DESTROYED | $300 Ultimate Survival Knife

The Ultimate Survival Knife by 4Ever Knife is a New Knife Coming to market via Kickstarter.. After a very short 5 min stint outside.. Well This Ultimate Survival Knife which is made in the US Broke.

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brick wall says:

Design failure ,cut too much out of the tang ,what did they expect

David Findley says:

For servival its a bad blade desine from the get go. If you fantasize about what you are, and don’t really deal with reality then that knife is for you but don’t ask to borrow my knife!!!

morti271 says:

That breaking point is a bigger weakspot than on most wallhanger deco swords. lol

Saikyo Boy says:

I really want to see some of your knife designs… Send me links or page, please.

German Olivares says:

WTF? I was using earphones, you destroyed my fucking ears with your horrible way to talk.

Wanderer 80 says:

Ugly design.

MeLlamoBradly says:

Radiused corners in the cut out would have probably lasted, as opposed to a sharp 90 degree

Danzig Rulze says:

440C is garbage.  I have not found any practical application for the steel at all except for chipping and breaking easily.

Gustavthemagician says:

Designed by somebody who doesn’t know the first thing about knives and made by someone who doesn’t care about them. What a junk, $20,- is about enough for it. But hey, it looks cool so some idiots might buy it.

Tomboy Mayor says:

$300 knife with 440C WTF

Ryan McCormack says:

rip off of the MSK-1

Matthew Shannon says:


David Kuykendall says:

that’s one ugly knife

ashish prasad says:

Get a 50$ knife Terava Jaakkaaripuukko 110 from

DarQu says:

That chinese stainless shit?
For that price?!

Hive Mind says:

Charging $300, toting that it is the ultimate survival knife? It wouldn’t be worth the chance for me to buy that and have it break on me for that price. Especially for 440C.

Derek Hlavaty says:

is it just me or does it seem like that blade is made of some sort of sintered alloy then heat treated for looks like there were was a very large “grain structure” at the break, voids on the surface of the blade under the screw, and very obvious carbon line 3/4 of the way down the lenth of the knife

Todd Abbott says:

I would rather see the survival bits in the sheath and fill in the cavity (maybe drill some holes to trim a little weight).

The Outcast says:

I want this so bad

traveltrove says:

Props for trying to be innovative, but honestly anyone who has ever used a knife for rigorous chores like battoning would see and identify that weak point upon first inspection. No, we cannot speculate on the designers knowledge of knife making but needless to say, we would never see that design flaw from Ontario or Becker etc.

TeKrit says:

Throw out the hollow handle BS, give it a proper tang. Now we have a decent knife.

traderjoes says:

What a shame. The gimmicky nature of the knife provided the weakness that caused it to fail. Hopefully they learn a lesson from it and redesign it. The magnetic scales are also a poor idea.

Diego Fianza says:

Engineering failure.

Pal Toshiba says:

well done boy! good job!

hussmeister D says:

Good review!

shonuffisthemaster says:

a 440c “survival” knife for $300? are you kidding me! its so laughable that the company is calles “forever knife” and this design is called “ultimate survival”

what a terrible design in so many ways and bad choice of steel. given the right angles in that tang cutout, and the inherent brittleness of 440, im not at all suprised it broke. and all to store a gimmicy little survivl kit in there? good job guys.

Im really tired of these crazy zombie slayer type designs in “survival” knives that put asthetics over function. you dont have to make a knife look really eye catching (eye catching in a bad way to people who really use knives) jusy make a simple proven design with good matereal choices. clearly this thing was blunt out of the box and likely has a grind so steep that its nearly unuseable.

tanto blades have many downsides and absolutely no benifits. this one has such a steep point angle its almost like a chisel and i cant see doing any sort of tip work with it. the finger groove handle and extrely curved / pointey guard make any reverse grip work impossible, and like all finger groove grips if your perticular fingers dont happen to be just that size your screwed. nice holes in the blade to collect junk and be difficult to clean out.

usually this kind of design would be made by gerber, painted toxic green and sold to mall ninjas for $30 at wallmart, not cost $300 and actually take itself seriously. I feel sorry for the gullable people backing this on kickstarter.

Flamma the undefeated Syrian gladiator says:

throw out the goofy survival kit and make it a full tang
and switch the 440c to 3v
then you will have a knife worth $300 !!

Peter W Reese says:

OUCH! Let’s see the revision to this design

Rob Rich says:

440 is poop, not good at all. I have never owned a 440 steel knife that was worth it’s money. I only buy carbon steel or better, it does cost more but it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

hussy malvo says:

5 minute knife

Herman Flores says:

burden dna welcome ball primary urge carbohydrate enormous sophisticated totally.

Scottish Outdoors says:

Terrible knife. Mediocre steel with a fighting blade thats badly weighted for outdoors uses and hence near useless. I’d be embarrassed to carry that.

paul vandenboom says:

What a piece of garbage. 440c is OK for a budget knife, but not ever for $300. Plus that design is crap, these guys should have spent more on engineers and less on marketing.

Jack Blackberry says:

Looks cheap

Joshua moses says:

Junk…. poor poor quality. Throw that junk away.

MAX KAWS says:

By far the most stupid weight-reducing water cut tang design ever…

Outdoors Boy says:

They do make the knife in Damascus. Becuase when I saw the knife I searched on youtube and saw a video and the advertisement in that video I watched it and they said it is available in 440c and Damascus.

S.O.S Tackman says:


Ben Parsons says:

300 for a 440c for e like that, regardless of the fact the design is/ was Clearly flawed, is beyond ridiculous.

john weiser says:

No offense to Forever Knight, but forever a knife my @ss

William Gray says:

Those square edges on the pocket are a poor design. If they were to round it would be quite a bit stronger. That pocket still looks too big.

Deadpool Lee says:

Looks like a knife u get in a box set

Mike Flores FLOTEX KNIVES says:

Holy shit you scared me bro. Im awake now! Lol

James Roark says:

wow definately need to look in to there steel that should not have happened hopefully the maker got back with you and instantly replaced that

William Burr says:

4ever Knife . . . what a joke!

Marc Schilling says:

While a broken knife is never good and certainly a blow to that kickstarter campaign, as someone who backs those crowdfunding ops, this is a good thing. The question will be, how does the designer deal with this? In most cases, the folks attempting to get funding are not already into production. The hope is that they can take this feedback, make some adjustments, be transparent about it, get fully funded and produce a quality knife. Interested to see how this plays out.

sambo170a says:

What a shame next time you review a knife learn first how to use it another survival channel full of it

Chayavat Mokarakorn says:

Overpriced POS. Thanks for saving us a really expensive grief.

Wolf H says:

1095 would be better for such a knife in my opinion. 1095 is an ideal “survival knife” steel as it can be effectively sharpened very easily on many different surfaces, such as: pebbles, a piece of concrete, a rock, and effectively stropped on a leather belt, pants, or whatever synthetic material is available such as a bag strap etc. Harder wearing steels such as 3V do not have this benefit. Rust resistance should be of very little concern in true survival scenarios as the average person will either be rescued quickly or found dead, dying within days of his situation occurring.

All skeletonized parts should be very rounded, not squared in the corners as it increases the strength immensely; think of Roman arches. There should be no 90° edges within the skeletal area either as this only offers weakness.

Overall, this knife looks like a ridiculous choice for a “survival knife”.

Glad you gave an honest view of it.

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