James Bond says:

SIG kinda sucks


For watches i will stick with gshocks.

All Games says:

It’s not that Sig sucks; it’s more that they keep trying to sweep problems with the P365 under the rug. How does this compare to the Gerber Strongarm?

joe Anderson says:

Did you use this knife at all? It looks brand new and shiny…

David Lemmon says:

That Cold Steel is awesome

TRG says:

Love krv’s I need another edc knife combos vid

David Lemmon says:

Thanks everyone, this knife is already sold out!

Casey Powell says:

I love CRKT. Part of my EDC is the M16-140SFG by CRKT. Razor sharp folding knife with a 4 inch blade.

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