ESEE 5 Knife Review: A Brute Never Looked So Good

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The ESEE 5 is a monster of a knife. The 0.25 inch thick spine makes it indestructible and a good batoner/chopper. It is heavy at 16oz. and is best suited for those with larger hands. This blade can be used for survival or tactical use. The sheath is one of the best on the market. My only complaint is that the handle is not designed well for chopping. You have to reset your hand about every 4 chops or the knife will fly our of your hand. All in all a great quality knife that will last you a lifetime.


Vasudev Ramesh Babu says:

Hi mate, my hands are so sweaty.
1.Will the canvas micarta handle be grippy for me?
2. How do I restrain the knife from rusting, since it’s high carbon?
3. Fallkniven or Esee, which is better for sweaty palms.

Thank you for your valuable video and response

Conner Ariss says:

I bought the 5 and was doing a tip test and batoning some. I was checking the bevel on the knife and it was off to the right. How can a get it to be straight? And how did it get off? Thanks

UziNineMillomeetah says:

Sweet knife man. I’ve had my eye on this guy for a while.

Khalid Anflous says:

know i really don’t know anymore to get the Esee 5 or 6? Both really good knifes

Paul'ie 4X says:

Thanx, , , I watched this video again, and almost asked the same question, Boy am I glad I looked. Yeah, I have a few 5″ blades in the 1/4″ thickness, my BK-2, O.K.C. Ranger Afghan, my Gen2 SP-47 and the T.F.I. which I think is a very good bush craft knife, But I also like my BK-10 because it’s lighter and almost just as tough. But I sometimes wish when I’m batoning with a 5″ blade that it was a little longer. So a 6″ blade to me is just about right, Although I got some good 7″ blades that if I’m batoning alot in the winter, That size knife comes with me, I found the Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Potbelly is a good extended BK-2, But I have other’s too because it’s my Fav’s Survival size Knife.


can you use it with a ferro rod and throw a spark? that is a big one for me to buy a survival knife.

csh 62 says:

In all your vids, you chop, cut, baton a lot of pine, but I never see any fatwood, nor have you mentioned it (it is VERY HARD to chop through). Do Colorado pine trees have fatwood in them? In KY., I find fatwood in the branches, next to the trunk, in fallen pines. It is easy to find.  Just curious, and keep up the great work.

Ricky Kilmer says:

Esee 5 OD MY current favorite overall fixed blade survival knife

ron says:

It’s not standard issue to American pilots.

Noah Koenig says:

I think I might get the design and make one From some good 440c, and mod it a little. great design.

sandy ray says:

I just got this knife 2 days ago and this thing is solid. It feels like you can take over hell with this knife.

JackVoodoo says:

a esse 5 is 350 bucks where i live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Sadler says:

What is the brand shirt/jacket being worn esee 5 video wool?

TacMed says:

Hi all. I recieved an OD ESEE 5 today, and when inspecting the blade, it had microchips the whole length of the edge. It looked like it had been tested hard against cardboard. It was not that sharp either. Is this normal for these knifes to ship in this condition?

Greg Fischbeck says:

How would YOU sharpen the Esee 5 after hard use?

Survival Zone Africa says:

What do you like better about the esee5 compared to Kabar-BK9?

Steve Smith says:

I like the knife, just not the thickness. They should make a model called Esee 5S (S for slim.) And it’s 3/16th. I’d buy that

SAM IAM says:

They should make a 3/16 version of this and a 1/4″ version of the 6.

Josh Nadeau says:

Can you do a review on fiddleback forge the duke?

ron says:

The esee 5 is way better than the Becker 2 by a long shot. To make the Becker even close to the esee will cost at least 100 bucks. The heat treatment on the esee is better also. Good review though.

Gary Johnson says:

I love my Esse 5. I have to disagree about feeling “slow” in your hand; that is merely a short term perception. It is four extra ounces over the 6; your body will adapt with enough use. It is no different than buying a heavier golf club. At first you feel it, but with enough use, you adapt to the club and become amazed at the extra power the club has.

Bank Massive says:

Awesomely thick…deep penetration

40belowful says:

My esse 5 I love it:) very stout knife

Kaloyan Marinov says:

my girl was in the room and gave me a weird look when he said deep penetration

Edwin Au Yeung says:

rattle rattle rattle, “Almost zero rattle.” LOL!

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